We have broken up a Russian spy group, Poland announced

“Counterintelligence has arrested nine people suspected of working for the Russian secret service,” the interior minister said. Six suspects have been preliminarily charged with espionage and participation in an organized crime group. The other three are still being questioned. “The suspects were carrying out espionage against Poland and preparing sabotage for Russian intelligence services,” he … Read more

9 persons suspected of espionage for Russia have been detained in Poland

Poland’s security services have arrested members of a Russian spy network suspected of planning acts of sabotage and monitoring railway lines used to transport weapons to Ukraine, Polish officials said on Thursday. Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminskis said that the Internal Security Agency has arrested nine people suspected of spying for Russia. Three of them were … Read more

πŸ“° American/Chinese espionage on the planet Mars

Even on Mars, it’s hard to escape surveillance. The Chinese Zhurong vehicle, whose fate has been unknown since December, was photographed by the US satellite Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which orbits the planet rouge since 2006. The robot is the small circle vert In the center. NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona It is unknown what the fate of … Read more

Putin’s mole in German intelligence wanted to give the coordinates of the HIMARS rocket launchers to the Russians

Last fall, the Russian FSB spy service asked Linke through the courier Arthur E. (31) to give it precise information about the location of the HIMARS and Iris-T missile systems supplied to Ukraine by the US and Germany, the portal wrote Mirror online. “German prosecutors are said to believe that it is unlikely that he … Read more

Another man was arrested in Germany, who was delivering secret information to the Russians

The man was detained after returning from the United States. The General Prosecutor’s Office in Karlsruhe said that Arthur E. cooperated with BND employee Carsten L. He was arrested in Berlin on December 21 last year. Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) spoke after the arrests about Russian espionage being hit hard. BND chief Bruno … Read more

Espionage: How is China trying to steal US industrial secrets?

Nicholas Young BBC January 26, 2023 image copyright Getty Images photo comment, Turbine blades of General Electric of France A seemingly innocent photograph was the cause of the thunderous fall of Zeng Xiaoqing, a former employee of the General Electric Power Group of Companies. According to the US Department of Justice, US citizen Zeng was … Read more

Sweden: Pair of brothers convicted of espionage for Russia

Peyman Kia Peyman Kia (42) is sentenced to life for aggravated espionage. The younger brother Payam Kia (35) is sentenced to nine years and ten months in prison. Published: January 19 Updated yesterday 06:54 This is what the Swedish newspaper writes The evening paper. The brothers have been convicted of spying for the Russian intelligence … Read more

Iran has executed a British man accused of espionage

Alireza Akbari, who was convicted of “corruption on the ground and of undermining the country’s internal and external security by passing on intelligence,” was hanged, Iran’s judicial news agency Mizan Online reported. His execution came despite international outrage over the executions of him and other people detained during mass protests across the country. Mizan Online … Read more

Lesbos: Court drops espionage charges against sea rescuers

The Greek judiciary has dropped controversial proceedings against more than 20 sea rescue workers – including the German Sean Binder and the Syrian Sarah Mardini. The prosecution accused them of espionage, among other things. The court of Mytilene, the capital of the island of Lesvos, made the decision due to procedural flaws, in particular the … Read more