Citroën C4 X and ë-C4

At first glance, there is nothing striking about this C4, even though it has been thoroughly changed At first glance, there is nothing striking about this C4, even though it has been thoroughly changed Share a photo: Her position is different from here, because of her long bottom, she has grown big even from afar … Read more

Can we be traced with our electronic payments? An expert answers

Geert Baudewijns is the Managing Director of SECUTEC, a provider of security systems. He is also one of Belgium’s foremost experts in online security. Invited on the set of “It’s not every day on Sunday”, he was asked about bank security. With the declining use of cash, “virtual” money is becoming more and more important, … Read more

They create the electronic fixed term, which can be transferred and split

The Board of Directors of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) approved the creation of an electronic fixed term that will increase the functionalities of deposits and term investments made through home banking and mobile banking, facilitating their fractioning and transfer: the Electronic Certificate for Term Deposits and Investments (CEDIP). Through CEDIP, these … Read more

The most anticipated electronic devices this year…Morocco

Arab News Press B .. Kish 24 Watch the most anticipated electronic devices this year and now see the details. This year, technology enthusiasts are waiting for the emergence of a wide range of devices that will make a quantum leap in the world of electronics. Among the most prominent mobile devices that are supposed … Read more

The iPhone welcomes the first major update of the year!Apple announces iOS 16.3 launch next week – Free Electronic News 3C Technology

Apple is expected to roll out the iOS 16.3 update next week. (Picture/Flipping the Internet) The iPhone is about to usher in its first major update this year. With the debut of the second-generation HomePod, Apple announced that it will launch iOS 16.3 next week, which is the third major update of iOS 16. Overall, … Read more

4 Facts about the Sophistication of the Kh-31, a Russian Missile that Can Destroy Electronic Means

Wednesday, 18 January 2023 – 12:20 WIB VIVA – Russia’s best fighter jet at the moment is the Sukhoi Su-35 type which was finally deployed to the battlefield in order to seize Ukraine’s air superiority. No kidding, Russia equipped their Su-35 with sophisticated weapons such as the Kh-31P anti-radiation missile. The Russian Ministry of Defense … Read more

Suzuki launches a new crossover SUV! Toyota will follow up the sports car twin car-Free Electronic Newspaper Auto Channel

At this year’s Delhi Auto Show, Suzuki not only launched the long-awaited five-door version of the Jimny, but also announced a new crossover called Fronx, derived from the Baleno, with a size between Vitara and Ignis. And import the new generation Hybrid system. Suzuki launched a new crossover Fronx, the size between Vitara and Ignis. … Read more

The iPhone is getting its first major update of the year!Foreign media revealed the new features and push time of iOS 16.3 version- Free Electronic News 3C Technology

Apple has released the second beta version of iOS 16.3 to developers. It is said that the official push time will be released to users of iPhone 8 follow-up models in February. (Photo taken from Apple’s official website) Following the release of the iOS 16.2 version update in mid-December last year, it brought five new … Read more

Electronic cigarettes would not increase cardiovascular risks

In Silico Science is a project coordinated by CoEHAR, the International Center of Excellence for Research on the Reduction of Tobacco Harm of the University of Catania, whose aim is to find and analyze the scientific literature of the sector regarding the possible effects of -CIG. Furthermore, once the studies have been identified, the work … Read more

Asir: Damage and benefits of smart devices at the Mental Health and Electronic Games Forum – Saudi News

The General Administration of Education in the Asir region, represented by the Department of School Health Affairs, in cooperation with the School Health Department of the General Directorate of Health Affairs in the region, organized a “Mental Health and Electronic Games” forum, in the presence of 550 male and female supervisors, male and female health … Read more