Cross-country skiing: Nadine Fähndrich falls and ends far from the best –

Seventh the day before in the free sprint, Nadine Fähndrich on the other hand could not do better than a 23rd place in Lillehammer in the mass-start 20 km in classic style. The Lucernoise, long present in the leading pack, broke one of her sticks on a fall. This fall deprived Nadine Fähndrich of any … Read more

“It’s really unacceptable”: Sandra’s mum trips over a badly parked scooter and “ends up in the emergency room”

Sandra angrily pushed the orange Alert Us button. His mum tripped over an electric scooter parked in the middle of a sidewalk in Brussels and ended up in the emergency room with a broken nose and an open wound. Sandra now wants regulations to be put in place regarding the parking of these electric vehicles. … Read more

The “Qatari sovereign” ends investment deals in Egypt worth $2.7 billion

Informed sources revealed that the Qatar Investment Authority – the sovereign fund – is close to finalizing agreements with Egyptian government agencies to conduct investment deals in the market, worth about $2.7 billion. The sources added, in exclusive statements to Al-Mal, that the investment deals that will be announced during the current month include the … Read more

[단독] NCSOFT console music game ‘Fuser’ ends service after 2 years of release

[더구루=최영희 기자] The console music rhythm game ‘FUSER’, which is being serviced by NCsoft’s North American subsidiary ‘NCWEST’, will end its service two years after its release. Fuser is a new concept interactive music game published by NCWEST and produced by Harmonix, an American music rhythm game developer, and was released in North America and … Read more

Cameroon ends its participation in the World Cup with a “historic” victory over Brazil, and Switzerland sets a date with Portugal

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Cameroonian national team ended its participation in the 2022 World Cup, which will be held in Qatar, with a historic victory over the Brazilian national team with a free goal, in a match that was held on the grounds of Lusail Stadium, on Friday evening, and at the … Read more

First class sensation! Germany goes home, Japan in euphoria. Belgium ends! Croatians and Moroccans celebrate

Hakim Ziyech gave the Moroccans the lead after only four minutes of the match, the Canadian defense greatly eased the situation for him. Goalkeeper Milan Borjan ran out after a bad pass from a teammate and offered the Moroccan striker a virtually empty goal. Morocco took a two-goal lead after Yusuf En-Nesjri’s strike, but the … Read more

112 news: Capellenaar and Sliedrechter arrested for bank fraud | Thief ends up in the ditch with a stolen van

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, a branch of Lobi BBQ in Dordrecht was shot at. An impact and casing were found there. An explosive device was also found at that building around 02:30 on Sunday morning, but it did not explode. That same morning, around 05:00, a branch of Lobi BBQ in Rotterdam … Read more

The Central Bank is taking on a weaker basis – Newspaper Kommersant No. 223 (7424) dated 12/01/2022

The Central Bank is considering the possibility of extending part of the measures taken in the spring to support the stock market, which expire at the end of the year. First of all, the professional participants ask to keep the relaxations in accounting for blocked foreign securities and their ratings when calculating the capital of … Read more

Andrea Legarreta’s contract ends in December, will Televisa leave?

Will Andrea Legarreta look for other opportunities? It could be the perfect opportunity for the also actress to knock on other doors, but the producer andrea rodriguez It has no plans to allow its star host to look elsewhere to continue showing its talent and capabilities already well recognized by the public. Andrea Legarreta with … Read more

See you tomorrow! Mutirão to renegotiate debts with banks ends Wednesday

The deadline is ending for those who have financial or tax debts and want to renegotiate with special conditions and more attractive proposals. That’s because the National Task Force for Negotiating Debts and Financial Guidance ends this Wednesday (30). Banks from all over the country and the Federal Revenue participate. Read too: Which debts can … Read more