We cannot avoid a global recession, says a World Bank economist

World Bank (SB) Chief Economist Carmen Reinhart doubts that the US and global economy will be able to avoid recession given the sharp rise in inflation and interest rates, as well as the slowdown in growth in China. Reducing inflation while ensuring a so-called soft landing for the economy is historically a difficult task, and … Read more

MAINTENANCE. Do we really need to raise wages? An economist responds

the essential Many voices argue for a general increase in wages to counter the effects of inflation. But can such a measure really solve the equation posed by rising prices? For La Dépêche du Midi, Guillaume Moukala Same, economist at Asterès, examines the question. La Dépêche du Midi: Can an increase in wages lead to … Read more

Famous economist Mohamed El-Erian’s dollar comment event! The markets have woken up, there is no escape

Famous economist Mohamed El-Erian described the turbulence experienced in the global markets last week as an “awakening” and says that things will get more difficult in the coming period, and it is understood by the markets that there is no escape from it. According to the news in the World, Allianz chief economic adviser, economist … Read more

Norwegian chief economist recommends US interest rate shock

– Norges Bank should follow suit and raise it by 0.75 percentage points, Holvik wrote when she commented on the US Federal Reserve’s decision to clink with a triple interest rate hike in order to overcome the galloping inflation. – Should be a wake-up call for Norges Bank Norges Bank should not proceed too cautiously, … Read more

For most people, their own pocket is key. And she will be very bad at it now, says the economist. But he has some advice

What is certain is that more difficult times are coming. More people have to make savings or stop saving now. Logically, this cannot end in anything other than the growth of personal bankruptcies and foreclosures. This causes not only according to Vladimir Pikorabut a number of other economists and sociologists as well as political scientists … Read more

Russian economist: Putin will never run out of money for war

If the war lasts until the end of the year, the Kremlin will need 5-6 trillion rubles. In conditions where Russian external debt amounts to 20 percent. GDP, borrowing such funds on the domestic market is not a problem. The state pays suppliers of arms, ammunition, fuel and military not in euros or dollars, which … Read more

Scary warning from Goldman Sachs chief economist Jim O’Nei: Is the Asian crisis imminent?

According to veteran economist Jim O’Neill, economic turmoil on the scale of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis could ensue if the Japanese yen’s decline continues. The famous economist, who stated that the danger would increase if the Dollar/Yen exchange rate, which is at 133 levels, rises to the level of 150 dollars, stated in an … Read more

Famous economist Selçuk Geçer shared the inflation rate that will be announced by TUIK tomorrow.

According to the news of the Milli Gazete, Selçuk Geçer, who criticizes the AKP government’s economic policies in almost every television program and social media platforms he attends, announced the frightening inflation expectation. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) published the price indices for May. After the data announced for May, annual inflation figures are 79.12 … Read more

The ECB’s chief economist sees interest rate hikes at 25 basis points each

Posted: 2022-05-30 11:03 Philip Lane, Chief Economist of the ECB. Photo by Gary He (Reuters / Scanpix) The ECB’s normalization of monetary policy will be gradual, with interest rates rising by 25 basis points in July and August, according to Philip Lane, the ECB’s chief economist. His comments to the media are echoed by Christine … Read more