G7 ends with unity against Russia, more money for Ukraine and loose ends

AFP NOS News•Tuesday, 19:17 Charlotte Waaijers correspondent Germany Charlotte Waaijers correspondent Germany Arms around each other, jokes about Putin, host countries from all over the world: everything during the G7 summit in southern Germany was aimed at showing a united and broad front against Russia and other countries with a strong central authority. Concrete commitments … Read more

The Tokyo Stock Exchange ends in the green for the fourth time in a row

The Tokyo Stock Exchange signed a fourth consecutive session of increases on Tuesday, punctuated by adjustments in investor positions and profit taking. The flagship Nikkei index gained 0.66% to 27,049.47 points and the broader Topix index rose 1.06% to 1,907.38 points. Read alsoSavings: what ingredients to put in your portfolio to protect it from inflation? … Read more

This newlywed man can’t stand up, every night his wife cries for fate, this is how it ends

BANGKAPOS.COM – The couple’s story husband wife newlyweds this should be tested in the early days of their marriage. What happened husband sang newlyweds make sang wife had to accept his fate. Every night the wife lament his fate. But now a couple husband wife newlyweds it has been happy. The story husband named Duc … Read more

It ends the risk of Alzheimer’s, protects against diabetes! This food is like a protection shield for your whole body – Gallery

Roza Gallery Roza Health It ends the risk of Alzheimer’s, protects against diabetes! This food is like a protection shield for your whole body. Nutrition is one of the most important life factors on which your health rises. It is very important to pay attention to your daily diet in order to protect yourself against … Read more

Stranger Things makers warn fans before Season 4 ends: I’d be worried about them

Fourth season “Stranger Things“was divided into two parts. In May, viewers saw the first seven episodes, and at the beginning of July the last two will premiere. And although in the first part some of the episodes lasted more than 70 minutes, the finale is already a cinematic film. The final episode is 98 minutes … Read more

Basketball, Serie B: Elachem, the dream vanishes in Cividale (82-63) but an extraordinary season ends

It vanishes in the night of Cividale the dream of the Elachem Vigevano. In race-5 the ducals arrive with the ultimate energy of a extraordinary season but the Friulians walk around (82-63) and earn with merit access to Serie A. To weigh once again are the shooting percentages of the team of coach Paolo Piazza … Read more

Cygnus Freighter’s ISS boost engine burn ends prematurely

The planned re-enhancement maneuver for the International Space Station ended after just 5 seconds for currently unknown reasons. Cargo ships docked International Space Station It regularly fires its bursts in short bursts to keep the orbiting lab at its cruising altitude. These vehicles are usually Russian Progress capsules, but on Monday (June 20) Northrop Grumman’s … Read more