Johanna San Miguel and Renzo Schuller said goodbye to Diego Bertie with an emotional message

“These are the moments when one is speechless. Thank you for your talent, dear Diego. Rest in peace. We keep the best of you dear Diego. Rest in peace, “wrote the host of the competition reality show on his Twitter and Instagram account. The actor also revealed that he could not believe the death of … Read more

Emotional farewell to local Barcelona boy before migrating to the US

TWITTER.COM/VIOLANEWS Riqui Puig was once considered one of Barcelona’s bright prospects. In fact, Lionel Messi is a big fan of the 22-year-old player. BOLASPORT.COM – Riqui Puig wrote goodbye before moving to Los Angeles Galaxy after nine years playing for Barcelona. previously reported, Barcelona lend Riqui Puig to the Los Angeles Galaxy for 12 … Read more

Here comes the Thirteen Lives review! The most positive current, thrilling, thrilling, realistic and not too emotional.

Most critics praised the film Thirteen Lives, which tells the story of a world-class rescue event in Thailand by world-class director Ron Howard. And many Hollywood stars have participated in the show. Thirteen Lives Citing an incident four years ago, 12 football team players and 13 coaches were trapped in a cave in Chiang Rai. … Read more

A 33-year-old round girl with a mother of 4, feeling emotional in her first year as a RIZIN girl “Thanks to everyone who supports me”: J-CAST News[Full text]

RIZIN girl Akipi (33) updated Twitter on August 1, 2022 and wrote about her thoughts on martial arts. Akipi, who served as a round girl at the martial arts event “RIZIN.37” held at Saitama Super Arena on July 31st, said, “I would be happy if more people entered the world of martial arts as a … Read more

Philippine politician wants to punish ghosting. According to him, it is emotional damage

According to Teves, ghosting is a form of grudge. It can develop feelings of rejection and inferiority in the person exposed to it. The phenomenon should therefore be classified similarly to, for example, physical injury. According to the Washington Post server, which reported on the case, the Philippine legislator did not specify in his proposal … Read more

Go to work not with anxiety, but with the baggage of knowledge: the startup encourages employees to take care of their emotional health | Business

The birth of the idea was prompted by the pandemic It’s no secret that every success story has a different beginning. That’s how it was for Ieva Vaitkevičiūta, the originator of the idea. The onset of the pandemic and the accompanying anxiety prompted the woman to look for unconventional solutions to improve her emotional health. … Read more

Emotional appeal Henk Bleker to farmer arsonists: ‘Stop this!’ | Inland

Burning hay, manure and other obstacles not only mean significant delays on highways for ordinary citizens, but also dangerous situations. “This must stop immediately,” said the former CDA minister from his holiday address in the Alps. Moreover, it does not help public support for the actions, which he considers justified, against the ‘unfair and ramshackle’ … Read more

They filter an emotional MESSAGE from Gerard Piqué to Shakira after signing an AGREEMENT about their children

The controversy between Shakira y Gerard Piqué It is getting bigger and bigger, because apparently not only was there a love break but also both celebrities have to sign and agreement To obtain the custody his sons. However, today, they managed to filter and emotional message from the soccer player to the Colombian that would … Read more

Emotional trailer for Black Panther and bomb announcements in Marvel – Come and See

The San Diego Comic-Con was the scene of the most anticipated announcements by fans of Marvel and its superheroes. Company president Kevin Feige revealed release dates and new titles for upcoming movies and series, including two new “Avengers” films. In addition, they revealed a first trailer for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”, which was moved by … Read more

Having real goals and successfully achieving them improves your emotional well-being

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete emotional well-being, physical and social and points out that there are numerous studies that show that people who have a good mental health or they are emotionally healthy, “they have a higher commitment, they facilitate a better working environment, causing absenteeism to be … Read more