The first beta version of Python 3.11 is available and comes with better error handling, support for toml and improvements for asynchronous programming

Better error handling Python 3.10 gave us better error messages in various ways, but Python 3.11 aims to improve them even more. Some of the more important things that are added to error messages in Python 3.11 are: Exact locations of errors in retraces Until now, in a trace, the only information you got about … Read more

Swimming judge knows why Lithuania is disqualified: fixed underwater error Sports

In the Lithuanian swimming team there was confusion trying to figure out who and what mistake he made on Saturday morning when all the teams swam away due to disqualification by the referees. There were many discussions, but none of them were right, at least until the disappointed four – Danas Rapšys, Andrius Šidlauskas, Deividas … Read more

Milan, 12 thousand notices for fines to pay … but it is a computer error

Social reports – It all started a few weeks ago, when on some social pages of the neighborhoods many denounced the arrival of fines already paid. “They say I have to pay almost 900 euros for events in 2019”, wrote Antonio. While someone has started to put their hand to the old paperwork, someone else, … Read more

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz speaks of a gas supply error. “We have to catch up quickly”

Olaf Scholz made a speech by the German Press Agency (dpa). Although he criticizes the dependence on energy resources from Russia (about 55 per cent of gas imported to Germany comes from this direction), which was brought about by his predecessors, at the same time, it defends the policy of reconciliation with Russia of its … Read more

Page error Microsoft bans Russian users: official website prohibits download of Win11/10 system | XFastest News

According to Russian media reports, Microsoft suddenly blocked Russian users a few days ago. Accessing the system download page of Microsoft’s official website from Russia will display an error, and Win10 and Win11 systems cannot be downloaded. According to the report, when users in Russia download the official Windows 11, the site will display the … Read more

A “monumental” error in the flood file: several million paid to municipalities not concerned!

A “infraction grave” and an “unacceptable method”for the Finance Inspectorate. A mega-dumpling is on the menu of the Council of Ministers this Friday. The federal government is reversing the monumental errors made when granting subsidies to municipalities following the floods of July 2021. We are talking about more than 3 million euros erroneously paid to … Read more

Human error is at the root of the incident with the opening bridge in Leuven

In the meantime, work has also been done on the operation of the traffic lights on the bridge. “Apparently, the adjustment of the lights often caused traffic jams on the bridge. This of course entails a danger if the bridge has to be collected for an arriving ship. That has now been adjusted in consultation … Read more

Everyone stubbornly makes this mistake: You will lose your teeth one by one! Well-known mistakes that are very dangerous in dental health

Since social media came into our lives, health advice is one of the topics that everyone follows with interest on the platforms. Some of this advice is true, while others do more harm than you think. Advice that is not based on medical facts can make your health worse. TRUE KNOWN FAULTS IN DENTAL HEALTH … Read more