Aragonese gastronomy is involved to instill healthy eating habits in the little ones

For the seventh consecutive year, the Sansueña school in Zaragoza has organized Little Chef, a contest in which the little ones learn the value of cooking and healthy eating. Last Saturday took place the seventh editionin which children between the ages of 3 and 6 participated. From the school they say that the objective of … Read more

The right diet that can protect us from colorectal cancer

Although not everyone gives it the importance it deserves, diet plays an important role in the development of colorectal cancer. In recent decades, findings from epidemiological and experimental investigations have linked the consumption of certain foods and nutrients to the risk of colon or rectal tumors. Basically, diet influences colorectal carcinogenesis, the formation of cancer … Read more

3 healthy eating patterns that can help you regulate your blood sugar level

Analia Llorente BBC News World November 14, 2022 image source, Clara Eugenia Perez Gualdron Caption, Clara Eugenia Pérez Gualdrón is vice president of the Latin American Diabetes Association (ALAD) and associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Colombia. Glucose is the most important fuel we have for our body. Because … Read more

Doing These Simple Routines After Eating Increases Muscle Mass |

Increasing muscle mass is beneficial for weight loss because lean body mass is an essential part of good health. Additionally, maintaining muscle mass as you age reduces the risk of falls and fractures by improving quality of life. According to a new study from the University of Toronto, you don’t have to spend countless hours … Read more

Health Net” Sarcopenia is the killer of the elderly’s disability!Medicine teaches eating and moving 4 steps- Silver Hair World- Free Health Network

The doctor said that the best way to get vitamin D is to bask in the sun. Sunshine for 15 minutes a day can replenish vitamin D, slow down muscle loss, and maintain bone health; the picture shows the situation. (The picture is taken from photoAC) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]Sarcopenia not only causes a decrease in … Read more

The Heartbreaking Story of Cianjur Earthquake Victims: Eating Bargain, Sleeping with 11 Bodies in Refugee Tents Page all – Disaster earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 that rocked Cianjur, West Java (West Java), on Monday (21/11/2022) left many sad stories. One of them was expressed by refugees in RT 4 RW 2 Cibulakan Village, Cugenang District, Cianjur Regency, West Java, which is included in the affected area the Cianjur earthquake worst. In … Read more

Not only delicious, these are the benefits of eating kale for beauty and health

Photo: Stir-Fried Kale (Nicky Girly from Pixabay) Murianews, Kudus – Kale is one of the most popular vegetables besides spinach. This plant is easy to get because it is easily planted in various places. In fact, this plant is also cultivated in pots or by hydroponic methods. In addition, this kale is cheap so it … Read more