The world leaves 2022 behind: Photos of the year to the death of Elizabeth II from the Ukraine-Russia War – Last Minute World News

SCHOOL ATTACK IN TEXAS 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, who attacked Robb Elementary School in Uvalde town on May 24 with an “AR-15” type automatic assault weapon in Texas, USA, entered two adjacent classrooms and shot and killed 19 children and 2 teachers. The Uvalde police were criticized for not intervening for 1 hour and 17 minutes … Read more

Elizabeth Gutiérrez and her recent photos with William Levy that sparked ridicule

Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy It seems that they resumed their relationship, and it is that they have been seen together in recent days. After ending their relationship this year once again, as they have come back and broken up several times, it seems that they gave themselves a new opportunity, or at least that’s … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II did not see her husband for weeks in the last years of her life, according to a report

Written in CELEBRITIES the 27/11/2022 · 08:19 hs Queen Elizabeth she could go weeks without seeing her husband, prince Philip, according to a new book called “Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait”. Apparently, the coexistence between the two became scarce when the Duke of Edinburgh retired in 2017, according to an excerpt from the new book and … Read more

Elizabeth II died of cancer? Prince Philip’s friend: she accepted it humbly

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. After clicking on them, you can read the offer for a specific product – you do not incur any costs, and at the same time you support the work of our editorial office and its independence. The British Queen has died at the age of … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II did not die of old age, says new biography

While Queen Elizabeth II’s cause of death, which dates back to last September, has been attributed to old age, a soon-to-be-published biographical book points to an entirely different reason, the report has reported. New York Post. • Read also: A gross error in The Crown arouses passions in England According Elizabeth: An Intimate Portraitwritten by … Read more

Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite now manages her mother’s career

Met at the Regroupement Partage Celebrity Evening, Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite was accompanied by her spouse, Steven Levac. • Read also: Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite becomes the manager of her lover • Read also: Normand Brathwaite is having a completely adorable time with his grandson At the head of her own management and production box for three months, Elizabeth … Read more

Duchess Kate dazzles in Queen Elizabeth II’s tiara. It was worn by Diana before

Confectionery choices Princess Kate are widely commented on almost every time the wife of the future king shows up in public or her photos from “internal” celebrations circulate around the world. Tuesday, November 22 King Charles III for the first time he took the head of another state already as a monarch. That guest was … Read more

11 years in prison for the “brilliant” Elizabeth Holmes

Peter DaSilva / EPA Elizabeth Holmes em tribunal A fall announced a long time ago and confirmed by a judge in the USA. A shaken Elizabeth, pregnant, is sentenced at age 38. Theranos🇧🇷 The company that was supposed to revolutionize the healthcare diagnostics industry was created by Elizabeth Holmes. The businesswoman appeared as a promise … Read more

Elizabeth Holmes, the new Steve Jobs, sentenced to 11 years in prison for fraud with Theranos

The Theranos founder was convicted in January of four felony fraud charges for persuading investors over 15 years that she had developed a revolutionary medical device before the company collapsed following an investigation by The Wall Street Journal. US Attorney Stephanie Hinds said that “the sentence reflects the audacity of his massive fraud and the … Read more

US billionaire Elizabeth Holmes in prison for 11 years – Last Minute World News

38-year-old Elizabeth Holmes, who was once shown as the future Steve Jobs, was tried for 11 crimes in the case in California. Holmes was found guilty of “fraud and conspiracy” and sentenced to 11 years and 3 months in prison. Holmes, who became the star of Silicon Valley after founding Theranos company, created a device … Read more