The End of the Escape of ABG Pati’s Captive-rape savage man

Solo – The man with the initials PH, the perpetrator of confinement to the rape of a new big child (ABG) in Pati Regency, was finally arrested. Previously, the perpetrators were wanted by the police since the victim was found in an empty house on Sunday, July 31. “Currently, the police have arrested the alleged … Read more

The old high voltage lines will not escape the new standards

The old high-voltage lines should in principle no longer escape the new standards on non-ionizing radiation in the event of work. The Federal Department of the Environment (DETEC) wants to modify the ordinance to comply with a call to order from the Federal Court. He opened a consultation on Tuesday. Power lines and railway installations … Read more

The Sensation of Train to Apocalypse Jakarta, Escape from Zombies at the LRT Station – Fans of zombie stories may have seen the movie Train to Busan. Now, people can try the experience as if being chased by zombies on a train, like the scene in the film. This unique experience can be felt when visiting the rides Train to Apocalypse in Jakarta, organized by PT Lintas Raya … Read more

Daniel Krejčík on the complicated coexistence with Matěj Stropnický at the castle, escape and serious illness

He wanted to be an actor from an early age, but he was not accepted at DAMU due to a lack of talent, while at the same time he was nominated for Thália. A paradox as well as the fact that he likes living art, but from an early age he saw mostly the dead … Read more

Mohamed Abrini hoped that he would be made to escape: what reveals wiretaps carried out by the State Security at the prison of Bruges

Mohamed Abrini, “the man in the hat” of the Brussels attacks, hoped, two months after his arrest, that “people” would make him escape. He would have liked his younger brother to recover the weapons of the Brussels terrorist cell that the suicide bombers had hidden before striking in Zaventem and Maelbeek on March 22, 2016. … Read more

Hunting for the Second Gen Ford Escape, many more SUVs, priced at this price

Doc. AUTOMOTIVE Second generation Ford Escape – For those who want to pick up Medium SUV especially from the United States, Ford The second generation Escape can be an interesting choice. Ford Escape It was first sold by PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) in 2002 and was imported in its entirety or Completely Built … Read more

They managed to escape – testimonies of Ukrainians deported to Russia

Published on 08/06/2022, 14:59 Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been forcibly deported to Russia since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February. In interviews with The New York Times, a dozen people who managed to escape described the process, known as “filtration,” as part of Russia’s campaign to “denazify” and “disarm” Ukraine. Simon Ostrovsky, Ainara … Read more

Stadjer and his family escape drama in German hotel: ‘We are still healthy, that counts’

‘My son, who was still in the hotel, was shocked by what happened. We have always taught our children that if something is wrong and we are not there, they should leave everything behind, leave the hotel, and go straight to the neighbors. Aitof has done that neatly,” said Bult.

V. Putin is preparing an escape plan?

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his cronies are preparing an emergency evacuation plan should Ukraine win. The British tabloid “Daily Express” reports on the plans of the head of the Kremlin to flee to Syria, as the closest friendly country, based on undisclosed information. However, the possible evacuation of the Russian president will be associated … Read more