Epic Games removes grenades in Fortnite due to a serious glitch in the game

Epic Games made the decision to suspend the use of grenades in Fortnite until further notice after a serious failure that allowed users to use them unlimitedly. The company responsible for the popular video game made it public on its official Twitter, stating that “Due to an issue, the Grenade has been temporarily disabled in … Read more

Epic Games will become a video game distributor – Video Games – Technology

Epic Games It is the developer of two giant franchises; Fortnite – which has about 300 million accounts created-, and the popular saga of Xbox, Gears of Wars. However, the company does not want to stay there and announced its next big step: Epic Games Publishing, an initiative with which it seeks to become the … Read more

World War Z game was released for free by Epic Games – On Court

With the advance of the coronavirus and the quarantine (preventive in some places, total in others), video games have found an increase in their consumption, for which the developer companies have begun to release different titles and the World War Z is the last of them. Inspired by the film starring Brad Pitt, the game … Read more

A judge denies a preliminary injunction to Epic Games and Fortnite will remain banned from the App Store | Technology

Fortnite will not return to the App Store in 2020, although Apple is forced not to affect the business operations of the Unreal Engine. At the moment Fortnite will not be available in the App Store and that is a judge just denied a preliminary injunction to Epic Games requiring Fortnite to immediately return to … Read more

The CTO of Epic Games assures that Unreal Engine 5 will allow a continuity between games and movies

One of the objectives of Unreal Engine 5 is, essentially, allowing developers to import graphic elements taken directly from films, which are usually made of thousands of millions of polygons, to their games without diminishing its quality. The microgeometry system Nanite, cornerstone of the Unreal Engine 5, promise to do this. In an interview with … Read more

Epic Games Store gives away four games and announces next week’s

Epic Games Store continues its wave of free games and this week gave away four. They are Gone Home, Hob, Drawful 2 and Totally Reliable Delivery Service. In addition, the North American company revealed that next week it will deliver Crimes & Punishment: Sherlock Holmes at no cost. The game consists of an investigative adventure … Read more

Offers at Epic Games – Olé

Epic Games has given some very good sales for summer 2020. The store, Steam’s main rival in terms of PC video game market share, thus begins a period of interesting temporary discounts on dozens of titles. Until next August 6, we can find renowned titles with up to 75% discount. Let’s take a look. Offers … Read more