Isiah Thomas said his favorite current NBA point guards

The mythical player of the Detroit Pistons, Isiah ThomasHe has said who he thinks are the best pointguards in the NBA today. This was his answer: “It has to be said that Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, James Harden, they are in the elite … “ “You gotta say [Chris] Paul, [Stephen] … Read more

Ranking of NBA teams according to their television rating

The television audiences NBA players are not going through their best moment, so it is important to know first-hand which teams and which players attract the most to the public when trying to impose a certain league model. It must be said that the teams that have been followed the most in the United States … Read more

The Superliga will have 18 clubs under the Euroleague format

The European Super League has ceased to be a project to become a reality. The great European clubs, including The best teams from Spain, England, Italy, Germany and France have given their approval to the new competition that will begin in September 2022 and that will replicate the Euroleague basketball model, with round-trip matches between … Read more

Charlotte Hornets best options in NBA Draft 2020

A golden opportunity to give a boost to the rebuilding project that seemed stuck. That’s what it will do to Charlotte Hornets enjoy the third election in the NBA Draft 2020, which will allow them to bid for one of the best college players of the year. It is a batch full of talent that … Read more

Best forwards available in NBA Free Agency 2020

Opportunity time that is presented in the league with the next opening of the NBA Free Agency 2020. One of the most relevant positions in today’s basketball is that of forward, with different player profiles and a common desire: to find versatile men, capable of playing above the rim, being very physical, defending any position … Read more

Kendrick Perkins says he knows who the Warriors will draft

Golden State Warriors He has gone from being clear about the player that the San Francisco franchise was going to choose in the next NBA Draft 2020 with his pick No. 2 to going back to the beginning, where doubts reigned within the offices of the board . The reason for it? Deni Avidja. Apparently, … Read more

Kevin Seraphin, former NBA and Barça Lassa player, announces his retirement from basketball at the age of 30

Retires from basketball Kevin Seraphin. This was announced by the former player himself during an interview for the First Time medium. The Frenchman does it at age 30 and leaving behind a career very affected by physical knee problems. Serpahin spent seven years in the NBA, to which he arrived from the 2010 Draft being … Read more

Zaza Pachulia warns the NBA: “The Warriors are going to compete at the highest level”

Zaza Pachulia, former player of Golden State Warriors and retired in 2019 from the world of professional basketball, he has recently appeared to warn the NBA that the San Francisco franchise is ready to return to its rightful place: the fight for the ring. This has been made known in statements collected by Yahoo! Sports. … Read more

NBA: The NBA, a clock that advances its hours for Campazzo and marks the pace of Real Madrid

NBA On December 22 the season in the USA can begin. Lthe NBA seems willing to overtake the start of the 2020-2021 season And when everyone was looking to January as the starting gun for the new course, Adam Silver does not want to waste any more time and has proposed to the franchise owners … Read more