The Veterinary Administration revealed a breeding facility in Šumperska. The breeder didn’t even know how many dogs he had Crime stories | Olomouc Gossip

At least 36 dogs lived in completely unsuitable conditions in Rapotín in Šumpersko, where inspectors of the State Veterinary Administration from the Olomouc region discovered a breeding facility. All animals should be taken from their owners, many of them suffer from health problems. Due to suspicion of animal cruelty, the State Veterinary Administration also reported … Read more

They buy a tablet to watch Paw Patrol: insights of dogs increase

A study by Atlantia Research identified that contrary to the drop in baby births, pet ownership has increased in Mexico. The concept of perrhijos establishes new tasks that the consumer follows in his daily habits, such as increasing his spending on wellness products. A study by the National Retail Association revealed the main leisure activities … Read more

the newlyweds have sold their house… to travel around Europe with their two dogs!

Published on Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 1:30 p.m. Par Charlie Mercier Newlyweds, Mégane and Jeremy have just embarked on what will certainly be the journey of their lives. After selling their house and buying a van, they have just started the tour of Europe. An adventure they share with their two dogs! Going around … Read more

“Food Safety” reveals the fact that luncheon meat is mixed with meat from donkeys and dogs

Dr. Hussein Mansour, head of the National Authority for Food Safety, confirmed that the scientific research that claimed mixing luncheon meat and bluebeef processed with donkey and dog meat in the Egyptian market did not adhere to the academic procedures, saying: “The mentioned research on processed meat did not apply to the Moroccan.” Dr. Hussein … Read more

Afghan Mullahs kill 1,700 dogs

The Iranian regime has killed more than 1,600 dogs in Damavand County (east of Tehran) City officials locked up guards at the Gandak shelter and barricaded access roads to the site to prevent volunteers from coming to protect the dogs. Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad (45) posted a video on Twitter in which a … Read more

Until the end: Darío Gómez’s dogs starred in a moving moment at his farewell | Present

Only those who have had a pet know how far it can go the fidelity and the immense love of these animalswhose life revolves around those people who make them their companions. That is why that was not going to be the exception with the two dogs of the deceased Dario Gomez who adored him … Read more

Dogs seem to instinctively recognize a person’s kind intentions

The team from the Veterinary University of Vienna examined 96 dogs of different breeds and ages. He was investigating whether the animal is sensitive to human intentions, for example, whether it responds to them by being reluctant to do something. During the experiment, the researcher sat inside a transparent box that had holes in the … Read more

4 Animals to Eat When North Korea Threatened Starvation, Dogs to Rabbits

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — North Korea recently reported experiencing food problems. Food prices in the country are rising and making it difficult for citizens. As reported Radio Free AsiaThe food shortage occurred after the government had banned imports due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only that, the harvest in North Korea is also not enough … Read more