US Tests Iron Dome in Guam Anticipates China’s Hypersonic Missiles

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — United States of America reportedly carried out tests of its jointly developed missile defense system Israel, Iron Dome, recently at Guam. Guam is one of Uncle Sam’s military bases in the Indo-Pacific region. Koran The Wall Street Journal said the US test was carried out as an effort to mobilize military … Read more

See for yourself| The end of Jupiter’s retrograde movement in the dome of the sky today

will witness Egypt sky And the Arab world, today, Monday, the end of the retrograde movement of Jupiter towards the west in the dome of the sky. Astronomers confirmed that buyer movement It will appear outwardly in front of the stars at 9:30 am Egypt time (05:13 am GMT), with the beginning of gradually restoring … Read more

Nurul Akmal Nazar to Build a Mosque Dome in the Village, Successfully Wins 2021 Papua PON Gold

SERAMBINEW.COM, JAYAPURA – The audience’s applause thundered at the Auditorium of Cenderawasih University (Uncen) Jayapura, Papua, Saturday (9/10/2021) afternoon. The warm welcome was given to the appearance of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic lifter from Aceh, Nurul Akmal after he successfully made the last batch in the clean and jerk. This is as reported by journalists … Read more

The moment the artist “Ebadi Al-Jawhar” got excited in a strange way while singing “The People Are Absent” at the Super Dome concert in Jeddah • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: “Twitter” activists circulated a video clip of the artist Abadi Al-Johar, during the revival of a party held at the Jeddah Super Dome Theater, on the occasion of the 91st National Day. “Al-Jawhar” appeared while performing his famous song “The People Are Absent”, and during that he did something that sparked controversy in … Read more

US House of Representatives approves $14.2 billion budget for Israel’s Iron Dome

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — House of Representatives (DPR) United States of America approved a bill (RUU) that would allow the government to disburse US$1 billion (Rp14.2 trillion) for air defense systems Iron Dome Israel. With a vote of 420-9 and two members abstaining, the US House of Representatives easily approved the bill. Eight Democrats and … Read more

US Congress approves $1 billion to fund Israel’s Iron Dome

On Thursday, the US House of Representatives approved a bill that would provide $1 billion to fund Israel’s Iron Dome. The bill now goes to the Senate for a vote, although a date has not yet been set, according to CNN. And last Tuesday, Democrats in the House of Representatives sparked a storm of angry … Read more

Uncle Sam’s giant political party commotion caused Israel’s Iron Dome funds to be revoked

Washington DC – Two political parties (political party) giant in United States of America (US) is upset about the problem Israel. They debated whether the US still needed to help Israel with money for the Iron Dome. What is Iron Dome? The Iron Dome is Israel’s main weapon system capable of intercepting rockets, mostly from … Read more

SpaceX Launches Glass Dome For Astronauts

Illustration of Hubble Approaching AG Carinae. Photo: Ist/Net Hubble approached AG Carinae to reveal the dual nature of the giant star. It has another name, namely HD 94910, an old giant star. NASA released these observations and determined that AG Carinae was the 31st Hubble target. Starting April 2021, this will be a highlight from … Read more

Cool, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Dome Design Can Be Free to See Earth

Jakarta – The Crew Dragon spaceship has a new design. SpaceX install a large glass dome that becomes a window to see the Earth view with a wider view from outer space. Astronauts on the Inspiration4 mission, which will launch this month, are fortunate to be the first to enjoy a view of Earth through … Read more