During the step from the gold final, Lithuanian women dropped dramatically Sports

The Lithuanian national team started the final match better (4: 1), and in the middle of the half the Lithuanians had an advantage of even 4 goals – 9: 5. Still, then the Italians took the initiative and before the break Lithuania’s advantage was already minimal – 11:10. In the second half, Italy rushed and … Read more

This year, the ability of future prosecutors to pass the general knowledge test has dramatically improved

In contrast to previous years, the ability of prosecutors to pass the general knowledge test has dramatically improved. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Information on the prosecutor’s office’s website shows that on August 12, 88 applicants had applied for the first round of the general and legal examination, 13 of them did not … Read more

River fish are deteriorating dramatically, including through dams NOW

It is not doing well with fish that migrate between rivers and the sea, such as salmon, sturgeon, eel and many others. Since 1970, more than three quarters of these river fish have disappeared worldwide and in Europe even 93 percent. This is evident from a report published Tuesday. One solution: breaking down “one hundred … Read more