If your child doesn’t sleep: ‘As a parent you survive on stress hormones, which makes you even more tired’ | Family

Teething, snotty noses, separation anxiety… There are many reasons why children can’t sleep at night. As a parent you can walk on your gums at some point. Because if your offspring don’t sleep, then you don’t sleep either. But how much sleep do you need as a parent to function? Sleep coach Mark Schadenberg explains: … Read more

Cheryl Cole after plastic surgery. It doesn’t look like that anymore

It’s no news that celebrities around the world are giving up en masse “diet changing facial features”thanks to which they can undergo a “spectacular” metamorphosis almost overnight. It has come to the point that on the red carpet it is in vain to look for wrinkles, thin lips or poorly defined cheekbones, and several celebrities … Read more

Giuseppe Benignini The little prince made fun of Magaly Medina and Alfredo Zambrano The notary doesn’t have it like I do VIDEO entertainment | SHOWS

Disrespectful. Joseph Benignini he responded with offenses to Magaly Medina after the ‘Urraca’ released a report confirming that he works as a gigolo. MIRA: Magaly Medina ‘patches’ the ‘Little Prince’: “Poor thing, he has to resort to selling his body” | INTERVIEW The “Little Prince” sent a message to “Urraca” where he offered her sexual … Read more

FMF (Family Mediterranean Fever) – A Companion That Doesn’t Determine Me – Video Contribution

FMF (Family Mediterranean Fever) – A companion who does not determine me – video contribution – DocCheck Again and again unclear, recurring fever, combined with high inflammation values ​​during the flare-up, severe abdominal and joint complaints – the symptoms of familial Mediterranean fever (FMF), which usually begins in childhood, can be so unspecific. This is … Read more

Sweden’s NATO negotiator: “It doesn’t make sense to hold trusting talks and meet physically”

Foreign Minister Tobias Billström (M) said on Saturday to SVT News that the events that upset Turkey do not improve Sweden’s security policy situation. Now Oscar Stenström says that the actions make talks with Turkey more difficult. – We see expressions that are legal, but certainly not suitable for conducting these conversations. Burning the Koran … Read more

There’s mail for you, what if the recipient doesn’t open the door

A new background on the recipients of the envelope of You’ve got mail There are many curiosities concerning You’ve Got Mail, various background stories concerning the delivery of the mail, the recipients and behind the scenes. We told you what happens to the recipients of the mail and the rules they must follow. A former … Read more

the anime is still a great show in its season 2, but the animation still doesn’t measure up to the epic tournament

Last week he played ‘Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre‘, and this week Netflix continues with its anime premieres by releasing the second season of ‘Record of Ragnarok‘. the anime about the spectacular tournament between gods and humans It was one of the most viewed of 2021, and we still have a few … Read more

Apparently, Naughty Dog doesn’t think much of a “The Last of Us 3” quick shot

Home page // Games // Playstation // Apparently, Naughty Dog doesn’t think much of a “The Last of Us 3” quick shot Many fans would like it, but The Last of Us 3 isn’t really considered a very safe investment. As with Uncharted, Naughty Dog might be done with that. Will Naughty Dog a The … Read more

Anyone who doesn’t get solar panels on their roof is robbing their own family

People desperate for electricity bills are falling for a new myth, unaware that they are entering a game that has been played here before. It’s just that the second round is more subtle in taking money out of taxpayers’ pockets, and it will also be more expensive as the path to other people’s pockets opens … Read more

Disney World’s Anniversary Had One Big Problem. How Disneyland’s New Celebration Doesn’t Fall Into The Same Trap

Walt Disney coffee mug These days it feels like Disney Parks are just one endless celebration after another. From Epcot’s year long International festivals to Disney California Adventure’s Lunar New Year and Food & Wine Festival, there’s always something new happening to get people to visit the parks. Disney World is getting ready to wrap … Read more