How is the dollar today, Sunday, August 14? buying and selling dollars in Peru ATMP | dollar price

meet the dollar price todaySunday, August 14, 2022, in the main banks of Peru and in the parallel market; that is to say, in the exchange houses or money changers on the street. How much is the price of the parallel dollar trading today? According to how much is the, the price of the … Read more

In dollars.. Details of savings certificates available to Egyptians working abroad in banks

Four banks operating in Egypt announced the provision of savings certificates to Egyptians working abroad with an annual return that is paid monthly or every six months, in exchange for buying their value in dollars to benefit from them, as Al-Ahly, Egypt and Cairo banks continue to provide “Biladi” certificates to Egyptians working abroad for … Read more

Aramco: The Saudi energy giant achieved a record quarterly profit of 48.4 billion dollars

August 14, 2022 photo released, Getty Images comment on the photo, There are growing calls for an unexpected tax on the profits of oil giants as the cost of living rises The Saudi oil company, Aramco, broke a new record with profits of $48.4 billion for the second quarter of 2022. The increase was 90 … Read more

Iranians wanted to “clean out” Trump adviser. Stacks of dollars would lure hitmen.

Foto: IRAQI PRIME MINISTER’S PRESS OFFICE / NYT Photo: Nasser Nasser, AP/NTB Photo: Susan Walsh, AP/NTB Photo: Image from the FBI’s indictment Baghdad January 2020: The US kills Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. The killing caused enormous anger. The revenge they planned: the assassination of former Trump adviser John Bolton. The assassin was lured with a … Read more

“It was heaven on Earth for her”: This is the ranch in California where Olivia Newton-John died valued at 5.4 million dollars that includes stables with horses and a swimming pool | People | Entertainment

The actress and singer, Olivia Newton-John died on the morning of this Monday, August 8 at the age of 73, after battling breast cancer for 30 years. The artist died at her ranch in California, surrounded by her friends and family, according to her husband, John Easterling. The “Grease” star decided to spend her last … Read more

Mega Millions: player is told that he did not win any prize, but in fact he had withdrawn $1 million dollars

Meredith was the only person in America to match the first five numbers. Foto: MargJohnsonVA / Shutterstock Malcolm Meredith, a lottery player from Manassas, Virginia, purchased a ticket for the May 20 Mega Millions drawing. Shortly after the draw was made, Meredith showed her ticket to a person, who looked at it and told her … Read more

Peru dollar price: exchange rate today Thursday, August 11 | Dollars to soles | Today’s Dollar | SUNAT | TDEX | NMR | ECONOMY

The dollar price US currency in Peru opened lower, with global investors confident that spike in inflation will persuade central banks to scale back interest rate hikes planned for September. The exchange rate operates at S/ 3,887 per dollar, a decrease of 0.28% compared to Wednesday’s settlement at S/ 3,898, according to data from the … Read more

How much does it cost to rent a safe to store DOLLARS

The economic uncertainty that arose last month from the untimely resignation of Martín Guzmán and that culminated in the recent arrival at the superministry of Sergio Massagoing through the ephemeral period in which Silvina Batakis was the head of Economy, had as a result a strong outflow of dollars from banks. Savings banks began the … Read more

NHL | Nečas remains in Carolina, signing a two-year contract worth six million dollars

Nečas’ three-year rookie contract expired after last season and he was in the position of a so-called protected free agent. In the previous year, the former Brno Comet player fell slightly short of expectations, and therefore was not sure whether he would stay with the Hurricanes. “Last season wasn’t ideal… It wasn’t the season that … Read more

The House of the Famous: Ivonne Montero became the winner and takes the 200 thousand dollars, photo

“Thank you divine people, may God be with you and bless you all. Thank you!” Was Ivonne Montero’s farewell message upon receiving the $200,000 after winning The House of the Famous 2. In addition, the return of a third season of the most popular reality show on Hispanic television in USA of Telemundo. And it … Read more