Australia’s Betrayal to France as AUKUS Pact officially ends, Rp 8 trillion envelope becomes Lara’s consolation – Last year was a bleak time for relations between the two countries, French and Australia. year 2021, Australia, Englishand the United States, formed a joint partnership named “PACT AUKUS“. PACT AUKUS will become a forum for the three countries to overcome cyber problems, advanced technology, and so on defense and security which is … Read more

SRS reveals envelope salaries in a construction company / Article

In March, the SRS Tax and Customs Police Department sent criminal proceedings to the Tax and Customs Prosecutor’s Office to initiate criminal proceedings against a significant amount of undisclosed wages and tax evasion performed in a construction company. During the pre-trial investigation, it was revealed that a person, being a member of the board of … Read more

a fake referee shows up at the match and leaves with the envelope, “he was even greeted by offering to drink”

Posted on Monday, March 7, 2022 at 12:30 p.m. By Cyril Carlier The facts occurred before the Courcelles B-Morlanwelz B (P3C) meeting on Sunday. Victims of their good faith, the locals saw an individual posing as the referee and pocketing the sum reserved for the man in black before disappearing. RUS Courcelles still can’t believe … Read more

DISCOVER! “For whom is the budget for a full month’s living”; the owner of a lost valuable envelope is searched

A Facebook user on a social site is looking for the owner of an envelope with money. A Facebook user on the social network today posted an entry that has already been shared by 14,000 people. In the post, the woman writes: “This morning, around 7.55 in Ogre, near the bus stop” Priedītes “, I … Read more

Rzeszów: mysterious envelope with a recording and a letter to Ziobro

In July 2018, Marta and Janusz Półtorak, owners of the Millenium Hall shopping mall in Rzeszów, received an envelope with a copy of a letter to Zbigniew Ziobro and a pendrive with several recordings There were talks between businessmen Zygmunt P. and Ryszard P. The materials are supposed to show that the Półtorak family are … Read more