Astrotourism, Astronomy Tourism Enjoying the Natural Atmosphere while Gazing at the Sky

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – the beauty of things-celestial objects at night brings up travel trends astrotourism. This tourist trend began when a tycoon from the United States named Dennis Anthony Tito traveled to the International Space Station orbiting as high as 400 kilometers above Earth, as quoted from scientific articles. Astro-Tourism as a High Potential Alternative … Read more

Meteor Showers and 9 Astronomical Phenomena in 2022, Students Want to See?

Jakarta – Have you seen astronomical phenomenon like a meteor shower or a super full moon? Besides being beautiful, this celestial phenomenon is also worth waiting for because it is rare, you know. For those of you who want to see this rare astronomical phenomenon, in 2022 there will be several phenomena such as meteor … Read more

astronomical events not to be missed!

Clement Meirone here 3 min Several episodes of meteor showers are expected this year. The year 2022 promises to be particularly interesting for astronomy enthusiasts! On the program: two total lunar eclipses, two partial eclipses of the Sun, the usual meteor showers, “super moons” and particularly visible planets … We will detail the program of … Read more

“Everything is very bad there”: Tom Henderson shared a forecast on the timing of the release of Star Wars Eclipse from Quantic Dream

Last week, a well-known industry insider Tom Henderson released a video about studio Quantic Dream and problematic development announced at The Game Awards 2021 adventure game Star Wars Eclipse… The video came out right before Christmas and was missed by many. Today, the informant again drew the attention of readers to him and shared additional … Read more

List of Sky Phenomena 2022, There is a Total Lunar Eclipse

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Even though it’s not 2022 yet, register sky phenomenon Astronomy in 2022 is predictable, one of which is the Total Lunar Eclipse. Astronomical phenomena that will occur have been calculated by researchers so that the time of the event has been estimated. In addition to the Total Lunar Eclipse, other phenomena … Read more

This is the Sky Phenomenon that Will Happen in 2022, Supermoon, Eclipse to Meteor

Saturday 25-12-2021 / 09:49 WIB – December being the last month in 2021, it doesn’t feel like so many events and phenomena have occurred throughout this year. Throughout the year 2021, there are many phenomena that occur, one of the celestial phenomena that will occur in 2021 is the start of the Perseid meteor … Read more

Kaleidoscope 2021: Supermoon to Total Solar Eclipse, This is an Astronomical Phenomenon Throughout 2021

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – The following is a kaleidoscope of astronomical phenomena throughout 2021, complete in this article. Some of these phenomena are Full Moon Phase, Supermoon, Total Lunar Eclipse, Arietid Meteor Shower Peak, and so on. There are astronomical phenomena that can be observed from Indonesia and from other countries. So, what are the astronomical phenomena … Read more

Everything that is known about Star Wars Eclipse: first details of the new title Quantic Dream are filtered | Video game

It is revealed. After a drought of a few months in ads about games of Star Wars, a new title was finally revealed during the recent edition of The Game Awards 2021. Of course, not many expected it to be a game by the iconic studio Quantic Dream, best known for his graphic adventure works … Read more

Star Wars Eclipse is in early development and gets cinematic trailer – Gaming – News

At The Game Awards, developer Quantic Dream announced Star Wars Eclipse. This Star Wars title is in an early stage of development. A cinematic trailer has also been released. The trailer contains few details and mainly sets the tone and the dark atmosphere. It includes a character beating a large drum as part of an … Read more