Former employee of Norske Veritas convicted of corruption – NRK Norway – Overview of news from various parts of the country

The man gets a deduction from his sentence of 124 days for the time he spent in custody. The judges had no doubt that the engineer accepted money from the Russian man for two years. He met the intelligence officer at various restaurants in Oslo. Among other things, the court emphasized a video recording of … Read more

Former employee Rachel Doerrie launches discrimination complaint against Vancouver Canucks

VANCOUVER — A former member of the Vancouver Canucks’ coaching staff has launched a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, alleging she was fired because of her sex, mental illness and physical disability. Rachel Doerrie, a former video analyst and assistant video coach for the team, posted a copy of the complaint to Twitter … Read more

Police employee sent topless picture to colleague – risks warning

After he sent the picture to a female colleague, the man is said to have excused his behavior by blaming immaturity, drunkenness and that the picture was an “attempt to be charming”. An explanation that the police region believes is a pure reconstruction. The whole incident was reported and a preliminary investigation into the case … Read more

Groupe Renault: a sale of shares to increase employee share ownership

Renault will proceed with a sale of shares for the benefit of its employees. This operation concerns the units of Renault Tanger exploitation, Renault commerce Morocco, SOMACA and RCI finance Morocco. As part of the objective of significantly increasing the rate of employee shareholding by 2030, the Renault group’s Board of Directors has supported the … Read more

Supermarket employee US who shot six colleagues: I was ridiculed

EPA NOS News•yesterday, 03:51 The supermarket employee who died on Tuesday in the US state of Virginia killed six colleagues left a note on his phone for his deed. In it, he accuses his colleagues at Walmart of making fun of him. The Chesapeake Police Department has made the announcement. “Sorry everyone, but I didn’t … Read more

Man arrested for coercion over employee in Funchal — DNOTICIAS.PT

A 25-year-old man, born and living in Funchal, was arrested by the Public Security Police for the crime of resistance and coercion against an employee. “The arrest took place in the Santo Amaro area, following police steps to execute two arrest warrants and take them to the Public Ministry in the context of crimes related … Read more

Patient who stabbed clinic employee Balkbrug to death was murder suspect in Nigeria | inland

The patient who stabbed an employee of the Veldzicht clinic in Balkbrug to death and injured two others on November 5 was a murder suspect in Nigeria. Before the stabbing, the man had been unstable for days, reports The Telegraph Thursday based on conversations with several employees from the clinic and sources surrounding the investigation … Read more

McDonald’s employee quits during shift: “I couldn’t finish that!”

A New Zealand young man divides opinion on TikTok with a video of him abruptly leaving his shift at a McDonald’s restaurant. “I was not finished,” it sounds as he goes to his disgruntled manager to resign. It is not clear whether the video was staged, but the footage has already been viewed millions of … Read more

Comparing Minimum Wages and Average Salaries in ASEAN Countries, What Ranks RI?

Wednesday, 23 November 2022 – 06:20 WIB VIVA Business – The government has set an increase minimum wage 2023 with a maximum amount of 10 percent. This rule was promulgated on Thursday, November 17 2022 which is contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Manpower (Permenaker) Number 18 of 2022, concerning Determination of the … Read more

no evidence linking names to LGBTQ employee layoffs

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news of fascinating discoveries, scientific breakthroughs and more. CNN— although Lots of calls from astronomers Change the name A powerful new telescopeNASA officials The James Webb Space Telescope lived up to its name before launch. After nearly a year in the telescope space, … Read more