Indonesia-China Agree to Burn US Dollars!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Bank Indonesia (BI) and China’s central bank (People’s Bank of China/PBoC) recently renewed the agreement swap bilaterally in local currency (Bilateral Currency Swap Arrangement/BCSA). With this agreement, the use of the United States (US) dollar will be reduced and BI will be better prepared to face the turmoil that could result … Read more

The richest person in Korea, his fortune declines by 7 billion dollars, after a series of scandals

The rise of Brian Kim was impressive: the man who shared a room with seven members of his family in his childhood has outdone Heir to Samsung Group, Jay Yi Lee To become the richest person in South Korea. The situation did not last long, and disputes quickly began: first, due to fears of a … Read more

Lavrov: Russia is rapidly reducing its official reserves in US dollars Business

“We are rapidly reducing our foreign exchange reserves in US dollars,” he said in a speech to the State Duma (lower house of parliament) on Wednesday. According to Lavrov, “this process does not go unnoticed.” “And not only has interest started in the West, but also our economic entities are feeling relieved in resolving issues … Read more

He managed to hack a Trezor hardware wallet and recovered 2 million dollars

Key facts: It took the specialist three months to find the right method to hack the hardware wallet. The owner of the wallet forgot the private keys and was at risk of losing the millionaire sum. A computer engineer managed to hack a hardware wallet from the firm Trezor and recover around 2 million US … Read more

The cryptocurrency market loses about 130,000 million dollars in the last 24 hours amid the crash of bitcoin and ether

Published: 24 ene 2022 19:10 GMT Both digital currencies fell to their lowest points since last July and are within 50% of their respective all-time highs. In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market has lost about 130,000 million dollars, as the price of major digital currencies has continued to fall for several days, informs … Read more

The Taliban are negotiating in Norway: Give us billions of dollars and we will guarantee women’s rights

“The leverage the West has in the Taliban is nearly $ 10 billion in Afghanistan, which is frozen in accounts mostly in the United States. Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki will try to get some of that money back so that the Taliban can pay civil servants’ salaries and food, as the situation in … Read more

They sue Universal Pictures for 5 million dollars because Ana de Armas does not appear in the movie ‘Yesterday’ despite appearing in the trailer

Published: 24 ene 2022 09:49 GMT Two followers of the Cuban-Spanish actress denounce that they felt cheated when they discovered that she was not in the final cut of the film. Two US fans of actress Ana de Armas have filed a lawsuit against Universal Pictures after the scenes of the Cuban-Spanish performer in the … Read more

Musk and Bezos lose billions of dollars in just one week after the collapse of technology and cryptocurrency stocks

Published: 23 ene 2022 19:52 GMT Large companies such as Peloton and Netflix have also suffered in recent days, with shares of the latter plummeting to their lowest level in a decade. Shares of technology companies and the value of cryptocurrencies have fallen sharply this week, resulting in colossal losses in the fortunes of some … Read more

a unique version of Gelandevagen – what kind of car is this and why does it cost a million dollars? — Laboratory — Motor

Before you – Ares X-Raid. The car, which was built on the basis of the G-wagen by the neighbor of the Ferrari and Pagani factories, the Italian company Ares Design. New such “Gelik”, similar to an intergalactic bastard attack aircraft, cost a million dollars. If you study this car more closely, it becomes clear why … Read more

The 70-year-old old woman added leverage to invest in stocks and owed the brokerage tens of millions of dollars to the closing line. It was impossible to recover: the official said that the situation was untrue.

The 70-year-old old lady added leverage to invest in stocks and owed the brokerage tens of millions of dollars to fall below the closing line. A 69-year-old woman in Guangzhou added leverage to invest in stocks. CITIC Jiantou Securities granted a credit line of 66 million yuan for two financing. After falling below the liquidation … Read more