Drama Doctor Kwan Knot Tweet “Tom Yan Tee” died, a popular page called for the Medical Council of the Ethics Examination.

became an issue that has been criticized in the online world from the case “gift doctor“ Fuji Eternal has tweeted a message from the death of “Tom Yan hit“ or Khunying Wimon Siripaiboon Thai novelist and is a national artist Literature department in 2012 Read related news The drama that arises from the “Doctor Gift” … Read more

“Do I need a booster if I had the Covid after being vaccinated”?

Dear Maria, “To date, patients who have contracted Covid-19 after their first vaccination schedule should not be offered a booster dose ”, indicates the note from the General Health Inspectorate (IGS) dated August 27 which specifies the modalities of the new vaccination campaign. The additional dose of vaccine will therefore not be necessary in case … Read more

Angela Merkel’s 16 years: “A scientist lent to politics. Her limit is the absence of vision, her legacy an unparalleled ethics”

A chancellor forged by crisis, which like no other marked his era: “When we look back at these first ones twenty years of the Third Millennium, in my opinion we will talk about Merkel’s age ”. Merkel’s age (320 pages, Marsilio, 18 euros) is the new book by Paolo Valentino, correspondent in Berlin and since … Read more

Lili Pintauli Violates Ethics, Bambang Widjojanto Asks KPK to Firmly Apply KPK Law

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Former Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Bambang Widjojanto asked the KPK leadership to consistently apply the law after the decision of the KPK Supervisory Board on one of the leaders, Lily Pintauli Siregar. Lili was declared proven to have violated ethics because she met a party whose case was being … Read more

Dewas Explains the Actions of KPK Leader Lili Pintauli who violated heavy ethics

Jakarta – The KPK Supervisory Board (Dewas) declared the Deputy Chairperson of the KPK Lili Pantauli Siregar committed a serious violation of the code of ethics related to the case of the Mayor of Tanjung Balai M Syahrial. Lili was declared to have violated ethics because she had a direct relationship with M Syahrial. Member … Read more

“How can I assert my vaccine contraindication? “

Hello Patrick, If you have a contraindication to vaccination, that you have not had the Covid and that you do not wish to carry out tests regularly, you will be able to obtain the health pass through a slightly different process. In a decree published on August 8 in the Official Journal, the Prime Minister … Read more

The Saeima admits that Gobzem has violated four points of the code of ethics and will expel him from one parliamentary sitting – BNN

The deputies of the Saeima Mandates, Ethics and Submissions Commission admitted that the MP Aldis Gobzems (LK) had violated four points of the deputy’s code of ethics, therefore he was given the heaviest type of punishment – expulsion to one Saeima sitting. On Monday, July 5, the commission decided to prosecute Gobzem for his statements … Read more

Khofifah Dismissed Sekda Bondowoso from Position because of Alleged Violation of ASN Code of Ethics Page all

BONDOWOSO, KOMPAS.com – Governor of East Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa temporarily suspended Regional Secretary Bondowoso Syaifullah from his position, Thursday (27/8/2020). Deputy Regent of Bondowoso, Irwan Bachtiar, said that the Regional Secretary Syaifullah was temporarily suspended in connection with violations of the ASN code of ethics. This is related to the case of threats of … Read more

detector dogs on a good track

Based on the honorable efficiency of dogs trained to detect diseases such as diabetes, breast and prostate cancer, or malaria, veterinarians and dog handlers from the fire brigade, led by Dominique Grandjean, professor at the Alfort National Veterinary School and fire brigade commander, are on a good track. Indeed, their detection method is efficient, rapid, … Read more

Malaria parasite begins to resist major drug in Africa

First cases of resistance to the main antimalarial in Africa For the first time in Africa, a Franco-Rwandan team of scientists, led by Didier Ménard from the Institut Pasteur in Paris and Aline Uwimana from the Rwanda Biomedical Center in Kigali, highlighted what field doctors and the WHO feared for a long time: the appearance … Read more