Krzysztof Lavrinović about the 525 thousand pressing him. EUR asset seizure: “I am innocent”

Those who have been to Siena cannot forget the annual Palio di Siena horse race in the center of the city. Anyone who likes basketball cannot help but remember the Siena Montepaschi team. It emerged two decades ago when the Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank based in the city started sponsoring the club. Ergins … Read more

“Maxima grup” invests 100 million Eur supply chain and operational efficiency-enhancing solutions

photo of Vladimir Ivanovs (V). Maxima grup, which manages retail chains and electronic stores in the Baltic states, Poland and Bulgaria, has committed to 2030. reduce our impact on the environment. It will also encourage partners to do so. At the group level until 2030 it is planned to reduce the negative impact by 42% … Read more

“INVL Baltic Real Estate” earned 4.2 million last year. EUR net profit

CHASING 2023 m. kovo 20 d. 20:31 aA The real estate investment company “INVL Baltic Real Estate” earned 4.2 million in 2022. 24 percent of the consolidated net profit of EUR. more than in 2021. Last year’s result was positively influenced by 4 million. revaluation of the value of the available real estate, announced in … Read more

The price of natural gas on the TTF exchange has fallen below the EUR 40 mark

On Monday, the price of natural gas in the Dutch “Title Transfer Facility” (TTF) exchange fell below 40 euros per megawatt hour for the first time since July 2021. Content will continue after the ad Advertising On Monday early afternoon, the price of natural gas on the TTF exchange was 39.65 euros per megawatt hour. … Read more

Raise 25 million with Evernord bonds. Eur

Visualization of the Novira Plaza business complex in Riga. Company photo The Lithuanian asset management company Evernord Asset Management, which owns the majority of shares in the Novira Plaza business complex project in Riga, raised 25 million during five rounds of public bond distribution. Euro investments for the development of the complex. a total of … Read more

Swedbank received almost 76 million EUR fine from the Swedish regulator

Swedbank reported on Wednesday that the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA) issued a note to the bank and 850 million euros. crowns (75.7 million euros) administrative fine. The regulator’s decision relates to an incident in April 2022 where customers were shown incorrect statements due to an information technology (IT) failure. Swedbank expressed its regret for … Read more

14 million is being invested in a new shopping and leisure complex in the capital Kalnėnai. Eur

Company visualization. It is planned to build 9,400 sq.m. m complex, which will consist of trade and sports spaces, a swimming pool will be installed, and a kindergarten will be located. Darius Baliukevičius, general director of UAB E1 NT, which is developing the project, VŽ says that the total value of the project, including investments … Read more

Volkswagen aims to get 10 billion for the battery factory. Eur from USA

Photo by Linas Butkaus (VŽ). Having estimated that it can receive 10 billion Euro U.S. incentives have Volkswagen temporarily shelving plans to build a battery plant in Eastern Europe in favor of a similar plant in North America. According to the Financial Times, this is the latest 369 billion dollar investment by Joe Biden, the … Read more

Šiaulių bankas offers almost 16 mln. EUR dividends

Šiaulių bankas, which earned 63.6 million last year. EUR net profit, offers to pay out almost EUR 16 million to the shareholders. EUR dividends, or 2.65 cents per share with a nominal value of 29 cents (9.14%). In the profit distribution project submitted to the bank’s shareholders’ meeting, which is convened on March 31, it … Read more

EUR 237 million order: Voestalpine to supply Zeltweger turnouts for British high-speed rail

London to Birmingham will take 45 minutes instead of 82, and the train journey from London to Manchester will take just 67 minutes instead of 127 minutes. The British high-speed line “High Speed ​​2” is one of the largest European infrastructure projects. Its projected cost is now more than £105 billion. Ascending trend. The trains … Read more