the new Galaxy S21 would arrive much earlier with this design

Related news Since last week it is already possible reserve iPhone 12 in Spain, one of the most anticipated releases of the year and with good reason; he apple mobile It has been renovated from top to bottom, with many new features including a new design. At the gates of the important Christmas campaign, many […]

Samsung would debut its new Galaxy S30 phones earlier than expected

Even though it hasn’t been long since Samsung launched its new premium phones Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, the South Korean firm is already working on its next high-end smartphones, the Galaxy S30, which unlike previous generations would arrive before the usual date. As you know, every year Samsung presents his Galaxy S […]

New iPhone 9: will arrive earlier than expected and at an irresistible price | Smartphones

The new iPhone cheap Apple seems to be following the script planned for a future launch that is closer than we imagine. So much so that the planned date of March as the time when it will go on sale and be announced is taking more and more shape. So they have unveiled anonymous sources […]

NHL: draft a little earlier

The National Hockey League (NHL) has decided to slightly advance its amateur draft which will take place online on October 6 and 7. This was reported on Tuesday by the Sportsnet network through its hockey expert Elliotte Friedman. Initially, the annual auction was to take place on June 26 and 27 at the Bell Center, […]

Minister: A new IMF program for Argentina will probably not be earlier than early 2021

Reuters Journalists Minutes to read 1 Argentine Economy Minister Martin Guzman speaks with Reuters in Buenos Aires on March 11, 2020. Photo: Agustin Marcarian – Reuters. BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – Argentine Economy Minister Martin Guzman said on Tuesday that his country and the International Monetary Fund would likely not reach an agreement on a new […]

With ultraprocessed foods, you age earlier

There is a relationship between premature organic aging and the consumption of ultra-processed foods, those industrial products with a long list of ingredients, attractive and colorful, frozen or not, sweet or savory and increasingly used by those who do not want to, and often not he has time to devote himself to preparing meals. According […]

Doctors call warning signs of vitamin D deficiency

Moscow, Aug 29, 2020 /LIVE24/. Doctors say that it is not uncommon for signs of vitamin D deficiency to be confused with something less serious. Thus, this substance helps to maintain the health of teeth, muscles and bones. With its lack, a person develops increased fatigue and constant fatigue. Additionally, vitamin D deficiency can manifest […]

Hot weather causes acorns to fall three weeks earlier than fifty years ago | NOW

Due to warm springs and summers, acorns have been falling almost three weeks earlier than fifty years ago since this century, according to thousands of observations on Sunday. Nature Today has investigated. Fruit ripening observations since 1902 show that the fruits of wild rowan, common elderberry, pedunculate oak and white horse chestnut now fall earlier. […]

Halsema threatens to close the catering industry in Amsterdam earlier | Inland

Minister Ferd Grapperhaus and Mayor Femke Halsema of Amsterdam arrive at the provincial council to discuss the corona measures with mayors of the 25 largest municipalities. The safety meeting was resumed on Wednesday after 5 weeks. Ⓒ Dutch Height / ANP

In July, airBaltic carried 2.5 times more passengers than a month earlier – Branches – Financenet

In July, airBaltic operated 2019 flights, which is 1.9 times more than in June. Martin Gauss, CEO of airBaltic, said July was the second full month since resuming operations on 18 May. “In July, we carried 2.5 times more passengers and almost twice as many flights as a month ago. From our operational point of […]