Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet, already works in Peru: How much does it cost to get it?

Starlinkthe satellite internet of Elon Musk, It is already officially available in Peru from this weekend. This was announced by SpaceX itself through a tweet in Spanish from its official account. Starlink prices in Peru Starlink It is a service for which you only need a receiving antenna to install at home. To obtain a … Read more

Not a VW. According to Musk, the main competitor of Tesla will be the Chinese car manufacturer

One of the Chinese automakers will probably become Tesla’s main competitor. This is what Tesla boss Elon Musk told analysts after the publication of the economic results of the American electric car manufacturer. This was reported by the Bloomberg agency. “They work the hardest and the smartest,” answered Musk when asked about Chinese car companies, … Read more

According to Musk, Tesla’s main competitor will be one of the Chinese automakers

“They work the hardest and the smartest,” Musk said when asked about the Chinese automakers, which he sees as the biggest competition in the world. “I think that second to Tesla will probably be some Chinese company,” he added. The American electric car maker produces the Model Y and Model 3 cars at its plant … Read more

Chinese people buy it during the Spring Festival!Praise Chinese workers for being able to work until 3 a.m. Musk praises Chinese competitors — fast technology — technology changes the future

Chinese people buy it during the Spring Festival!After praising Chinese workers for being able to work until 3 a.m., Musk praised Chinese competitors Musk has shown great appreciation for Chinese companies and workers. Asked about Tesla’s competitors on Wednesday’s earnings call, Musk responded by saying he respected Chinese auto companies, calling China the most competitive … Read more

The video of the self-driving Tesla X from 2016 is a hoax. It was confirmed by an insider – Magazín – Auto

Tesla had to admit that its 2016 promotional video demonstrating autonomous capabilities was staged. The confession is related to the accident that killed former Apple engineer Walter Huang. Photo: screenshot videa A shot from a problematic staged video of Tesla’s autonomous capabilities. Since 2016, Tesla has been trying to present itself as the first car … Read more

Afraid of Kidnapping, Elon Musk Hires 100 Bodyguards to Guard His Father, Fortified House

loading… Retired engineer Errol Musk. Photos/instagrams WESTERN CAPE – The home of retired engineer Errol Musk in the Western Cape, South Africa, has been treated to an expensive security makeover. That’s thanks to his billionaire son Elon Musk who has expressed growing concern about potential attacks on his family. The 76-year-old patriarch described the security … Read more

He was the second richest man in Asia..a billionaire who lost 93% of his wealth..why?

New York, USA (CNN) — The past few years have not been great for the wealthy in China, especially for those who made their fortunes when the real estate market was hot earlier in the country. The net worth of Chinese billionaire Hui Kayan, chairman of real estate developer China Evergrande, has fallen by nearly … Read more

Over 500 advertisers have suspended ad spending on Twitter

At the end of October, Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion (over CZK 971 billion). He subsequently dissolved the nine-member board of directors and became the sole director of the company. Since the takeover, the largest American car company General Motors, the drug manufacturer Pfizer and the Volkswagen concern, among others, have stopped advertising on … Read more

“Tesla” significantly reduces the price of several popular electric car models

“Tesla” has reduced the prices of electric cars by even a fifth in Europe and the USA. In the UK, prices have been reduced by 10-13 percent, while some models have seen a 20% price reduction in the US. New UK buyers will save around €6,200 on a Model 3, while Model Y buyers will … Read more

Taliban also buy Verified Blue Tick for accounts; Twitter is in controversy again

VeTwitter has been the social media that has been very careful about allowing reification ticks all this time. But with Elon Musk’s arrival at the helm, it all fell apart. Anyone can get blue tick verification if they pay money. Now, Taliban officials and organizations are paying for Verified BlueT on Twitter. One of the … Read more