Astronomy: Happy Birthday, Hubble !: Space Telescope turns 30

3 min ago The Hubble telescope has been orbiting the earth for thirty years, searching for the secrets of space. It didn’t look like a success story at first. From Tim Frehler It has been circumnavigating the earth for thirty years, 13 meters long and weighing eleven tons. The Hubble space telescope was launched on … Read more

Hubble telescope turned thirty: three iconic space photographs | NOW

Hubble telescope, from the American space agency NASA and the European space agency ESA, will exist on Friday for thirty years. Photos taken by Hubble have led to some important scientific discoveries. In honor of the telescope’s thirtieth anniversary, NASA is presenting special anniversary photos taken by the telescope from several galaxies, among others. For … Read more

Unpublished images of the Earth taken by the Bepi Colombo probe during its overflight

The coronavirus crisis is currently the focus of attention. But the European Space Agency (ESA) had, very early this Friday morning, an appointment that it could not postpone. The Bepi Colombo probe flew over the Earth to adjust its trajectory towards Mercury. It was launched in October 2018. The Bepi Colombo probe has since been … Read more

The BepiColombo probe, en route to Mercury, will graze the Earth at dawn

In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, the European Space Agency is preparing to fly over the Earth with the BepiColombo probe en route to Mercury. Explanations from Agnes Montagnon, French manager at ESA and responsible for Flight Operations from BepiColombo to Mercure at the European Space Operations Center in Darmstadt at ESA (Esoc). It … Read more

Mercury probe BepiColombo has to brake in orbit –

Mercury probe BepiColombo has to slow down in orbit Mercury probe on bye-bye flyby Mercury probe Bepicolombo comes to earth one last time near Mercury probe on home visit – BepiColombo brakes in earth orbit Mercury space probe comes closer to Earth than the GPS satellites Good Friday: last “wave” from … Read more

The existence of intermediate black holes reinforced by Hubble

Black holes of intermediate masses, between those of the stars and their giant cousins ​​containing several million to several billion solar masses, are difficult to detect and are the subject of hunting. Some candidates for this title are known, and the last one discovered with the help of the Hubble telescope seems particularly convincing. Last … Read more