Sana Timma revealed how the divorce of her husband affected the two children together – Celebrities

On Instagram, Sana responded to an interested party who was interested in how the divorce affected her son. “My little one had slept successfully in his room in the last months before the divorce, but with my stress, crying at night and a lot of nervousness, he started to feel it and sleep badly as … Read more

Divorce between Roman Polanski and the Oscars confirmed in court –

A Californian judge dismissed Roman Polanski on Tuesday, who had taken legal action against his exclusion from the prestigious Academy of Oscars. Targeted by rape charges, the 87-year-old filmmaker saw his star clearly pale with the #MeToo movement. This legal setback marks a further step in Hollywood’s distancing from the Franco-Polish director, who fled the … Read more

Talks about the divorce of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin start with new vigor

According to the magazine “Kas Jauns”, the well-known music critic Sergei Sosedov pointed out in an interview with “Sobesednik” that the union of the two stars has not looked convincing from the very beginning. He believes that show business and family are not compatible at all. “Who is happy then? Pugacheva with Galkin? Must laugh! … Read more

5 Facts About Zumi Zola & Sherrin Tharia’s Love Journey That Ended Divorce

Jakarta – Actor Zumi Zola is officially divorced from Sherrin Tharia. This is known from the official website of the South Jakarta Religious Court, Bunda. Public Relations of the South Jakarta Religious Court, Cece Rukmana Ibrahim, confirmed the divorce decision for Zumi Zola and Sherrin Tharia. According to Cece, the second case was decided on … Read more

After a divorce from his missing wife, Pavel Paur claims: “He lives in Ukraine!”

“I want them to find her. Whether alive or dead. I want them to find her and it’s all over. Just so everyone knows what happened and the uncertainty and slander ends. Some people look at me like a murderer. But here “They didn’t find anything. Because he’s not here,” Paur told the aforementioned website. … Read more

La Stampa: “Conte and Inter. Divorce is inevitable. Allegri is the ready-made alternative”

“Conte and Inter. Divorce is inevitable. Allegri is the ready-made alternative”. This is the high-cut front page title of today’s edition of The print. The Nerazzurri have to solve the coaching problem with the match between Zhang and Conte scheduled for Tuesday. In the meantime, for a possible succession, the idea linked to Massimiliano Allegri … Read more

Sana Timma pairs up with her ex-husband – Celebrities

A follower of Sanai complimented her on being a very beautiful woman, adding, “It’s just a pity for a man who doesn’t understand what he’s lost.” Of course, these words are directed in the direction of Sana’s ex-husband and son, John Timma – we remind you that last summer he left Sanaa to be with … Read more

Ewan McGregor divorces after 22 years – must give ex-wife half the fortune

Three years after the news broke that the actor Ewan McGregor (49), known for films such as “Moulin Rouge”, “Trainspotting” and “The Impossible”, was to be separated from his wife Eve Mavrakis (54) after 22 years of marriage, the couple has agreement. In 2017, MgGregor came into the media spotlight when in 2017 he was … Read more

Dismantling the Regional Office’s Disgusting Behavior When Having Bed to …

Collage Annisa Dienfitri Awalia / Grid.ID and Instagram @rohimah_alli Dismantling the Kiwil’s Disgusting Behavior When Having a Bed to Decide on a Divorce, Meggy Wulandari Reveals the Requirements of the Child for a Prospective New Father: Don’t Marry a Papa with Another Mama! Grid.ID – Marriage between Regional Office and Meggy Wulandari has officially ended … Read more