Gallery I The brave faces that fight breast cancer

Adriana Moscoso, Mery Garzón, Andrea Vintimilla, Narcisa Flores and María Eugenia Ruiz, fight against cancer every day. Xavier Caivinagua / El Mercurio Images: Xavier Caivinagua About 50 women are part of the Mutual Help Group, from the oncology area of ​​the José Carrasco Arteaga hospital, from Social Security. This space has allowed breast cancer patients … Read more

FEMA and SBA award 1 million dollars to those affected by storm Isaías | Puerto Rico | USA Edition

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced Tuesday that it approved more than $ 1 million in federal subsidy and loans from the Small Business Administration (SBA) to affected by Tropical Storm Isaías to his passage through Puerto Rico in July. As detailed by FEMA in a press release, as of October 18, 867 people … Read more

A trader loses 900 thousand dollars in DeFi after a wrong transaction

A trader had a loss of approximately 900 thousand dollars in cryptocurrencies after sending the balance to the contract address of a cryptocurrency trading on DeFi. Thus, according to the publication of the profile of TokenOops and Twitter, the trader lost his tokens forever after the cryptocurrency was sent to the altcoin contract address AAVE. … Read more

Huobi now allows you to buy Bitcoin with euros, pounds and Australian dollars

Key facts: In total, Huobi accepts 34 fiat currencies to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It can be paid with bank transfers and debit or credit cards. This article contains referral links. Know more. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Huobi recently added the option to deposit Euros, Australian dollars, and British pounds on your platform. Funds … Read more

From $ 25 dollars and in 32 options: the new Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the launching of a new version of his popular motherboard computer, specially designed for commercial and industrial uses. The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 is based on the same 64-bit, quad-core architecture as the Raspberry Pi 4, released in June 2019. This means it offers the same “computer-like” specs that … Read more

The iPhone 12 caused Apple to lose up to 81,000 million dollars after its presentation

We already said it many times, a lover of technology you will never buy an iPhone 12 because because it does not offer a true jump in benefits or benefits regarding the iPhone 11, and the market had the same opinion after the event ended. Proof of this is that, after the introduction of these … Read more

Sony invests 250 million dollars in Epic Games because in it it sees the future of gaming, concerts and even cinema

It is abundantly clear that Epic Games is going to play an important role in the next generation of games. Not only ‘Fortnite‘is taking giant steps in terms of growth and ambition, Y it will clearly be part of the online landscape also in the next generation of consoles. Is that Epic Games is the creator of potentísimo motor Unreal Engine 5, whose presentation stunned industry and fans a few weeks ago.

That presentation, although it made it clear that it was valid for all platforms, It was shown on a Playstation 5, in a mutual support between both giants of video games very clear. Now, that support is strengthened with the announcement by Epic and Sony that the Japanese company has invested 250 million dollars in the creators of ‘Fortnite’. As they have reported in a press release, “The investment strengthens the already close relationship between the two companies, and reinforces the common purpose of progressing in terms of technology, entertainment and socially connected online services.”

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Raoul Pal predicts that the price of Bitcoin will hit a million dollars in 2025

Raoul Pal, CEO de Real Vision Group, predicts that the price of bitcoin (BTC) could reach a million dollars in 2025. The eccentric omens of the investor are supported by a regression in the registration graph since the beginning of the crypto market, which allows projecting a horizon based on the path already drawn. The … Read more

Digital fixed term leaves 7% per month in dollars: How to do it

Saturday, October 17, 2020 09:57 The increasing restrictions on the purchase of dollars, which now also involves foreign trade and the acquisition of dollars in the market from companies, once again generated controversy and uncertainty. In this context, many Argentines are turning to cryptocurrencies again as a viable alternative for both savings and escape from … Read more