Perseverance observes a solar eclipse Al Rai newspaper

date of publication : Wednesday 02:26 2022-11-23 view – monitor NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft captured a solar eclipse, when the red planet’s moon, Phobos, intersected with the sun, obscuring part of the solar disk, according to CNET. Space amateurs spotted the eclipse in preliminary images taken by the rover on November 18. Planetary scientist Paul Byrne … Read more

Hybrid Solar Eclipse, a Rare Phenomenon in Indonesia

A hybrid solar eclipse is a space phenomenon. This solar eclipse phenomenon called Hybrid will occur in 2023. As a celestial phenomenon, of course, many are enthusiastically waiting for it. An eclipse is a fairly common phenomenon. A solar eclipse is one that can happen on Earth. There are several types of solar eclipses, one … Read more

The Chinese law will reveal that new MG models, Eclipse Cross PHEV, Zinger business travel and e-Veryca will be introduced in 2023 | U-CAR News

China Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. held a legal person briefing yesterday (11/16) to review the domestic new car sales and operations in the first three quarters of 2022, as well as the group’s consolidated comprehensive profit and loss as of September. In the 2023 operating outlook, China Auto confirmed that it will introduce new MG … Read more

Photos of the lunar eclipse of November 8, 2022

During the eclipse, the shadow of the planet Earth covers the Moon, turning reddish due to the refraction and dispersion of light by the Earth’s atmosphere, and that is why many call it the Blood Moon. The blood moon is seen during a total lunar eclipse at Fish Creek, about 230 kilometers southeast of Melbourne … Read more

This was the total lunar eclipse in the United States

Miami, USA — The total lunar eclipse that was seen from all points of the United States, a phenomenon that experts have classified as historic since an astronomical event of these characteristics can rarely be seen in its entirety from the entire country. Francisco Andolz, mission director of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) at NASA’s … Read more

How to see the “blood moon”, the eclipse that surprises everyone

This Tuesday one of the astronomical phenomena most important in November. It’s about a eclipse lunar that will color the planet’s natural satellite red. In Argentina this phenomenon, popularly called “blood moon”, will be seen incompletely since it coincides with sunrise and sunset. Luna. However, the NASA has made available a transmission to be able … Read more