A US laboratory developed a rapid coronavirus test that will cost five dollars

Abbott’s BinaxNOW test is the size of a credit card and will cost $ 15 (Source: Abbott Laboratories) In an important advance that allows detecting above all asymptomatic cases of coronavirus, the North American laboratory Abbott developed a rapid test – known as BinaxNOW – which will cost just five dollars. The test, which has … Read more

Markets: Dollar | Exchange rate closes lower due to higher sale of dollars for

Updated 08/26/2020 at 2:58 PM The price of the dollar in Peru closed down this Tuesday due to an increase in the supply of the US currency by local banks and amid investor caution due to the next speech by the president of the United States Federal Reserve (Fed ), Jerome Powell. He exchange rate … Read more

Sag! After Beating US Dollars, Gold Brushed by Moderna Vaccine

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Gold prices fell again this morning, Thursday (27/8/2020). The latest development of the corona vaccine by Moderna is one of the triggers for the decline in the price of gold. At 09.25 WIB, world gold prices on the spot market fell 0.52% to US $ 1,943.3 / troy ounce. Yet at … Read more

What tools does the BCRA have to control the CCL dollar after the swap?

Downward movements of the Dollars financial transactions are fundamentally linked to lower demand due to the fact that, due to the exchange of bonds of domestic legislation, there is less availability of securities such as AY24 or A020, which are used by savers to carry out cash operations with liquid and MEP, while the market … Read more

Dollars. How the Government imagines the car market until the end of the year

Source: File – Credit: Ricardo Pristupluk / LA NACION This year there will be imported cars in the country, currently the most consumed. But that premise will be fulfilled as long as an expectation of the sector materializes: that the market does not exceed 300,000 cars sold. Faced with a possible growth in demand, with … Read more

How much will the dollar trade at the end of the year according to analysts?

In this framework, in the last week the Cash Cash with Settlement (CCL), jumped 6.5% to $ 135 and the Blue increased $ 6 to $ 138, therefore the gaps reached 87.6%. According to the consulting firms and financial entities that participated in the Market Expectations Survey (REM), the wholesale dollar, regulated by the monetary … Read more

How many thousands of dollars did Ronaldinho lose due to his scandal in Paraguay

Ronaldinho during a hearing at the Supreme Court of Justice in Asunción, Paraguay. August 24, 2020 (Reuters)Ronaldinho He was released this Monday by a judge of Paraguay After being arrested for almost five months, accused of using a Paraguayan passport with false content when he entered the country on March 4. The ex player of … Read more

Record sale of dollars: they were already sold more than in the whole month of July – Economy

According to the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), during the first half of August, more dollars were sold than in the entire month of July. This is one of the highest figures of the year, surpassing May in just two weeks.According to official information, this month would emerge as the one with the … Read more

“To increase mobile phones in 4G”, this is how an ETECSA official justifies the sale of cell phones in dollars

| 22/08/2020 – 1:30pm (GMT-4) The official of the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA), Dianitsy Barreto Martínez, justified the sale of cell phones in dollars in Cuba with the alleged intention of increasing telephones with technology 4G. According to Barreto, Institutional Communication specialist at ETECSA in Villa Clara, the sale in freely convertible currency (MLC) will … Read more