The US offers Slovakia helicopters in exchange for fighter jets to Ukraine

News VIPER: An American Bell AH-1Z Viper during an exercise in Kansas on June 15, 2022.Photo: Joshua Davis, US Defense Slovakia will send MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine. As a thank you, Slovakia gets American helicopters on sale. The United States has offered to sell twelve Bell AH-1Z attack helicopters to Slovakia as a replacement for … Read more

The “Central” cancels the decision to allow money changers to sell exchange dollars … the step is illegal!

Source: call home Basema Atwi wrote in Nidaa Al-Watan: The decision of the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, to allow first-class money changers to sell dollars at a price of 90,000 pounds, did not last more than 48 hours. As it was canceled on Wednesday afternoon, as the money changers reported, many … Read more

The koruna continues to strengthen against the euro and the dollar, the Prague stock exchange weakened

Update: 23.03.2023 17:24 Issued by: 23.03.2023, 17:24 Prague – The Czech currency continued to strengthen against both major world currencies on Thursday. As of 17:00, compared to the previous close, the euro strengthened by ten halers to 23.60 CZK/EUR and the dollar by 27 halers to 21.68 CZK/USD. This follows from data on the Patria … Read more

Price of the dollar, March 22: Exchange rate in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua…

The US dollar falls. For the morning of this Wednesday, March 22, the North American currency registered a considerable fall, retreating against various emerging currencies, among them, the Mexican peso, a currency that it advanced 0.11 percent against the dollar. The performance of the greenback is the result of a market that is expectant before … Read more

Money changers did not practice ‘money exchange’… Here is the number of licensed money changers!

It was stated in “Nidaa Al-Watan”: Yesterday, category “A” exchange houses did not start carrying out the operations of the “exchange” platform, as authorized by the Banque du Liban in the statement it issued the day before yesterday. The reasons are as follows: First, the banks’ resumption of their strike and opening their doors to … Read more

Convenience for electricity market participants is ensured by the data exchange platform developed by ESO

The possibility to change the electricity supplier in one step, and for this to receive all the necessary customer data immediately, is an important condition for a convenient electricity market liberalization process and smooth functioning of the market. This is ensured by the data exchange platform developed by the company “Energijos skirmish operatorius” (ESO). Last … Read more

The price of natural gas on the TTF exchange has fallen below the EUR 40 mark

On Monday, the price of natural gas in the Dutch “Title Transfer Facility” (TTF) exchange fell below 40 euros per megawatt hour for the first time since July 2021. Content will continue after the ad Advertising On Monday early afternoon, the price of natural gas on the TTF exchange was 39.65 euros per megawatt hour. … Read more

The Milan Stock Exchange was down, followed by the other European markets

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Piazza Affari is moving in decidedly negative territory. The same downward trend also for the main European stock exchanges. L’Euro / US Dollar shows a modest gain, with an increase of 0.24%. L’Oro the session continued on the rise and advanced to 2,004.2 dollars an ounce. Oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil) … Read more

A significant rise in the price of the dollar on the black market, and the crisis is exacerbated by exchange companies

Two heads of exchange companies talked about the price of the dollar on the black market, pointing to the rise in the price of the American currency on the black market during the past two weeks, compared to the official rate in banks and money changers. Experts explained that the rise in the price of … Read more

〈After-hours in mainland ports〉Credit Suisse’s debt reduction dragged down Hong Kong stocks and the Hang Seng Index hit a new low this year. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell in the afternoon |

On Monday (20th), the mainland stock market soared higher and retreated. The main indexes fell sharply in the afternoon, and the market volume increased to more than one trillion yuan.RMB. Hong Kong stocks were dragged down by banking stocks, as Credit Suisse’s AT1 bond will be written down to dampen investor confidence. The Hang Seng … Read more