Three patients cured of HIV: one element connects these three cases and gives hope to research

HIV cannot be cured. No treatment has yet been found to eradicate this virus responsible for AIDS. However, three patients have in recent years been able to recover from it. Three anomalies that science is trying to understand. They may be the remedy that will finally eradicate this scourge. Three similar cases Timothy Brown is … Read more

This Is The Most Powerful Element In The Cosmos According To These Researchers, And It’s Not What You Think

Of course, the event that deploys the most energy is the Big Bang. But then what happens in second place? We have the answer! To read later Saved Follow #astronomy #astronomy Tracking Discover our latest podcast Recently, scientists have discovered, thanks to the ALMA telescope, an extraordinary supermassive black hole, which dates from the beginning … Read more

Dentures become black and cracked, be careful!Doctor reveals that “Element 1” has deteriorated seriously and may cause Alzheimer’s disease

Text/UHO Youhuo Health Network “Teeth” can be said to be the primary hurdle to protect human health, and it is also the most frequently used part of the body. The information revealed by the mouth is not only about the health of the teeth, but also sleep apnea, Alzheimer’s disease, malnutrition, And appearance is closely … Read more

How difficult is it to find a carcinogenic radioactive capsule lost in Australia: It’s like finding a needle in a haystack

How difficult is it to find a missing carcinogenic radioactive capsule in Australia: It’s like finding a needle in a haystack Cancer-causing radioactive capsules lost in Australia have yet to be found. According to a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on January 30, the Australian health department issued a warning last Friday (28th) … Read more

Pope Francis: Education as an essential element for peace and integrated human development

The importance of education was the focus of Pope Francis’ address to the volunteers of the Association for the Promotion of Literacy in the World, which he received today. Pope Francis received volunteers of the Association for the Promotion of Literacy in the World this Monday. At the beginning of his speech, the Holy Father … Read more

Energy workers are still fighting the effects of the element. Reader: My house is 15 degrees and food is thawing

Sunday, January 22, is another day when power engineers remove failures caused by heavy wet snowfall. Still several thousand customers in Podkarpacie remain without electricity. There has been no electricity since last Thursday. in Przedmieście Czudecki. We received such a signal from one of the residents of this town, who wrote that it was about … Read more

Pasuruan Santri Burned After Being Accused Of Theft, Senior Becomes A Suspect, Islamic Boarding School Says There Was No Element Of Detention Page all– A student at the Al Berr Sangarejo Islamic Boarding School in the Regency PasuruanEast Java with the initials INF (13) burned by his senior, MHM (16). MHM has now been named a suspect. However, the Islamic Boarding School had mentioned that there was no intentional element in the incident that occurred on Saturday (31/12/2022) … Read more