Modern humans lived in eastern Africa 38,000 years earlier than thought

Modern humans emerged in eastern Africa at least 38,000 years earlier than scientists previously thought. That conclusion was drawn from traces of a colossal volcanic eruption used to date the earliest undisputed Homo sapiens fossils. The remains, dubbed Omo I, were discovered at the Omo Kibish site near Ethiopia’s Omo river in the 1960s. Previous … Read more

“The drop in the price of the antigen test could and should have been set much earlier”

One of the few good news these days is the decision of the Government and the autonomous communities of set a maximum price for the antigen test. Now they will cost less than three euros. This is going to mean significant savings for everyone, given the evidence that the most and the least have to … Read more

Bob Saggett died in his sleep without suffering

Bob Saget American actor and comedian Bob Saget, who was found dead in his hotel room on Sunday, died in his sleep and did not suffer. This shows a report of the investigating authorities. Hours earlier, he had given a concert as part of his US tour. The actor then called his wife and then … Read more

Fed flags for earlier and faster interest rate hikes

The participants also stated that the reduction of the balance sheet can start soon after the interest rate increases (in the latest cycle in 2015, the Fed waited for two years before initiating this after a first interest rate increase) and that a “significant reduction in the balance sheet may be appropriate over the normalization … Read more

France. Igor Bogdanoff is dead. A few days earlier his twin brother Grichka | died World news

Igor Bogdanoff and Grichka Bogdanoff died in the result severe COVID-19 at the age of 72 years. First, on December 28, 2021, Grichka died, and on Monday, January 3, the family reported the death of Igor. Watch the video China will “win” economically coronavirus crisis? Director of S&P: The pandemic will speed up certain processes … Read more

The earlier in the year born, the better the career start

©  Shutterstock Children born in January find a good job more quickly after their studies than their classmates who were born later that year. “We already knew that the latter usually perform less well at school and in sports and are often less comfortable in their own skin. It now appears that this difference in … Read more

Huawei expects 28.9% lower revenue in 2021 than a year earlier

Photo by Markus Fischer (Imago / Scanpix) China’s telecommunications giant Huawei on Friday released its revenue forecast for 2021, which will be 28.9% lower than a year earlier. The company expects to raise revenue of $ 634 billion. yuan ($ 99 billion), writes CNBC, while revenue in 2020 was $ 891.4 billion. CNY. In 2019, … Read more

Formula 1 | Without the Silverstone crash, Verstappen would have been titled ‘much earlier’

Max Verstappen believes he would have been crowned F1 champion for the first time much sooner without “a head butt in the tire wall at Silverstone”. Verstappen’s 300km / h, 51G crash into a wall of tires on the first lap of the British Grand Prix proved to be one of the defining moments of … Read more