A copy of Prince Philip’s death certificate was received, listing the official cause of death of Elizabeth II’s husband

The 99-year-old monarch’s husband died of old age, according to The Telegraph. The media claims to have received a copy of the official prince’s death certificate. Philip’s death was recorded by Sir Huwas Thomas, head of the royal medical team and queen’s doctor. The term “old age” is generally acceptable as a cause of death … Read more

The ingenious trick of Queen Elizabeth II’s cooks to avoid being poisoned

On April 21, the monarch turned 95 years old and expressed in a letter how “deeply moved” the royal family felt by all the condolences. The service personnel of the British Royal House use an ingenious trick to prevent them from poisoning Queen Elizabeth II during banquets, as revealed by royal correspondent Emily Andrews during … Read more

The tactic of Elizabeth II’s cooks to avoid being poisoned

dailymail.co.uk The Queen Isabel II It has welcomed many personalities, such as presidents and members of foreign crowns, all in sumptuous parties well served. But these sometimes numerous banquets present serious challenges to your safety and that of your guests. With so many people flocking to the palace, including some of the most powerful leaders … Read more

The royal family showed a beautiful portrait of Princess Charlotte: “She looks like Queen Elizabeth”

The royal family, after the hard times associated with the death of Prince Philip, has recently also had a lot of occasions to celebrate – the 10th wedding anniversary of Kate and William, the birthday of Prince Louis, and now Princess Charlotte. On this occasion, they showed her a new photo. Here’s what Prince George … Read more

They reveal the ingenious trick of Elizabeth II’s cooks to avoid being poisoned

Published: 1 may 2021 15:05 GMT Different people linked to the British Royal House spoke about the culinary customs of the British monarch during a television program. British Royal Household service personnel use an ingenious trick to prevent Queen Elizabeth II from being poisoned during banquets, as revealed by royal correspondent Emily Andrews during the … Read more

They reveal what Queen Elizabeth did after her husband’s funeral

At the exit, several members of the British royal family could be seen talking among themselves before Prince Charles decided that they would all walk back to Windsor Castle instead of getting into the cars that were waiting for them to make that short journey. Now the husband of Zara Phillips, granddaughter of the sovereign … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II makes her first public appearance since her husband’s funeral

(c)THE ROYAL FAMILY On Twitter Queen Elizabeth II first appeared in an official public engagement since the funeral of her beloved husband Prince Philip. Her Majesty, 95, had a smile on her face as she held virtual audiences at Windsor Castle via video link on Tuesday afternoon. The Queen, who was no longer in black … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II shows up at the first appointment after the mourning phase

Updated April 28, 2021, 9:17 a.m. After the end of the mourning phase for Prince Philip, the Queen appeared in public for the first time. Instead of wearing black as in the last few weeks, the monarch was wrapped in a colorful dress for the appointment. You can find more nobility news here Queen Elizabeth … Read more

Queen Elizabeth stepped in to change Prince Louis’ name: he almost got a different title

© Instagram kensingtonroyal Prince Louis carries the title of Royal Highness like his big brother and big sister, but he was not supposed to the to wear and he can only call himself “prince” thanks to the intervention of his grandmother, reports l’Express. When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed their third child three … Read more