The price of the dollar today exceeds the barrier of 18.8 pounds for the first time in 5 years

11:33 p.m Tuesday 28 June 2022 I wrote – Sherine Salah: The price of the dollar rose today, Tuesday, against the pound, in 8 banks operating in Egypt, in mid-trading, compared to its level at the beginning of trading today. The dollar rose against the pound today to its highest level in the past 5 … Read more

The decline of the sterling .. Learn about the price of the dollar and some currencies against the Egyptian pound

The exchange rate of the dollar maintained its stability against the Egyptian pound at the beginning of trading, today, Tuesday, and the prices of the European currency “euro” rose, while the prices of the pound sterling declined in government and private banks. And in the two largest Egyptian governmental banks in terms of the volume … Read more

Price of the dollar today, June 29: Exchange rate in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua…

The US dollar dawns with a slight rise against other currencies as the foreign exchange market operates cautiously while waiting for the revelation of more information about the future of the monetary policy of the main economies of the world. Currently, a forum organized by the European Central Bank (ECB) is being carried out, in … Read more

The 5 key economic themes of this week, with inflation and recession scaring the world | Economy

The price of the dollar has shown a sharp drop at the beginning of the week. However, the greenback is subject to new inflation figures in the world’s major economies. Fear of a possible recession, meanwhile, reduces growth expectations. The price of the dollar -marked by external factors and local pressures in Chile, which is … Read more

The curious turn that the automotive market shows before the rise of the blue

The automotive market experienced an atypical week. When the price of Dolar blue” has a significant jump, the reflexes of consumers react quickly and try to take advantage of the exchange rate movement. Buyers with US bills in hand try to make their savings count against goods that, for the most part, are sold in … Read more

The price of the dollar in Egypt reaches this level .. and calm prevails in the exchange market

The price of the dollar touched the level of 18.80 pounds in Egyptian banks, today, Sunday, while its prices vary between banks, with a state of calm in the exchange market after central bank decision The last fixed interest rates. The average price of the dollar, according to central bank data, recorded 18.71 pounds for … Read more

Islam Memiş has never spoken so clearly about ‘gram gold’ and ‘dollar’ before

Islam Memiş has made new statements regarding exchange rates and commodities such as gram gold, dollar, gram silver, inflation figures, developments in brent oil, euro rate. Making evaluations on his Youtube account and underlining that his statements are not an investment advice, Memiş said: FED’İN MESAJI What kind of a week are we leaving behind, … Read more

Dollar in Colombia would reach $3,900 or $5,000 at the end of the year, according to experts

After the presidential elections, the dollar closed its worst week in Colombia and was only $ 100 from its all-time high. The exchange rate reacted with volatility to the arrival of Gustavo Petro to the House of Nariño. Nevertheless, experts point out that the currency would stabilize in the coming months. The anxiety over the … Read more