the cinema is “on the edge of the abyss” by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic it has affected all industries, especially the cinema. After the confinement decreed in several countries, hundreds of movies and series were delayed, while some chains have already announced the final closure. Given this, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott and other filmmakers and asked support to governments. Director of Tenet and the trilogy of … Read more

HoloLens 2 now works with Chromium-based Microsoft Edge

The Hololens continue to improve, though, as it is not a consumer product we are not so aware of your updates. In fact, during this year’s CES we saw the first alternatives from manufacturers such as Lenovo. Today we show you the improvements that Microsoft is working on within the Insider program. A new browser … Read more

The innovative and cutting edge of the Tempest radar, and where 6th generation fighters are going

Radar engineers with the Tempest combat program have said they hope to break data processing records. The secret would be in digitization and miniaturization. The sixth generation aircraft, which is being developed by the United Kingdom, Sweden and Italy and will enter service after 2030, will be packed with new technology, from its armament and … Read more

Now it’s easier to search PDF with Microsoft Edge Canary

Microsoft Edge Canary has a new option to search through PDF files (via Techdows). The browser now supports shortcut CTRL+F, but now it also has a search icon that appears near the browser’s title bar. The feature can be a bit redundant, but for people who are unfamiliar with keyboard shortcuts or who prefer to … Read more

World’s Edge gives an update on the status of Age of Empires IV

It’s been three years since Microsoft officially announced Age of Empires IV. So far, the game has not had a release date, but World’s Edge studio has stated that everything is going according to development plans. In a recent title status update, World’s Edge listed all the things they worked on in the past 2020. … Read more

Microsoft already implements Edge tab and history syncing across multiple devices

The username and password combination is the most typical in the Internet world. This is all you need to navigate a page on the Internet to enjoy all the services. But this binomial not only serves to access Web sites, it also serves to synchronize all the data in your session and never lose it. … Read more