Study finds that smoking increases the risk of 56 diseases

Reproduction/Unsplash – 09.12.2022 Cigarette One new study carried out by researchers from the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom, and from the Chinese Peking University and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences measured the long-term impacts of smoking. According to professionals, the work published in the scientific journal The Lancet Public Health provides “the … Read more

Check How Long the Effects of Drunken Amethyst Last, See the Explanation Here! : Okezone health

How Long are the Effects of Drunken Amethyst Maybe it makes some people curious about it, considering that the amethyst itself or often referred to as the trumpet flower has beautiful visuals. Yes, Datura Metel, aka amethyst, is a plant with this one flower, although it looks beautiful, it has an intoxicating effect that cannot … Read more

Vaccines, the sensational complaint of the Japanese professor on adverse effects

We suggest, among the many testimonies of scientists, doctors and researchers who denounce the damages of these experimental drugs (that is, adopted after six months of testing, instead of the usual ten years which are the norm), that of dr. Masanori Fukushimaprofessor emeritus at Kyoto University in a session with the Ministry of Health that … Read more

See what effects it has on the body 24 hours after eating just six cloves of roasted garlic

The unknown effect of consuming roasted garlic! There are some details that you will be very, very surprised to learn. Garlic is one of the most beneficial foods for our health. When we have a cold, most people recommend that we eat garlic. Garlic has miraculous effects that eliminate microbes in the body. We will … Read more

So flatulence can play a central role in our health: “The smell of farts can have unexpected beneficial effects”

They may be “politically incorrect” or even simply disgusting, but farts could play a central role in our health. Both directly, almost as if they were a panacea. Either indirectly, by becoming “spy” of much more complex health problems. For example, the work of David Ancalle, a mechanical engineering student at the Georgia Tech Research … Read more

They were tempted by “Turkish teeth”. The effects are amazing

They went to Turkey to fix their teeth. The effect is amazing The man we can find on TikTok under the nickname @domenichilaa uploaded a video with his friend, where they both show their smiles after the procedure performed in Turkey. The video was watched by almost a million people and no one was surprised … Read more

from headache to hives

The periodic update of the reports on the battle against the covid-19 pandemic is already a new Spanish classic, and it occurs every time the Ministry of Health publishes a new pharmacovigilance report on vaccines against this disease. This Thursday, December 1, the eighteenth has been aired; it must be emphasized that since September 29, … Read more

Side effects of consuming Cabenuva, an HIV drug that is used once a month

NEWS TALK – Cabenuva is a medicine for sufferers HIV/AIDS which has received a distribution permit from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is only used once a month for sufferers. Cabenuva medication is believed to treat infections HIV. However, not all countries have agreed to use these drugs in PLHIV (people … Read more

The harmful effects of snus are not as mild as previously claimed

Marja Lisa Byhamre chose the medical career over a music career and since 2014 has been researching the effects of snus on health. Clinically, she works as a geriatrician at Örnsköldsvik hospital, and she thinks more researchers in small hospitals would be good. Photo: Hans Karlsson Marja Lisa Byhamre thought about whether she should become … Read more