The Brazilian international is said to be divorcing after 24 days of marriage. The reason is bizarre

Former Brazilian striker Adriano is reportedly getting a divorce. And that after only 24 days since his marriage to Micaela Mesquitova. The reason is said to be that the 40-year-old former star disappeared for two days to watch the soccer World Cup. Adriano and Mesquitova were originally supposed to get married on November 30, but … Read more

Millions of Internet celebrities have divorced 3 times in 2 years…Recognized “stealing old love” reversal recombination handsome and broke up with new boyfriend identity revealed | Entertainment | CTWANT

The super-popular Internet celebrity Han Anran in mainland China became popular because she started plastic surgery at the age of 16 and underwent 33 surgeries in just 4 years. However, her relationship dazzled the outside world. The boyfriend held a high-profile wedding, but he didn’t expect it to end after only half a year. Soon … Read more

“Affair with another woman”…the reason for Goo Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun’s divorce, the creepy truth revealed in 3 years

online community Reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin-ho, who was sued by actor Goo Hye-sun, is being ‘acquitted’ and his past marriage is becoming a hot topic. On November 30, 2022, Jinho Lee posted a video on his YouTube channel titled, ‘Returning privately.. The result of Goo Hye-sun’s complaint is out’. On this day, Lee Jin-ho said, “The … Read more

Throwing away the main palace of my hometown… Husband rushed to marry a mistress and collapsed when he learned of the “secret of the fifth day”: it was an ex-boyfriend | International | CTWANT

After the court hearing, the woman was sentenced to return 68,000 RMB (approximately NT$295,803). (Schematic / PIXABAY) A married man in mainland China divorced his wife for the sake of his mistress, and later responded to his mistress’ financial demands. Unexpectedly, he finally found out that the other party had obtained a marriage certificate with … Read more

Half a year after the divorce, the son couldn’t recognize his father… He broke down and cried, his ex-wife sighed: I was kicked out by my husband’s family and blocked | International | CTWANT

A man from Henan Province in mainland China went to visit his son at his ex-wife’s house after his divorce. Unexpectedly, his son no longer recognized him as his father. (Picture / flip from Weibo / time video) Facing family members whom you only see once in a long time, it is inevitable to become … Read more

“‘Divorce’ Kim Kardashian, receives 260 million won per month… Yes and breakup ‘period'” – Herald Business

[킴 카다시안 인스타그램] [헤럴드경제=이원율 기자]American model and fashion entrepreneur Kim Kardashian has agreed to mediate a divorce from her ex-husband, hip-hop singer and producer ‘Ye’ (Kanye West). It is said that Ye found a compromise by paying hundreds of millions of won per month in child support. According to the Associated Press on the 30th … Read more

Businessman Ignas Staškevičius is divorcing his wife, psychotherapist Ivona Staškevičiene Names

The judge of the district court of the city of Vilnius has already set a date for the hearing of the case. The hearing is scheduled for early December. Spouses divorce by mutual consent. The couple will not have to go to court, as the divorce case will be considered in a written procedure. … Read more

Watch.. Kuwaiti actress Abrar celebrates her fourth divorce • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Kuwaiti actress Abrar announced her official divorce in a video clip that she posted on her Snapchat account. Not only did the artist announce her divorce, but she also documented her holding a party to which she invited many girlfriends, in addition to her daughters and mother, on the occasion. And the YouTube … Read more

“Before Divorce” Yang Joon-hyeok reveals his wife’s shocking body condition

online community Former baseball player Yang Jun-hyeok spoke out about the difficulties of marriage with his wife 19 years his junior. He surprised people by revealing that his wife played with a man until dawn, and he was criticized for revealing harsh words to her wife. It is also revealed that he is currently working … Read more

Kim Kardashian: Kanye West pays $ 200,000 a month to support their children after the divorce settlement

Elsa Mishman BBC News November 30, 2022 image copyright Getty Images A court has ordered Kanye West to pay $200,000 a month to Kim Kardashian to support their children as part of a divorce settlement. The former rapper and reality TV star will share joint custody of their four children. Kardashian filed for divorce in … Read more