Before the press conference, the motorcycle dealership had thunderstorms ahead of time?Suspected Sanyang MMBCU car price exposure – Free Electronic News Auto Channel

Sanyang is expected to be officially released this Thursday, August 18 MMBCU Mamba Running Touris a popular car model discussed by netizens recently. As the publication time gets closer, more and more news is gradually exposed. Sanyang’s upcoming MMBCU Mamba is the most talked-about locomotive recently. As the first car of the CU series, although … Read more

grand theft auto is the most popular electronic game, how to install Grand Theft Auto 5 …Egypt

Press B – Egypt Watch grand theft auto, the most popular electronic game, how to install Grand Theft Auto 5 and now see the details. The method of installing the famous game Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most widespread electronic games at the present time, which many young people ask about in … Read more

The latest list of the world’s top ten most popular mobile games is released!The red and dark horse Stumble Guys is the first to win the championship-Free Electronic News 3C Technology

“Stumble Guys” by Kitka Games, a small Finnish development team, has jumped to the first place in the world’s most popular mobile game download list. (Photo flipped on Google Play) The list of the top ten popular games most popular with mobile game players around the world has set off a wave of small shuffling! … Read more

One person died due to the partial collapse of the stage at an electronic music festival near Valencia, Spain

A 22-year-old boy died and at least forty people were injured in the partial collapse of the stage of an electronic music festival that was taking place in Cullera, near Valencia, Spain. On Saturday night some portions of the stage structure and the fences of the Medusa festival collapsed or were uprooted due to the … Read more

Israel and Cardiology. The eNose technology, electronic nose, is extraordinary. – IsraelValley

A rapid breath test using ‘electronic nose’ (eNose) technology developed at the Technion in Haifa has been shown to be effective in verifying the diagnosis of atherosclerosis (a disease affecting the arteries) in patients. The artificial nose uses sensitive, submicroscopic sensors (nanoparticles) capable of detecting tiny molecular changes in the patient’s blood. The test can … Read more

Globalfoundries: Investment in billions in Dresden chip plant | Regional

Dresden – Semiconductor manufacturer Globalfoundries (GF) is ramping up production in Europe in the face of a global chip shortage. And takes a lot of money to do it. The Dresden plant is to be expanded with an enormous sum… After around 300,000 wafers (semiconductor discs) left the Dresden production facility in 2020, it should … Read more

Electronic Arts responds to possible acquisition rumors

It is known that 2022 started strongly with acquisitions such as Activision Blizzard by Microsoft and Bungie by Sony. During these last months, rumors affirmed that Electronic Arts was looking to merge with companies like Disney, Amazon or NBC Universal. Now, Andrew Wilson, current CEO of the company, has finally cleared up the doubts. Andrew … Read more

Electronic cigarettes: the risks of these gadgets popular with young people

August 1, 2022 Photo credit, Getty Images They were promoted on the grounds that they would be less harmful to health and would serve as a treatment for people who wanted to quit smoking. However, electronic cigarettes are not only as addictive as tobacco, they are also making more and more teenagers addicted to tobacco. … Read more

Electronic Arts explains if the FIFA plane can be removed from the plane

<!—-> We are here about the main news of the last year of the FIFA series from Electronic Arts they wrote, now the bag can be glued individually. In the one-minute video, I will introduce, for example, what the Hypermotion system is like from the Polish version, how the day has changed for the hit … Read more

[미리보는 KOBA 2011] Click Electronic Information System, ‘Full HD Digital Broadcasting System’

Click Electronic Information System (CEO Song Young-woo,, a manufacturer of broadcasting equipment, will be hosting the ’21st International Broadcasting, Audio and Lighting Equipment Show (KOBA 2011) held at COEX in Samseong-dong for 4 days from June 14 to 17. )’ and introduces ‘Full HD Digital Broadcasting System’. Full HD Digital Broadcasting System is an … Read more