“Completely false”; Cienfuegos lawyer denies negotiation with the US Attorney’s Office

Rafael Heredia, attorney for the general Salvador Cienfuegos, assures that contrary to the information circulating in the media, there are no negotiations between the former Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) and the Prosecutor’s Office that accuses him of drug trafficking and money laundering in a United States court. Through a letter, the Mexican lawyer assured … Read more

Photos of the extradition of the narco-cousins ​​of former prosecutor Ana Catalina Noguera – Investigative Unit

Cousins ​​Rafael Enrique Noguera Abello and Enrique Rafel Noguera Ramírez, members of the Samarian elite, were captured on September 19, 2019. The Supreme Court authorized their extradition in March, in the midst of the pandemic, and President Iván Duque gave him approval good to your shipments to California almost immediately. However, his delivery to the … Read more

They endorse the extradition of brothers Rafael and Enrique Noguera for drug trafficking

The Supreme Court of Justice and the Ministry of Justice approved the extradition to the United States of business brothers Rafael and Enrique Noguera, for crimes related to drug trafficking. The extraditable are accused of being part of a drug trafficking network made up of more than 11 people, among them former officials of the … Read more

They capture a ‘narcocantante’ from salsa Shock, partner of alias Guacho – Investigative Unit

The shock salsa singer-songwriter Luis Adrián Valencia Padilla, known in Cali, Tumaco and Pasto as JGenio, stopped singing last Thursday.In a secret operation, executed by officers from the SIU of the Dijín, with the support of DEA agents, he was captured on a street in Tumaco, when he was mobilizing on a motorcycle and they … Read more

9 words of Pablo Escobar to teach to speak Spanish

The success abroad of series like Narcos It has inspired a particular way of teaching the Spanish language, based on the popular jargon of the drug cartels. The language learning platform Babbel has offered its audience “a fun way” to learn to speak like Pablo Escobar, the famous Colombian drug trafficker of the 80s and … Read more

Former paramilitary chief ‘Jorge 40’ arrived at Ibagué Prison

In the pictures, published by the regional media ‘El Olfato’, it is seen how Tovar is transported in a black truck. Then you see how CTI agents of the Prosecutor’s Office take him down and take him to a chair on the outskirts of the Picaleña Prison, in Ibague (place to which you requested to … Read more

Audio by Vicky Dávila on former Ambassador Sanclemente’s narcofinca

The recording was known because, according to the Quarter Hour portal, the two journalists left the microphones open once they finished broadcasting for the digital version of the magazine. That medium broadcast the audio on Twitter, but the journalist contradicted that version and assured that their conversation was recorded “illegally”: My Zoom conversation with Jairo … Read more

Mayor of San Ramón for hired with criminal records: “51 are disengaged from 2017” | National

He Mayor of San Ramón, Miguel Aguilera, referred to the final report of the Comptroller General of the Republic where it was verified that the municipality hired 54 people with criminal records for crimes or simple crimes. The foregoing, as a result of an investigation that arose after complaints of nepotism and also possible links … Read more

Prosecutor’s Office summoned drug lords to testify in the case of Álvaro Gómez Hurtado – Investigation – Justice

Within the investigation that the Prosecutor’s Office is following for the murder of the political leader Álvaro Gómez Hurtado, the accusing entity summoned six former drug-traffickers extradited in the United States to testify in the last hours. (In context: Farc acknowledges responsibility in the homicide of Álvaro Gómez Hurtado) Among the testimonies that were asked … Read more

On video | Coup to drug trafficking: they capture alias Humito in Barranquilla

Two years of investigations and a string of seizures of narcotics shipments resulted in the dismantling by the authorities of a criminal structure dedicated to drug trafficking which had alliances with the ELN, ‘los Pachenca’ and ‘la Silla’. According to official information, the operation ‘San Jerónimo’, It was advanced by the National Navy and the … Read more