“Kisses, divorce, distortion of the Qur’an and raising the rainbow flag” .. Nada Al-Kamel’s crises do not end (report)

Nada full The free-lance artist Ahmed El-Fishawy faced many crises during the last period, since she attended the El Gouna Festival with her ex-husband, and their eagerness to exchange hot kisses in front of the audience and in front of the photographers’ lenses. Nada Al Kamel is a businesswoman in the field of fashion and … Read more

Al-Shahroura Sabah swore on the night of the wedding day to divorce Rushdi Abaza from Dungean immediately.. When they asked her about the reason, she revealed to the public his special status that no one knows about! !

The artist Sabah is considered one of the most prominent Lebanese artists along with Fairuz and Wadih El-Safi. Her career spanned from the mid-1940s until the 2000s. But the remarkable thing is that for years she kept a secret marriage story that she collected with the great Egyptian artist Rushdi Abaza for only 24 hours. … Read more

Mayor of Kyiv Vitaly Klychko is divorcing his wife Natalia: the marriage lasted 25 years Names

According to Vitaly Klyčko, he and his wife Natalija have been living in different countries for many years, so divorce is the logical end of the relationship, portal babel.ua reports. Speaking about the changes in his personal life, V. Klyčko assured that despite the divorce, life continues to flow in its own way. “Many years … Read more

Index – Culture – Metallica’s frontman secretly divorced his wife

According to sources close to the former couple, James Hetfield filed for divorce from Francesca Hetfield in Colorado earlier this year. Surprisingly, the divorce was never announced, keeping the news away from the public. A lap according to his reports, the couple is still in touch, mostly because of their children together. James and Francesca … Read more

Melissa Paredes and her birthdays Anthony Aranda vs. Rodrigo Cuba: Model celebrated the first time with the ‘Activator’ after divorce with ‘Gato’ Cuba celebrity | SHOWS

The model Melissa Paredes celebrated on August 11 her 32 years of life and did so surrounded by her relatives, as well as her boyfriend, the dancer Anthony Arandain the middle of a very intimate celebration. READ ALSO: ‘This is Bacán’ LIVE: review the premiere of the reality show by Gian Piero Díaz and Rossana … Read more

Stressed by Divorce, Children in Jember Cant Cut Their Own Mother

Jakarta – The man named Mishanto (45), a resident of Pasar Alas Hamlet, Silo, JemberEast Java, the heart slit the throat his own biological mother, Sadima (65) while sleeping in the room. The perpetrator is suspected of being stressed divorced with his wife. Reported from detikJatim, Monday (15/8/2022), according to one resident, Muhliseh (47), Mishanto … Read more

Néstor Villanueva was shocked to learn of his divorce from Florcita Polo | Florcita Polo | Nestor Villanueva | Peru | Transfer | SHOWCASE

Updated on 08/12/2022 10:08 pm Nestor Villanueva was shocked when the reporter ‘Amércia Hoy’ informed him that his divorce with little flower pole it was already accepted by the Municipality of Santiago de Surco. Everything was recorded in a phone call to the cumbia singer. Mira: Flor Polo could not hide her emotion when announcing … Read more

Gets billions after divorce

It is almost two months since it became known that model Jerry Hall (66) and billionaire Rupert Murdoch (91) have separated. According to the British newspaper The Guardian the settlement after the divorce is now clear and it is expected that Hall will receive several tens of billions of pounds. However, the exact number is … Read more

Olivia Newton-John: The babysitter behind her first divorce talks about the late star

Cindy Jessup… This name may mean nothing to you. She is the 23-year-old blonde babysitter accused of breaking up Olivia Newton-John’s first marriage to Matt Lattanzi in 1994. The young woman, who had become the babysitter of Chloe, the couple’s only daughter, had started a secret relationship with the actress’ husband while they were raising … Read more

Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch have a lightning divorce

Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch Lightning divorce! They were married for six years and their divorce lasted only five weeks: Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch want to remain friends. It was just five weeks ago that Jerry Hall (66) filed for divorce from Rupert Murdoch (91). Now the former supermodel and the billionaire media mogul … Read more