Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint y Emma Watson regresan a Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint y Emma Watson They will return to Hogwarts. The protagonists of the magical saga will join the celebrations of the first 20 years of Harry Potter in the special that he will perform HBO Max. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here Not only them, it is expected that the special called … Read more

Emma Bonino: “Europe does not want to govern migration. Let’s change the treaties”

“If the treaties are not changed, we will continue to witness crises like the one that is unfolding on the border between Belarus and Poland. We will always be here complaining, without thinking that migrations will continue to exist. We refuse to govern them ”. Emma Bonino looks at the political and humanitarian crisis that … Read more

Ddl Zan, Emma: “Imagine that a bad page for our country has come from the Senate”. Mika: “That is not the Italy that I love”

At the opening of the first Live of X Factor 2021, yesterday on Sky and NOW is always available on demand, the words heard of Emma e Mika after the blocking of the process of the Zan bill on Wednesday, in the Senate. “I regret not being able to celebrate tonight a step forward that … Read more

Emma Drobná broke her leg abroad, the accident happened to her while taking this photo!

In Slovakia, we have said goodbye to the summer days, but that does not mean that it is not yet possible to go for a swimsuit in other countries. The sun’s rays outside the homeland are currently also enjoyed by the singer Emma Drobná, who, however, was injured by the accident. Winner of the singing … Read more

The war becomes more colorful: First non-binary character in “Battlefield 2042”

Updated October 26, 2021, 5:34 pm Emma “Sundance” Rosier is a very special character in the history of the “Battlefield” series. As a specialist in the upcoming “Battlefield 2042”, “Sundance” makes the theaters of war of the future a little more colorful. As the first non-binary character in the “Battlefield” series, Emma “Sundance” Rosier ensures … Read more

Emma Watson breaks the web with this unthinkable red carpet dress

People and royalty Emma Watson surprised her fans with a fashionable look. It has been three years since she walked the red carpet. This Sunday, October 17, 2021, Emma Watson made a remarkable appearance at the Earthshot awards ceremony. This new award was launched by the Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Foundation with the … Read more

Emma of ‘Want’, the second elimination team from ‘Swoopa’, is controversial for her insincere attitude such as tardy and lack of practice

Mnet/ (Left) Emma (Right) Hyojin Choi“I’m a late princess, Rosaline is the late queen”: Emma, ​​a member of ‘Want’, the second elimination team from ‘Suupa’, was embroiled in controversy over her insincere attitude, such as being late and lacking in practice. The attitude of Emma, ​​a cast member of the popular dance battle program ‘Swoopa’, … Read more

Since the US Open, Emma Raducanu is the object of all the envy: “Where I really want to be, it is on a tennis court”

Emma Raducanu saw her life turned upside down following her coronation at the US Open. Emma here, Raducanu there. Since her surprise coronation at the US Open, the Englishwoman is the object of all envy. The world’s leading tennis experts have been polled on the new nugget. At Wimbledon and especially at the US Open, … Read more