Ecuador promotes production of vaccines against covid-19 in South America

In a regional forum that took place virtually on January 20, 2022, the Minister of Health, Ximena Garzon, supported actions aimed at the production of vaccines against covid-19 in South America, including a project to manufacture them in the country. During her speech, the Minister indicated that with the countries of the region they have … Read more

80% of the population of Ecuador has the two doses of the vaccine against covid-19

In your update report pandemic in the country, the Minister of Health, Ximena Garzón, announced this Thursday, January 13, 2022 that the 80% of the population is already vaccinated with two doses of the vaccine. “This is good news,” said the official, adding that 86.35% of people have a dose and in addition 1 640 … Read more

Dakar 2022: Macík finished fourth in Dakar. Michek received a mad wound, rescued by good guys from Ecuador

Dakar is one of them. Motorcyclist Martin Michek stood hopelessly at the 127th kilometer for four hours when he destroyed a rim at the front wheel after a hard jump. “I was pushing for a saw today. I wanted to go ahead, I had a nice ride. Ricky Brabec and I were dragging like dogs, … Read more

A volcanic eruption in the Galapagos is endangering rare lizards

The eruption of Wolfo Volcano, the highest volcano in the Galapagos Archipelago, is endangering the pink conolophas on the island of Isabela, an endemic species of iguanas, of which there are only 211 surviving in August. The eruption on the largest island in the Galapagos began Wednesday before midnight, according to a report by the … Read more

Ecuador declares the vaccine mandatory and generates debate

Why are Colombia and Ecuador postponing the reopening of the border? 2:42 (CNN Español) — The Ecuadorian Ministry of Health declared the “obligatory nature” of vaccination with a complete scheme against covid-19 in the country due to the increase in infected people, the circulation of variants of concern such as omicron, scientific evidence, availability and … Read more

Covid: Ecuador makes vaccination against the disease mandatory due to the increase in infections by omicron

Ronald Avila-Claudio BBC News World December 23, 2021 Updated 24 December 2021 Image source, Getty Images Ecuador declared vaccination against covid-19 mandatory due to the rise in infections caused by the omicron variant, announced the Ministry of Health of the South American country. “This decision was made due to the current epidemiological status, that is, … Read more

The hole claimed two buildings in Ecuador. Someone wants to get rid of the inhabitants?

For dramatic scenes in Ecuador it happened Wednesday night. The people of Zaruma heard a disturbing noise. When they ran out of their homes, it turned out that it was the ground in their city collapsed to a depth of nearly 25 meters. First, the bang. And then the ground began to slide “Half past … Read more

A group of youths invaded the cemetery, took this man’s body away and then paraded it around the village using motorbikes, the video went viral

Sosok.ID – The mood of grief burial This young man was suddenly startled. After a group of youths came to burial and do the unexpected. Namely, carrying away corpse the young man. Launching from the Daily Mail via Grid.ID, Tuesday (7/12/2021), burial The young man named Erick Cedeno (21) became viral on social media. Also … Read more

Questions and answers about the third dose of vaccine against COVID-19 in Ecuador | Ecuador | News

The centers of the Ministry of Health throughout the country are authorized to apply the first, second or booster doses. December 2, 2021 – 5:49 pm Ecuador began vaccination with booster doses against the coronavirus on December 1, the third, to the entire population already vaccinated, given the threat posed by the omicron variant of … Read more

Police Arrest Groom at Wedding, Bride Goes Rage

The bride goes on a rampage and chases the police car who arrested the groom in Ecuador. (Source: Mirrors) EL ORIO, KOMPAS.TV – Police arrested the groom at a wedding in Ecuador, which made the bride go into a rage. The bride angrily then chased after the police car carrying her partner. The man, who … Read more