The endless divorce of London and Brussels – Ángel Luis Jiménez

There are still issues pending negotiation that affect Spain directly, including that of the Gibraltar border, because we do not know what the situation of the British colony will be. That requires a concrete agreement for the Shire. Last week, Fabian Picardo was hopeful of a possible agreement on Gibraltar’s future relations with the European … Read more

Daimler predicts losses of hundreds of millions of euros if Brexit ends in bitter divorce without agreement

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is increasingly clear that the UK’s exit from the European Union will come without a deal as it moves away from the community club. The Internal Market Law, signed by the two blocks, stands as the main point of disagreement and at the same time the only way out towards a Brexi peaceful, but it is unclear what will happen to her in the House of Lords.

In this stage, Daimler has warned that it will suffer losses of hundreds of millions of euros with a 10% rise in tariffs and no presence in the country. Bentley for its part has called a possible hard Brexit “extremely damaging”.

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Gwyneth Paltrow became the amicable divorce guru (after splitting with Chris Martin)

In a chat with Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow spoke about how she managed to build a good relationship with Chris Martin, her ex. The actress became a benchmark for couples who divorce well. Drew Barrymore en charla con Gwyneth Paltrow en The Drew Barrymore Show Throughout the last decade Gwyneth Paltrow left her Hollywood actress … Read more

Irina Shayk talks about her split from Bradley Cooper for the first time

The model said she felt “very lucky” about her relationship with Cooper. “I think we were very lucky to experience what we had with each other. Life without Bradley is new terrain. “ About their breakup, Irina believes “that in all good relationships you give your best and worst, it is only the nature of … Read more

Lorenzo Méndez after divorce with Chiquis Rivera: ‘I don’t wish this on anyone’

MIAMI, UNITED STATES.- The singer Lorenzo Mendez broke the silence after announcing his divorce with “Chiquis” Rivera and He hinted that he still hopes for a reconciliation. It was through Instagram that the famous wrote a message along with a photograph with his still wife in the Sea of ​​Galilee. “I do not wish this … Read more

Ray J files for divorce from Princess Love | NOW

Singer Ray J filed for divorce from his wife Princess Love in Los Angeles on Monday. Earlier this year, the fashion designer also filed for divorce, but that request was later withdrawn, several American reports media. The court documents show that Ray J (39) and Princess Love (36) have insurmountable differences. The two got married … Read more

Divorce of Maryla Rodowicz. Testimony of Maria Szabłowska

Another divorce hearing On September 7, another divorce hearing of Maryla Rodowicz and Andrzej Dużyński was held. In the court corridor, the singer was in a good mood, she smiled, but avoided the eyes of her husband. They didn’t even say hello. The singer also did not pay attention to Maria Szabłowska (74). This time, … Read more

Vondráčková finally “fell divine”: A new form of her happiness

Lucie Vondráčková (40) for the first time on the social network she showed the interior of her current residence, which was dominated by a picture with cats. Although the equipment was not exactly according to her ideas, as the website writes, she is gradually trying to change it according to her own taste. “We’re … Read more

Gundars Ozols is married again after the divorce from the creators of “Amoralles” – Celebrities

According to “Private Life”, both rings alternated in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity in Riga, but the party of 80 people took place in a restaurant in Riga. The couple spent the wedding night in an Ozola-run hotel. “Why did we get married? Because I love him. I perceive relationship things like … Read more

Sana Timma revealed how the divorce of her husband affected the two children together – Celebrities

On Instagram, Sana responded to an interested party who was interested in how the divorce affected her son. “My little one had slept successfully in his room in the last months before the divorce, but with my stress, crying at night and a lot of nervousness, he started to feel it and sleep badly as … Read more