Here was sitting King Farouk .. 86 years since the establishment of the ancient tea kiosk in Alexandria

Inside the Montazah Gardens, east of Alexandria Governorate, there is the ancient tea kiosk, one of the most important places where King Farouk used to sit with world leaders to drink tea, which has been called by this name since 1936. The history of the tea island kiosk in the Montazah Gardens, east of Alexandria … Read more

Emirates News Agency – On the 51st Union Day … the UAE evokes the legacy of the leaders of “establishment” and “empowerment”

From Jacob Ali and Majdi Salman. ABU DHABI, 27th November, WAM / As the country’s celebrations of the 51st Day of the Union approach, the UAE recalls the milestones and achievements made over half a century by the founding leader, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, “may God rest his soul in peace,” … Read more

Suspicions of abuse in nurseries in Flanders: a 27th establishment forced to close its doors

The Flemish agency Opgroeien announced on Thursday that it had withdrawn the license to operate an additional nursery, located in Machelen (Flemish Brabant), in a context of abuse cases that led to political turmoil and the resignation of its general administrator. last week. The decision, announced on the Opgroeien website – literally “to grow up”, … Read more

“Top star married man, visiting golf in Japan with a woman from an entertainment establishment” report ‘noisy’

It has been claimed that Mr. A, a married top star in his 40s, played golf in Japan accompanied by women from entertainment establishments. On the 22nd, SBS Entertainment News reported that on the 31st of last month, Mr. A had a round with Mr. B, the representative of a domestic entertainment agency, and two … Read more

Costco will open another establishment in Spain. Find out where!

Apart from the well-known Walmart, Costco is a hypermarket chain gigantic and very famous in the United States. It stands out for offering big-brand products at fairly cheap prices, and in fact therein lies its main attraction for customers who shop at its stores. In the year 2014, this company expanded to spain, and at … Read more

ANO prevented the accelerated approval of changes in the establishment of data boxes

According to the currently valid law, from January 1, everyone who logs in to any of the state’s digital services using a bank identity or an electronic ID should receive a data box. The government of Prime Minister Petr Fiala proposes that the data box be set up for ordinary people only and exclusively at … Read more

The UAE welcomes the establishment of the Epidemiological Prevention Fund

Normal She participated in the meeting of the Ministers of Finance and Health within the “Group of Twenty” November 13, 2022 17:20 pm reading 2 minutes Abu Dhabi: «The Gulf»The Ministries of Finance, Health and Community Protection participated in the second joint meeting of the Ministers of Finance and Health within the Group of Twenty … Read more

The WHO urges the establishment of a new paradigm in the development and access to vaccines

During the last two decades there has been a very important advance in global access to vaccines. However, an extensive evaluation embodied in the ‘WHO report on the global vaccine market in 2022‘, shows that there are still significant challengessuch as failures and delays in research and development, regulatory barriers, manufacturing constraints, uneven access, or … Read more

They forcefully remove a cult Plovdiv establishment

© A cult Plovdiv establishment is being forcibly removed, it was reported the district mayor Georgi Stamenov. The order to remove the movable objects in the area of ​​”Mladezhka” street is valid for all other similar objects there, said the mayor. Now it is specifically about “Vodolaza”. The decision was made after the … Read more

Come on, take a peek at the secret behind the establishment of Telemedicine Alodokter

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Technological growth occurs in all lines of business. This is no exception for services to consult a doctor which is marked by the presence of telemedicine. Telemedicine services are able to answer the needs of the community regarding health more quickly and easily. Telemedicine services are also becoming increasingly popular, especially … Read more