Former Dragon Age 4 Producer Criticizes “BioWare Magic” Speaking of Crunch and Bad Developments

Mark Darrah has posted a video on YouTube in which he criticizes the way of working in the EA studio. The development of Dragon Age 4 is not leaving big news for BioWare, which has had to see how many visible faces of the company left in the middle of the production of the next … Read more

Dragon TV’s “Beyond” broadcasts three generations of short track speed skating people tonight

Dragon TV’s “Beyond” broadcasts three generations of short track speed skating people tonight 2022-01-17 14:18:22Source: Xi’an News Network Xi’an News Network News is directed by the State Administration of Radio and Television, produced by Shanghai Radio and Television, Heilongjiang Radio and Television, and Shanghai Ningmeng Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., directed by Zhang Xiaobo … Read more

Riot May Remove Chemtech Dragon from League of Legends Due to Fan Reaction | League of Legends

Riot Games has begun gathering feedback on the Chemtech Dragon from League of Legends fans. This was announced by the representative of the studio in the comments on reddit. Players have had mixed reactions to the arrival of the Chemtech Dragon. Many users have criticized the innovation. Gamers note that the bonus is not universal … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: a release date spotted for the franchise’s next brawler

News culture Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: a release date spotted for the franchise’s next brawler Published on 01/13/2022 at 15:08 Even after more than thirty years of activity, the Dragon Ball license still seriously has it under the hood. This year, she will give birth to a new animated film from her Dragon Ball … Read more

“Avatar 2” mobile game new debut, “Dragon Fantasy” developer with Tencent Level Infinite | 4Gamers

I don’t know when a movie will come, but the concept of games is in place one after another. An “Avatar” mobile game “AVATAR: Reckoning” (Avatar: Judgment, tentative translation) has been officially released. “AVATAR: Reckoning” is developed by “Dragon Fantasy” China’s Archosaur Games and published by Tencent’s brand Level Infinite. It is expected to be … Read more

Collecting the essays of the century and collecting the legacy of thousands of years, Dragon TV “Sven Jiangnan” starts airing today_中国网

What is Jiangnan? Everyone has different answers. This program uses nearly a hundred classic Chinese texts to answer, Collect the essays of the century, collect the rhyme of thousands of years, Restored an authentic Jiangnan. Sunrise in the east, Sven Jiangnan. Dragon TV’s first cultural program of the new year “Sven Jiangnan” will be broadcast … Read more

Dragon Ball Z authors Kakarot and Kimetsu no Yaiba to introduce new game in February

From CyberConnect 2 they have also shared sales data during a special live. New year, new projects. That they must think of CyberConnect 2, developers specialized in bringing animes to video games in a very particular way, as we have seen with Dragon Ball Z Kakarot or, more recently, with the title of Guardians of … Read more

Steam first-person action “Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu” feel close to the fist to the flesh of kung fu tricks | Game Corner | Digital

I often play the role of a kung fu master in fighting games, but there are not many games where you can actually dance your fists in the first person. In this “Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu” (Temporary Translation, Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu), you can do your best. “Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu” is … Read more

‘Dragon Man’ skull urges to rethink evolution

Artist’s rendering of “Dragon Man”. [Photo/Agencies] The well-preserved skull, colloquially known as the “Dragon Man” of China, has made headlines around the world and is described as one of the world’s most important and exciting scientific discoveries, as global institutions review the progress made in last year. The skull was allegedly found in 1933 when … Read more

Both “Dragon Quest” and “Joining Two” are included! Xbox Game Pass game subscription service click to play | 4Gamers

Masterpieces will be released in October and November. I believe you must have already started the familiar and favorite games. For Benming, you must have already pre-purchased and purchased Season Pass or Collector’s Edition. However, in addition to observing media reviews and sharing by netizens, new games that are itchy to watch and are afraid … Read more