I’m on the edge of the horn …

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com– Selebgram Anya Geraldine call himself currently in a position that is on the line. Anya expressed this when talking about the end of her relationship with Rizky Febian who is currently working on the Rizky music project. “In the end, if I’m not unlucky, I’m very lucky. That’s all,” said Anya, quoted on … Read more

Jade Hallyday has fun at the edge of her swimming pool in Saint-Barth with the family and poses in a neon green bikini on Insta! Check out the photos!

For more than two months, Laeticia Hallyday and her daughters had to remain confined to their homes in Los Angeles. Johnny’s widow couldn’t see her boyfriend for many weeks, Pascal Balland and she suffered a lot. Nevertheless, the confinement allowed her to spend time with Jade and Joy and they did a lot of activities. … Read more

Microsoft announced the death date of the Explorer

Next November 30, 2020 Internet Explorer 11 it will no longer be compatible with Teams, Microsoft’s work application. That will be the first step in pushing users to start using Edge. The famous explorer will continue to operate until August 17, 2021. At that time, it will no longer have support for all applications and … Read more

Apex Legends, Season 6: Edge of the World map changes, our guide – News

It is now a tradition, in every season ofApex Legends, one of the cards receives modifications which are made based on player feedback. For Bord du monde, several points of interest and possibilities for rotations have been added. The launch site The launch site is probably where the most changes have been made by Respawn … Read more

Forced update for Edge slows down: How to get Windows 10 running again

If you have the performance problems described after the Edge update or want to get rid of the new browser for other reasons, you have several options. For example, you can use system restore to return to the status before the update. The same applies if you have a previously made backup in hand. Then, … Read more

Badly hit pilots miss the ‘golden edge’ | NOW

Pilots are going through a rough time due to the corona crisis. Aircraft are mainly aground and many airlines are fired. It was once a dream profession, but now they have uncertain times. NU.nl talks to four pilots about how they have experienced the past period. Air traffic is slowly starting up again, but many … Read more

Motorola Edge Plus Now Also Available In The Netherlands

Motorola introduced the high-end Edge series in April, after which the Motorola Edge appeared on the market in the Netherlands shortly afterwards. The more powerful Edge Plus was not yet available in our country, but that has now changed. The Motorola Edge Plus has a 6.7-inch OLED screen with curved bezels, a 90 Hz refresh … Read more

Horner defends pit stop Verstappen: ‘It was really on the edge’

Verstappen himself already announced afterwards that he was happy with the second place and did not want to think long about what could have been possible if he had not made a second pit stop. Team boss Christian Horner also shares this view. “The band had 50 small cuts” “The tire that came from Verstappen’s … Read more