US Embassy in Moscow Mass Layoffs, 182 Russian Staff Fired

loading… MOSCOW – United States of America (US) says it has laid off nearly 200 local staff working for its diplomatic mission in Russia ahead of the August 1 deadline set by the Kremlin for their dismissal. The move is just the latest in a series of actions taken by both sides that have strained … Read more

Audio and video recording equipment found in Belgian embassy in Turkey

The material would have been discovered on May 11, an investigation is opened and a suspect would have been identified, report our colleagues of “Laatste Nieuws”. DAudio and video recording equipment was discovered in the Belgian embassy in Ankara, the Turkish capital, report our colleagues from Latest news. The information has been confirmed by Foreign … Read more

France condemns the attack on the Cuban Embassy in Paris and opens an investigation

The Government of France has condemned on Tuesday the attack perpetrated on Monday against the Cuban Embassy in Paris and has assured that it has opened an investigation to determine the responsibilities, without any arrests at the moment. “France condemns the attack on the Cuban Embassy in Paris on the night from Monday to Tuesday”, … Read more

Tokyo Olympics: A photo from Reuters upsets the CCP ambassador | Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka | Pictures | Protests

[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time July 26, 2021]Under the shadow of the Chinese Communist pneumonia (Covid-19) epidemic, JapanTokyo OlympicsIt was finally held after a year of delay. However, since the start of the game, the CCP’s ambassadors abroad have been keeping a close eye on the content of China involved in foreign media reports.protestFrequently. Following … Read more

Arriving in Tokyo, Muhammad Zohri and Alvin Tehupeiory were welcomed by the Indonesian Embassy in Japan: Okezone Sports

TOKYO – Indonesia’s flagship sprinter, Then Muhammad Zohri and Alvin Tehupeiory, have arrived in Japan to defend the Indonesian contingent in Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Their presence at Narita Airport, Tokyo, on Sunday (25/7/2021) morning WIB, was welcomed by officials and staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) in Japan. Deputy Ambassador of … Read more

Al Khaja officially inaugurates the UAE Embassy in Tel Aviv

Yesterday, Mohammed Mahmoud Al Khaja, UAE Ambassador to the State of Israel, officially inaugurated the UAE Embassy in Tel Aviv, in the presence of President Isaac Herzog, and Maryam bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb Al Muhairi, Minister of State for Food and Water Security, within the framework of strengthening bilateral relations in light of the Abrahamic … Read more

Malta, at least 150 children in quarantine – World

The number of young Italians in compulsory quarantine in Malta has risen to “at least 150”. It is learned from diplomatic sources, which specify that “over 60 are positive” among the Italian children placed in isolation by the health authorities for having tested positive for the test or for having been in contact with their … Read more

Rare, US Embassy Condemns Israel’s Demolition of Palestinian Homes

loading… JERUSALEM – Embassy United States of America (US) in Jerusalem officially condemned the destruction of a Palestinian-American family home by Israel who was arrested in May after he shot dead an Israeli civilian at a checkpoint in the Nablus area. On Thursday, Israeli troops detonated explosives, destroying the family home of Muntasir Shalabi. It … Read more

Three rockets were fired at the US Embassy in Baghdad

Reporters from the AFP news agency reported that the C-RAM security system was in operation at night. The Iraqi army said the missiles did not hit the US embassy itself, but three nearby locations in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone. The embassy was fired after rocket and drone attacks on US-based bases in Iraq on Wednesday. … Read more