PPKM Emergency, OPPO Re-Activate Device Transfer Program

Merdeka.com – OPPO has reactivated the device shuttle program to support the emergency PPKM program carried out by the Indonesian government. This program is a regular service development program that has previously been run by OPPO since 2016. “In response to the situation, OPPO strongly supports the government in implementing emergency PPKM. Therefore, we are … Read more

Boom for the book market, overcomes the pre-pandemic – Books – Insights

Exceptional growth in the book market, protagonist of a formidable resistance, with an increase in sales that even goes beyond the levels of the pre-pandemic, and a greater propensity to read. In the first six months of 2021 in all sales channels, with some difficulties still for large-scale distribution, and in all genres there was … Read more

1 symptomatic person helps prepare for celebration, 70 residents in Bantul are positive for Covid-19

Merdeka.com – 70 residents of the Srigading Village, Sanden District, Bantul Regency have tested positive for Covid-19. These 70 people underwent mass swab after it was discovered that one of the residents had symptoms of Covid-19. Srigading Village Head, Prabawa Suganda, said that one of the residents with symptoms was known to have come and … Read more

Head of Brimob Ops Division of Riau Police Apologizes After Boxing Guard Officer

Merdeka.com – The case of the beating carried out by the Head of Operations Brimob of the Riau Police, Kompol RW, against a guard, Bripda FZ, is being handled by the Propam Sector. Both are said to have forgiven each other. “So, after the (beating) incident, Kompol RW immediately apologized. He also ordered Bripda FZ … Read more

Create a Clean Environment for Dengue Fever Free, Take These 5 Preventions

Merdeka.com – Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever or DHF is a disease that often appears in Indonesia. This disease originates from the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito infected with dengue. In mosquitoes, the virus is incubated for 8 to 10 days. After incubation, if a mosquito bites a healthy person, that person will contract dengue fever. … Read more

Tikhanovskaya, Navalny poisoning a warning to all – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 28 – What happened to the Russian opponent Alexei Navalny “is disgusting for me. Any form of violence is for me. It was such a low thing, whoever did it. investigated, but everyone says he’s been poisoned, and I think it’s a warning to others. As if to say: don’t be … Read more

Totti’s daughter in bikini: Moige denounces People to the Order – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 24 – “It is unacceptable and perverse to publish on the cover of a magazine the image of a thirteen-year-old with her side B in evidence; moreover, making explicit reference to it and how much it resembles that of her mother, there is doubt in this regard because the face is … Read more

Italian dead in Colombia: returning home – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BOGOTA ‘, JULY 22 – The corpse of Mario Paciolla, the Neapolitan UN employee who died in mysterious circumstances on July 15 in Colombia, was brought in the last hours to Bogota, from where he will be transferred in the next few days to Italy. ANSA learned it today from sources familiar with … Read more

6 Benefits of Push Up for Body Health, Increase Body Vitality

Ilustrasi push up. ©Shutterstock/Supri Suharjoto Merdeka.com – Benefits of push ups very useful to support your health. Push up is a sport that is very flexible because it can be done anywhere, anytime both men and women. Especially for those of you who are too busy with work, then push ups can be used as … Read more

Two life hacks with a mattress and plywood for relaxing in LADA Vesta SW

“Vestovody” proved the versatility of the wagon. Photo: LADA Vesta SW, source: avtogigant-news.ru LADA Vesta SW and SW Cross cars are comfortable and can boast of excellent spaciousness – both things can be accommodated and you can spend the night without problems, motorists are sure. The editors of Pokatim.ru collected the TOP-2 life hack on … Read more