eating nuts and seeds protects the heart

THE ESSENTIAL Eating a handful of nuts a day reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease by 20% to 25%. Dried fruits especially help to lower cholesterol levels. According to the meta-analysis, almonds, pistachios and walnuts are the most effective in lowering cholesterol. Walnuts, almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds… do not hesitate to add these … Read more

6 eating habits that weaken the immune system | Life

Alcohol consumption According to, it has been proven that one glass of wine may not harm your health, but excessive and regular consumption of alcohol can disrupt the immune system. Researchers have observed a link between excessive alcohol consumption and a weakened immune response. It has been established that such persons are more likely … Read more

Anna Mucha parked the cars and went to the pub. The actress without makeup was eating ice cubes

The first day of spring is behind us. Anna Mucha has already felt the summer weather. So much so that when she went to the pub, she decided to cool down with ice cubes. On that day, the actress gave up makeup. Anna Mucha has proven many times that she is a real enthusiast of … Read more

Gwyneth Paltrow’s eating habits are causing outrage on Tiktok

An interview with the actress went viral over the weekend, in which she talks about her eating habits – but these are anything but healthy. Published: 03/21/2023, 19:10Updated: 03/21/2023 05:30 Gwyneth Paltrow has been promoting her wellness company “Goop” for years – with some very weird products. Now the 50-year-old has in the podcast «The … Read more

The hobby of eating processed meat increases the risk of colon cancer, is it true??

PROBOLINGGO, – Many types of processed meat are sold in Indonesia. There are also many connoisseurs, especially among students and even children. Various processed meat products such as sausages, hamburger patties, smoked beef, and bacon. This food is proven to be delicious and delicious, especially when baked. If you are one of those who … Read more

Ed Sheeran talks about depression, eating disorders and addiction in an interview with Rolling Stone

Ed Sheeran on depression, addiction and eating disorders (Photo: Getty Images) Ed Sheeran gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine. In an honest conversation with journalist Brian Hiatt, he talked about depression, eating disorders, problems with alcohol and drugs. Ed Sheeran is an internationally renowned musician. The creator of the hit “Perfect” was awarded American … Read more

Good health among the residents of Stockholm County – but unhealthy eating habits are increasing

The report, which the Center for Epidemiology and Community Medicine is behind, shows how public health has developed over the past four years. Both average life expectancy and self-rated health have increased, but at the same time the report shows that the development of life expectancy was temporarily interrupted during the pandemic. Health is linked … Read more

Health advice – What eating habits to follow or avoid to take care of your teeth?

When you want to keep good teeth, what advice can you follow in terms of diet ? Why snacking is bad for healthy teeth ? Are some bad habits even more harmful for the teeth, when they concern children ? What do we mean when we talk about the baby bottle tooth decay » ? … Read more