800,000 buildings not prepared for earthquakes should be demolished in Turkey

At least 800,000 buildings, 400,000 in Istanbul and another 400,000 in İzmir (Smyrna), should be demolished in Turkey for having been built before 1999, when anti-government legislation earthquakes it was hardened in the country in the wake of the Great Marmara Earthquake that devastated northwestern Turkey, leaving some 20,000 dead. “Over time, there is decomposition … Read more

A girl rescued alive three days after the earthquake Turkey

A three year old girl has been rescued with vineto this Monday of a collapsed building in the city of Izmir, in western Turkey, on Monday, local authorities reported, almost three days after a powerful earthquake in the Aegean region that left 81 dead. Rescue teams continue in eight buildings in the city, where 79 … Read more

“Earthquakes do not kill, but bad constructions” | International

“Daddy! Daddy!” Shouts a young woman in her 25s every time rescuers call for the machines to stop and for people to remain silent to try to catch sounds of possible survivors under the rubble. Her eyes red from crying, no longer tears, held by her neighbors so she doesn’t crumble: “Daddy! Please respond, respond … Read more

Day of earthquakes in the world, in addition to Turkey, Peru registers one of 5.7 degrees

Day of earthquakes in the world, in addition to Turkey, Peru registers one of 5.7 degrees It seems that today nature was unleashed and a test of were the earthquakes that were recorded today in two parts of the world, the first was in Turkey and the second in PeruThe latter was 5.7 degrees and … Read more

Did Mhoni Vidente predict STRONG EARTHQUAKES this Friday in Turkey and Peru?

This day strong earthquakes were recorded in Turkey and Peru, which generated endless speculation since it transpired that the most accurate fortune teller, Rev. Vidente, could predict them. As you know, the seer has become a benchmark in the world of predictions since each of them sooner or later come true. Therefore, once the telluric … Read more

La Piojera came back to life! he created protocols even to take earthquakes

After almost seven months of economic and health uncertainty -where it was even thought of lowering the curtain forever-, La Piojera, one of the most popular restaurants in the Metropolitan Region, returned to the ring to quench the hunger and thirst of the thousands of santiaguinos that travel daily through the center of the capital. … Read more

Strong tremor woke up the north this Friday

An earthquake of greater intensity It was perceived at 04:35 hours this Friday in the regions of Arica and Parinacota, Tarapacá and Antofagasta, in the extreme north of Chile. According to the National Seismological Center (CSN), the magnitude was 6,3 Richter, located 51 kilometers northwest of Quillagua. In addition, it had a depth of 54.4 … Read more

Shocking video: this is how the earthquakes that shook Chile felt | Chronicle

Two strong earthquakes, one of which measured 7.0, struck the north coast of Chilesay seismologists and residents. Tsunami alerts have not yet been issued. The first earthquake occurred at 12:09 am on Tuesday and was centered about 40 kilometers northwest of Carrizal Bajo, a town in Atacama., or 113 kilometers southwest of Copiapó. It was … Read more

This AI capable of predicting earthquakes was developed by French researchers

What if artificial intelligence (AI) could predict the date, time and magnitude of future earthquakes? A team of French researchers from the École normale supérieure (ENS) – PSL is developing ” AI algorithms that continuously scan data from seismometers recording ground vibrations, in an attempt to identify particular behaviors that precede earthquakes “. This Wednesday, … Read more