Employer can ask you to hand in vacation days if you are in quarantine, but you can refuse that

Absenteeism at the workplace continues to rise due to the corona infections. Employers are asking quarantined employees to still work or hand in their vacation days. Can they do the latter? “Only with the employee’s consent.” The FNV union has already had eighty messages received from employers who request this from their employees. “It is … Read more

Annoyed that the new employer offends his old employer, Lukaku, who is unobstructed, walks to a crossroads

Annoyed that the new employer offends the old employer, Lukaku, who is unobstructed, walks to a crossroadsFly into the homes of ordinary people Lukaku caught in controversy over improper speech Because of the recurrence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the European Football League in recent weeks has inevitably been affected in terms of the … Read more

The company, which has been named Employer of the Year, has reviewed the year, from raising salaries to driving luxury cars

At the beginning of 2021, Lidl Lietuva received the prestigious Top Employer 2021 Europe and Top Employer 2021 Lithuania certificates. At the beginning of the year, Lidl Lietuva took the first place in the ranking of Lithuanian labor market leaders compiled by the job advertisement portal CVbankas.lt, became the most sought-after employer on the portal … Read more

Do you want a job? Get vaccinated. In a fifth of companies, applicants without the vaccine will not pass

Domestic companies are optimistic about the beginning of next year. Although the coronavirus is still spreading and more contagious mutations are emerging, most companies plan to hire new employees than lay off existing ones. This follows from their recruitment plans, which were ascertained by the consulting company ManpowerGroup ČR. The survey, which involved 505 employers … Read more

2010 Kijang Innova Diesel GA/T Looking for New Employer, Capital of IDR 3 Million Per Month

Dago Motor Toyota Kijang Innova 2.5 G Diesel AT 2010 Otomotifnet.com – With funds of IDR 3 million per month, he can become a new employer for the 2010 Toyota Kijang Innova Diesel GA/T. Moreover, the popularity of the Kijang Innova Diesel does not need to be doubted because it is known for being stubborn, … Read more

These rules apply to unvaccinated people

The government’s new catalog of measures provides for strict access rules for all workplaces. (Symbol image) image images / epd / Heike Lyding Berlin. The 3G rule currently applies in the workplace. This changes the work situation, especially for those who have not been vaccinated. Here you can find out which rules now exist for … Read more

Testing in companies: The employer reports the refusers to the hygiene

On Friday, the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (for YES) referred to the analysis of experts, testing of older vaccinated people is not justified. Businesses and authorities will be able to use antigenic tests for testing, including certified self-test kits. According to Vojtěch, testing will not apply to people who work from home in the … Read more

Viral Pedicab Driver Gets IDR 2 Billion Inheritance from Employer, Revealed What He’s Been Doing All This Time

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – A pedicab driver suddenly became a billionaire. He accepted legacy with a very large number to go viral in India. Is a kind -hearted 63 -year -old woman named Minati Patnaik. They live in the town of Cuttack, Odisha, India. Minati inherited all his property of about 1 crore rupee (Rp 2 billion) … Read more

Japan: For 0.43 euros withheld from his salary, he sues his employer

A Japanese train driver is suing his employer who withheld 56 yen (0.43 euros) from his salary as a sanction after his convoy arrived one minute late, the company said on Thursday (November 11th). The driver filed a complaint earlier this year against the West Japan Railway Company (JR West), one of Japan’s leading rail … Read more