Call Ssa to use emotional support services for patients with breast cancer

The Unit of Medical Specialties for the Detection for the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer (UNEME-DEDICAM) provides specialized care to women and men who request it or are referred for any abnormality or suspicion to establish or exclude in a timely and reliable manner the presence of Breast Cancer, said Dr. Bárbara Paola Piña Zamora, Director … Read more

The emotional farewell video of the Argentine team to Mascherano Barcelona The former player of the FC Barcelona, Javier Mascheranoannounced last Sunday after the defeat of Students, his last team, before Argentinians Juniors (0-1) who was retiring from professional football. In recent days, the ‘Little boss‘has received countless messages of affection and remembrance for a career within the reach of very few, in managed … Read more

Emotional marketing to survive in times of crisis

Establishing an emotional connection with customers is important for brands that want to build a lasting relationship with them. The pandemic, for its part, has outlined a new type of consumer, more selective and committed to their natural and social environment, which is why this idea has become more relevant than before. In fact, firms … Read more

Emotional self-awareness, a competence that every lawyer must develop

A few months ago, I invited lawyers for a first dive into emotional intelligence. I did it with the article “The 6 emotional competencies that every lawyer must develop”, published in this same space. The reception has been so good that we have decided to deepen these 6 emotional competencies: self awareness, emotional expression, self-regulation, … Read more

Touching! Will Smith’s firstborn turns 28 and his dad publishes an emotional flashback image

UNITED STATES.-The actor Will Smith has accustomed his followers to witness, through social networks, part of the projects he has developed throughout his career, also some of his moments of fun and occurrence, but on certain occasions he has to show us what his relationship with their children. Today, which is the birthday of your … Read more

The emotional and expected reappearance of Ana Obregón on television already has a date and time – Television

This Tuesday, ‘The Hour of the 1’ has revealed one of the most anticipated television unknowns in the month of December. This year, for the first time, the RTVE Chimes will be presented by two women: Ana Obregon Y Mother Igartiburu. These two professionals are already veterans in the end of the year broadcast, since … Read more

“Let’s start to heal”: Demi Lovato’s emotional request to fans after the elections

Demi Lovato joined the list of celebrities who celebrated the triumph of the Democratic leader on social networks Joe Biden in elections in the United States. Through her Twitter profile, the former Disney star sent an emotional message to her millions of fans, whom she invited to put aside the divisions and be aware of … Read more

Gignac’s emotional farewell message to Edu Vargas

Tigres confirmed the departure of the Chilean soccer player, Eduardo Vargas, who will travel to Brazil to perform medical examinations with the Atlético Mineiro and that’s how his partner, the forward, said goodbye Andre Pierre Gignac. It is not a secret that the French and the Chilean have a very good relationship on and off … Read more

Diego Verdaguer shares an EMOTIONAL MEETING with Amanda Miguel after months apart: PHOTOS

One of the couples in the show who have shown us that love does exist is the one starring the singers Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer, who have been in a relationship for years. It was in distant 1975 when Argentine singers and composers decided to take the next step and unite their lives; the … Read more

Jenny Offill’s ‘Climate’ (Asteroid Books)

Literary Reviews On the emotional course I. U. Wednesday 4 November 2020, 11:29 Jenny Offill masterfully resorts to fragmentary prose, truffled with paragraphs that are sparks of lucidity, to tell the story, that of ‘Weather‘, with which he senses the emotional direction of the contemporary world, its defeats and hopes. Through the voice of Lizzie … Read more