7 days with the crown – Updated EUR/CZK exchange rate forecast

Crown I had a relatively calm week behind me, when the absence of important domestic and global economic events contributed to my volatile development. Perhaps the information from Japanese investment bank Nomura, which issued a warning that the Czech Republic falls between 7 sttwhich in the fifth year hroz mnov crisis. But the alarm came … Read more

Bitcoin price falls again after the bankruptcy of another exchange

The bitcoin price fell 3.5% from $16,573 to $15,995 since last Sunday the 27th at 5:00 p.m. Venezuela time, after the new Blockfi bankruptcy filingone of the exchanges and lenders of cryptocurrencies most important in the ecosystem. At 6:00 pm Venezuela time, the BTC price It is at $16,170 while all the technical indicators predict … Read more

NB does not intervene to support the koruna on the foreign exchange market for about a month, it has not invested a single euro from its safe. The koruna is still holding on to a historically strong level

esk national bank u roughly msc did not enter the foreign exchange markets to there she intervened by selling devizovch reserve for a stronger crown. In rmci daily online debates on pd zemsk central bank he just stated that bankovn radiy NB Oldich Ddek. Pesto, and central bank he doesn’t intervene like that, hold on … Read more

The exchange rate of the dollar against the Egyptian pound.. “shocking” expectations from international banks

Although Egypt allowed the pound to fall more than almost every other currency in the world during the fourth quarter, investors still wondered if the authorities would loosen their grip completely if they came under more pressure. According to him Investment bank Nomura CapitalEgypt is the economy most exposed to a currency crisis over the … Read more

A Lebanese journalist is subjected to sexual blackmail in exchange for a job

A Lebanese journalist said that she was blackmailed by a journalist who placed an advertisement for the employment of female journalists, and asked her to agree to establishing a sexual relationship in addition to her job duties, as a condition for her acceptance of the job. Journalist Rania Hamza published a post on her Facebook, … Read more

This is what the exchange rate swallowed in the morning! …Lebanon

The latest developments in Press B.. Tayyar.org See what the exchange rate swallowed this morning! Now watch the details. The exchange rate of the black market dollar recorded this morning, Saturday, November 26, 2022, between 40,200 and 40,300 Lebanese pounds against the US dollar. Details from the source – click here Watch that what the … Read more

Price of the dollar in Colombia today, November 27: exchange rate and value in Colombian pesos

The price of the dollar in Colombia for today, Sunday, November 27, 2022, is: $ 4,881.41 pesos. The TRM remained unchanged. The TRM increased by 21.79% (873.28 pesos) in reference to the same day of the previous year, but decreased by 0.28% (13.88 pesos) compared to the same day of the previous month. The representative … Read more

An additional rise in the exchange rate of the dollar.. This is what it recorded this afternoon

Subscribe for free to Al Diyar YouTube channel The exchange rate of the parallel market dollar recorded a new high this afternoon, Friday, as money changers buy it at 40,250 pounds, and sell it at 40,300 Lebanese pounds, for one dollar. And the dollar recorded this morning 40,000 pounds for purchase, and 40,050 pounds for … Read more

LAST MINUTE! Central Bank foreign exchange reserves at the peak of 2022!

In the said period, gold reserves increased by 1 billion 953 million dollars and reached 42 billion 855 million dollars from 40 billion 902 million dollars. Thus, the Central Bank’s total reserves rose from 117 billion 523 million dollars to 122 billion 885 million dollars in the week of November 18, with an increase of … Read more

new exchange of prisoners of war between Moscow and kyiv

Russia and Ukraine have carried out a new exchange of prisoners of war, freeing 50 people each, according to kyiv and Moscow. Several Ukrainian cities remain largely without electricity and running water, in the wake of new massive strikes by Russia specifically targeting energy infrastructure. Find the thread of November 24. 11:48 p.m .: water … Read more