The effect of sport and exercise on elderly people with dementia –

facts and numbers · Publication date: 21-09-2022 · 5 min The number of people with dementia in the Netherlands is expected to grow strongly in the coming decades and possibly even double. Exercise has positive effects in dementia, according to research. How this works exactly and to what extent is still partly unknown. In this … Read more

A complete metabolism monster! It takes effect as soon as you eat it.

SPICES Spices such as ginger, thyme and cinnamon containing capsaicin cause an increase in body temperature and enable the metabolism to work faster. FOODS RICH IN PROTEIN Since protein-rich foods take a long time to digest, the energy consumed by metabolism increases during this period. Consumption of protein-rich foods will prolong our satiety and increase … Read more

The CCAA will universalize the HPV vaccine by ‘domino effect’ before the approval of Health

CARMEN FERNNDEZ Barcelona Updated Saturday, September 17, 2022 – 02:41 Silvia de Sanjos, from ISGlobal, argues that “if there are three communities that do it, that puts pressure on those that don’t”, who will end up adopting it Silvia de Sanjos is a national referent in HPV.ISGlobal Immunization Vaccines against HPV also for children, a … Read more

Mass Effect: cuddling with Liara T’Soni? Can you have it soon…

What started out as an April Fool’s joke is apparently getting a sequel that will allow you to curl up comfortably with Liara T’Soni. Ever wanted to crate Liara T’Soni from Mass Effect? Well, apparently you can have that soon. A picture slipped out of the Bioware Gear Shop in a newsletter showing said blue … Read more

The unexpected and deleterious effect of grapefruit on drugs

Par Soline Roy Posted yesterday at 11:56, Update yesterday at 1:14 p.m. None of this makes grapefruit growers laugh. Svetlana Farafonova/Adobe Stock HISTORY OF MEDICINE – In wanting to study the effects of alcohol on an antihypertensive drug, Canadian researchers made a surprising discovery. Science is like love: sometimes you find what you weren’t looking … Read more

Satisfaction with Jokowi Drops in Effect of Rising Fuel Prices, Adian Compares with SBY

Jakarta – The results of the Indonesian Political Indicators survey show the level of public satisfaction with the performance of the President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) fell 10% after the increase in fuel prices. Member of the Indonesian House of Representatives Adian Napitupulu compared the decline in President Jokowi’s satisfaction level with that of Susilo Bambang … Read more

The study concluded that the fire ant raft was formed due to the Cheerios effect

Jakarta – A new material discovered on the Moon prompted China to announce plans to launch three unmanned missions over the next 10 years in a bid to rival the United States’ presence on Earth. Moon. This new material found is very valuable, because it has the potential to become a future energy source thanks … Read more

The study concluded that the fire ant raft was formed due to the Cheerios effect

Zoom in / Georgia Tech scientists have discovered that the so-called “Cherios effect” is the mechanism by which fire ants flock together to form rafts. Until Koh Fire ants may be the scourge of southern states like Georgia and Texas, but scientifically they are Fantastic to infinity Examples of group behavior. Some well-distanced fire ants … Read more