Mmo EVE Online Embraces ‘Spreadsheets’ Identity With Official Excel Integration – Gaming – .Geeks

Never gonna happen, never gonna happen… Never gonna happen! ūüėČ The great strength of the EVE Online (IP) is that it all runs on 1 large cluster, they will not turn their necks on that one world they have created for something vague like ‘more up to date’… Graphics are still excellent and only getting … Read more

EVE Online will get integration with Excel – fans are delighted

EVE Online often referred to as a “table simulator”. Many hardcore players in EVE do use spreadsheets to keep track of various data about their in-game businesses, including profits, fleet damage, potential markets, and more. Now CCP Games has decided to meet gamers and announced official support for Microsoft Excel. During the EVE Fanfest, the … Read more

EVE Online will have direct support for Excel spreadsheets – with the help of Microsoft itself

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D1B: A decisive board meeting this Monday at Excel Mouscron

We have entered the home stretch for a possible recovery of Excel Mouscron. Last Thursday, a board meeting took place. It followed a visit to the Hurle facilities (stadium and Futuro) by a Brazilian group. We recognized in particular Tulio De Melo, the former player of Lille, who became an agent, with Patrick Declerck and … Read more

Goodbye to Excel: why it is being replaced in companies and what to learn now

Excel, Microsoft’s spreadsheet tool, It is one of the most used applications in companies.. The software is used for budgeting, integrated financial planning, management reporting and scenario forecasting. However, today, its functions are old: its use can bring difficulties when making financial projections, much more so in times of uncertainty. That is why, currently and … Read more

Excel Mouscron, a club without a license and without a stadium… The specter of bankruptcy returns

While the REM was refused to obtain the license, the specter of bankruptcy returns… This becomes a refrain that we know well at the Canonnier: Mouscron has not received his licence. It’s the seventh time in‚Ķ eight years! It is the only D1A and D1B club not to have received the sesame‚Ķ At this stage, … Read more

G√©rard Lopez called a “coward” by a player from … / Belgium / Royal Excel Mouscron /

Leaving Lille to buy the red lanterns of Ligue 1 and Division 1B is a great achievement. Owner of the Girondins de Bordeaux, G√©rard Lopez is indeed also the majority shareholder of the Royal Excel Mouscron. But whether in France or Belgium, the Hispano-Luxembourgish businessman is in the sauce with his clubs. Penultimate in Division … Read more

For the first time… Manchester City beat Real Madrid

Manchester City became the richest club in the world for the first time, having generated 644 million euros in revenue in the 2020-2021 season, followed by Real Madrid in second place with 640.1 million euros. For the first time, the English club topped the “Football Money Association” study prepared by Deloitte, in which Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčwhich … Read more

Brazilian hackers excel again, this time hacked by Ubisoft

Brazilian hackers excel again, this time hacked by Ubisoft The Ubisoft IT team is working with external experts to investigate the incident, which happened last week. Ubisoft faced a “cybersecurity incident” last week that temporarily disrupted certain games, systems and services. the company said on Thursday . Ubisoft did not say who was responsible for … Read more