“I’m going to get hot and cold” – The Hungarian star singer with five children spoke about the divorce

SPIRITUAL The well-known Hungarian singer Gergő Oláh felt unable to keep his opinion on the celebrations that had been revealed in recent weeks. 2022-01-25 19:00:36 Author: ripost For Gergő Oláh, the family is the first, he loves his wife and their five children. He would never be able to leave them. No wonder he got … Read more

Pamela Anderson, new divorce after 13 months of union

Pamela Anderson divorces her husband Dan Hayhurst a year after their marriage. This is the fifth divorce for the former ‘Baywatch’ star. According to a source who recently confided in “Rolling Stone », Pamela Anderson and her husband Dan Hayhurst are said to be going through a divorce. The source, close to the former couple, … Read more

This boy fell asleep on the judge’s shoulder when his father and mother quarreled in a divorce trial in China

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, CHINA – Unusual sight caught in a court in China. The judge during the trial seemed to be holding a child, while the child’s parents had a big fight during the divorce trial. Suddenly the divorce trial in Henan Province, China has recently seized the public’s attention. Quoting from Kenh14.vn via Tribunnewsmaker, Thursday (20/1/2022), … Read more

Todorenko confessed her desire to divorce Topalov – Rambler/news

“The first year of the life of the three of us, I confess, was not easy, like everyone else. There is a feeling that you do not belong to yourself, that there will be no more unbridled fun, as before, the cold in relationships and running away from home to work becomes a frequent model … Read more

Vaccine against covid could be the cause of Jason Momoa’s divorce

One of the theories that is gaining strength around the divorce between Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet is that they have opposing positions regarding the vaccine against covid-19, because according to the Spanish newspaper ABC, Lisa is against vaccination. “Lisa Bonet is a denier who has not only shown her rejection of the treatment against … Read more

[SC이슈]’Residence in Jeju after divorce’ actress Kim Hye-ri, sudden ‘declaration of diving’. ‘It feels like something is creaking’ Why?

What’s going on? Actress Kim Hye-ri made a ‘diving declaration’. Hyeri Kim recently posted on her Instagram, a picture that looked like it was taken in an airplane, and said, ‘I’ve been thinking a lot these days.. I wonder if I’m doing well… Something creaking… Diving for a while…’. In the photo, Hyeri Kim looks … Read more

After her divorce from Ahmed El-Fishawy, Nadia Al-Kamel is getting a lot of her sexy looks!

Nadia Al-Kamel, the ex-wife of Egyptian actor Ahmed El-Fishawy, published a new photo of her on social media, in which she appeared naked from the upper side of her body.Comments poured in from followers of the photo, some of them considered that Nadia was doing this to anger her ex-husband, actor Ahmed El-Fishawy, and some … Read more

Jason Momoa divorce: a photo with Emilia Clarke agitates internet users

“We free each other.” After 16 years of love, Lisa Bonnet and Jason Momoa have announced their divorce in a message of disarming sincerity. “We have all felt the pressure and changes of these transformational times…A revolution is unfolding and our family is no exception” , wrote Aquaman on his Instagram account. For their part, … Read more

Jana Kramer reveals new boyfriend after the painful divorce

In April last year came the news that “One Tree Hill” star Jana Kramer (38) and her husband Mike Caussin (34) were to divorced after six years of marriage. ‘I have fought. I have loved highly. I’ve forgiven. I’ve laid off work. I have given everything I have had, and now I have nothing more … Read more

The relationship between Dua Lipa and model Anwar Hadido has been hit by a crisis: taking a break Names

British singer Dua Lipa (26) and model Anwar Hadid (22), the brother of the famous mannequins Gigi and Bella Hadid, have taken different paths after 2.5 years of friendship. Well, at least for now. “Dua and Anwar have taken a break from their relationship and are spending time separately. They are trying to find out … Read more