There is 65 billion dollars in hidden debt – Markets

The debt hidden in the balance sheets of banks, pension funds, insurance companies and venture funds amounts to 65 billion dollars, a figure that represents a threat to financial stability, warned this Monday the International Bank of Payments (BIS). This figure represents 14% of total financial assets worldwide. …

Michael Avenatti sentenced to 14 years in prison for stealing millions of dollars from clients

4-year sentence for Michael Avenatti for robbing Stormy Daniels 1:55 (CNN) — The discredited lawyer Michael Avenatti received a sentence of 14 years in prison on Monday and an order to pay nearly $11 million in restitution for embezzling millions of dollars from four of his clients and for obstruction. Avenatti pleaded guilty earlier this … Read more

Unprecedented offer from UAE and Saudi Arabia: Let’s give 3.7 billion dollars and buy it to us

The Saudi Arabian and Qatari joint investment fund was the largest bidder for Liverpool, which was put up for sale. The most serious offer to Fenway Sports Group, which put Liverpool up for sale, came from the Saudi Arabian-Qatar joint consortium. According to the news of David Lynch from Sporting News; The Saudi Arabian-Qatar joint … Read more

How to earn dollars with crypto games and collect in Mercado Pago

These games allow you to earn cryptocurrency by performing certain physical activities and other tasks in the “real” world. the keys of money The Argentines launched into a new category of video games: play to earn (play to win), which allow you to add cryptocurrencies instead of accumulating points. Thus, several families began to play … Read more

Bitcoin will cost a quarter of a million dollars, according to an influential investor

In the current uncertain times caused by the collapse of the FTX exchange and other platforms, few would bet on the fact that the most widespread cryptocurrency Bitcoin would return to its records and cost 70 thousand dollars again. One of the most famous risk investors from the American Silicon Valley, Tim Draper, goes even … Read more

The Fed’s chief hammered the final nail into the coffin of the dollar’s bullish path.. Everyone rejoices. By

© Reuters – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell confirmed market speculation about a 50 basis point rate hike at the next meeting, not 75 basis points. This indicates that the Fed is now taking the time to see the repercussions of its monetary policy on inflation, which began to record lower than expected levels, … Read more

Commerce estimated its “Black Friday” sales at 300 million dollars

The Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), organizer of the online sales event “Black Friday”revealed that there was sales of close to US$ 300 million, as a result of 8.4 million transactions. Nevertheless, “although sales increased by a nominal 8% compared to 2021, they fell by a real 5% due to high inflation”said the union, which … Read more

Why buying dollars is not enough to fight inflation

Argentines already culturally have the idea that saving is equal to buying dollars, this is because after so many crises in the last 100 years that affected the country, after so many currencies that passed and incredibly high inflation The Dollar has always been a refuge for the saver who, in the face of the … Read more

What banks would support Mifel with 2 billion dollars for his offer? – The financial

Banca Mifel, which competes alongside the private equity giant, Apolo Global Managementto buy citibanamex, looking for 2 billion dollars to solve his offer, for which he is currently talking with four banks to obtain financing. Bloomberg reported this Monday, November 28, that Mifel is backed by the US private equity fund Advent International, which already … Read more

App to buy dollars in CADECA, is already in the testing phase

Buying dollars at the Exchange Houses (CADECA) is what many would like, because the government rate is below the informal market. However, since the inception of this service it has been impossible for many to achieve such a purpose.Huge queues, scalpers, and insufficient amounts of dollars for sale have become a real headache. In order … Read more