Hundreds of missiles in the sky of Donetsk.. and a UN warning of the Russian bombing of energy facilities

The Russian military operation in Ukraine continues today, Wednesday, where units of the Russian army are stationed trying to establish control On the Ukrainian regions, regarding Kyiv continues to resist and restore its lands with material and military support from the West. In the latest developments and amidst a warning from the United Nations regarding … Read more

Give a Moral Shot, Zelensky Visits the Defense Front in Donetsk

loading… Give a Moral Shot, Zelensky Visits the Defense Front in Donetsk. PHOTO/Reuters KIEV – President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday (6/12/2022) visited the Donetsk defense line in Ukraine east. He described fighting in the area as “difficult”, with troops Russia who seek to take over the industrial city of Bakhmut. Zelensky appears in a video … Read more

The Ukrainian President visits his troops in the east of the country: the road to independence runs through Donetsk and Crimea

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, on Tuesday, that “the path to independence for his country passes through the cities of Donetsk, Luhansk and the Crimean peninsula,” as he inspected his forces fighting the Russian army in eastern Ukraine. Zelensky added, in a post on Instagram, that he was visiting … Read more

Russia tries to make progress in the Donetsk region, but Ukraine resists

the troops of Russia continued their attacks on Saturday in the region of Donetskin the east of Ukraine with little progress due to the fierce resistance presented by the Ukrainian forces, who are trying to counterattack in some sectors of the front. “The enemy tried to launch counterattacks near the towns of Sladkoe, Shevchenko and … Read more

Pro-Russian courts in Donetsk to try 70 soldiers and members of the Azov regiment – News

According to the official Russian TASS agency, Russian authorities have completed the investigation of cases of alleged war crimes against about 70 servicemen from the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Azov regiment, which Moscow classifies as an extremist organization. Among the defendants are soldiers from the 36th Marine Brigade and other units of the Ukrainian … Read more

Ukraine war: Russia reports conquests in Donetsk – Zelenskyj: “We don’t forget anyone”

Zelenskyj: “It’s pure hell” Russia reports successes in Donetsk 11/15/2022, 10:46 am (updated) While the people of Kherson celebrate their liberation, the nightmare for the people of Donetsk continues. According to the Russian army, they conquered two places. Ukrainian President Selenskyj speaks of particularly violent attacks. Russia’s Defense Ministry has reported a minor success in … Read more

V. Zelensky: 100 Russian attacks were repelled in the Donetsk region in a day

Landmine Monitor: Russian mines in Ukraine the biggest challenge to the insurance treaty Russia’s use of landmines in Ukraine, including newly manufactured models, threatens to halt the progress it has made over the past 25 years, landmine monitor, Landmine Monitor, said on Thursday. According to her, Moscow is developing new anti-tank mines and used explosives … Read more

After the defeat in Kherson, Russia will redeploy troops to the Donetsk region

As a result, operations in the west of the region around Bakhmut and Donetsk could become more intense, think tank analysts say. “Russian troops appear to be making gains in these areas in the coming days and weeks, but these gains are unlikely to be operationally significant,” the latest report said. The representative of the … Read more

Moscow conquered Pavlovka village in Donetsk – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, NOVEMBER 14 – Russian forces have seized the town of Pavlovka, in the eastern province of Donetsk, from the Ukrainians, according to a statement by the Moscow Defense Ministry cited by Russian agencies. The control of this locality, which has been at the center of heavy fighting in recent weeks, is considered … Read more

Military experts: Russian prosecutors arrived in Donetsk to control the marines

According to experts, the Ukrainians continue to try to knock out the aggressor from Jahidne, located in the Svatovye sector, but they are unable to advance. Attacks continue in the Novoselivsk – Kuzimivka section, the Russians are defending. They seek to maintain both the settlements themselves and important road intersections. Not only the Russian province … Read more