NeXT, the company with which Steve Jobs was able to “survive” after being expelled from Apple | Spain | United States | Mexico | TECHNOLOGY

No one can deny the relevance of Apple in the technological world. And much of that success is due to the genius who founded it, Steve Jobs. However, there was a time when things did not go so well for the founder of the apple firm. It was at that time that he created NeXT, … Read more

The non-commissioned officer expelled from FETÖ is the ringleader of the prostitution gang

In the operation carried out against the gang that forced Turkish and foreign women to prostitution in the capital, 9 suspects were detained. Ankara Police Department Anti-Immigrant Smuggling and Border Gates Branch Office teams detected a network that forced Turkish and foreign women into prostitution. The teams that took action caught and detained 9 suspects, … Read more

Crusaders are not allowed here. The Cathars expelled the English in the costumes of Christian knights

Some England fans were prevented from entering the stands before the World Cup match due to historical costumes. In the new episode of Sports Social, you will see what kind of reinforcements the Americans are preparing for Qatar. 1:35 Crusaders are not allowed here. The Cathars expelled the English in the costumes of Christian knights … Read more

The communists expelled them, they also survived the loss of a baby. Juraj Kukura still talks to his wife out of respect

I always say, and it is still true, that my home is where my wife is, says Juraj Kukura. The audience loved him, the communists hated him. Juraj Growth was one of the youngest actors who acquired the title of meritorious artist, but it was later taken away from him. While filming abroad, he was … Read more

Moroccan imam Iquioussen set to be expelled from Belgium –

Already the subject of an expulsion order in France, the imam of Moroccan origin, Hassan Iquioussen, who found refuge this summer in Belgium, was placed in a closed center in view of his expulsion to France, said Wednesday in a press release, the Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Nicole de Moor. “The … Read more

The scale surprised Putin: more than 400 Russian spies were expelled from Europe

The head of the counter-intelligence service emphasizes that a huge number of Russian officials have been expelled from countries around the world as a result of a concerted campaign this year. More than 600 officials have been expelled from European countries alone, of which at least 400 are Russian spies. “This has been the most … Read more

Larisa Dolina was expelled from the Kremlin after a careless song :: Showbiz

Russian performer Larisa Dolina made a confession at the age of 67. It turned out that the star is cautious about performances in the Kremlin – after all, such a platform was once completely not her format. In the Soviet years, Larisa’s repertoire was not at all pop – she could not break into the … Read more

TikTok star mocked Russia – expelled

The TikTok star “Nekoglai”, whose real name is Nikolai Lebedev, published a video earlier this week in which he mocks Russia’s warfare in Ukraine. Nekoglai has a whopping 9.5 million followers on the popular platform, and the video, which mimics a Russian soldier fighting Ukrainian grenades, quickly spread on social media. However, the parody did … Read more