Lavrov spoke with Guterres about the export of Ukrainian grain

“The parties discussed some of the most pressing international problems, with an emphasis on food security in the context of the situation in Ukraine and Donbas,” reads the Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement. Lavrov was to present a detailed Russian assessment of the current situation in Ukraine and in the separatist republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, … Read more

Palm Oil News – Aspectpir’s Request Requests Permit to Export Palm Oil FFB to Malaysia instead of Cans

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The chairman of the DPD I Association of North Sumatran Palm Oil Palm Farmers (Aspek-PIR), Syarifudin Sirait, admitted that he had spoken to all administrators throughout Indonesia so that Aspect-PIR would seek to export fresh fruit bunches (FFB) of palm oil to Malaysia. This was done because the price of palm FFB … Read more

Addicted to Buying Ships from PT PAL, the Philippines Successfully Finds an Export Lading Dock Deal from Indonesia – PT PAL Indonesia dan Department of National Defense (DND) Filipina has succeeded in finding an agreement on exports Landing Dock ke Filipina. The deal was held at the Ministry of National Defense Filipina on Friday, June 24, 2022. The signing was also carried out by the CMO PT PAL Indonesia Willgo Zainar with … Read more

Palm Oil News – Palm Cooking Oil Policy, Impact on April 2022 CPO Export Volume

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The government’s focus on increasing the supply of palm cooking oil in the country has an impact on the quantity of exports of palm oil derivative products from Indonesia in the period of April 2022. Executive Director of the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI), Mukti Sardjono, in an official statement received InfoSAWITThursday … Read more

German minister responds to Russian gas export cut

Jun 21 2022 19:35 German Economy Minister Robert Habeck responded today, Tuesday, to Russia’s cut in gas exports to Germany.Habeck said the reduction in gas flows from Russia was an economic attack on Germany, adding that it was part of a plan to raise concerns.Commenting on Russia’s moves, Habek said, “This is a new dimension… … Read more

Russian helicopter violates Estonian airspace: “Very serious act”. Kremlin: “Meeting with Turkey on the corridors for the export of grain” – Direct

21 June 2022 23:15 Biden: “I’m not afraid of fractures in the West” Joe Biden said he “feared no fractures” in the Western alliance that is supporting Ukraine against Russia. “But – he added – I think that at some point it will become a waiting game” between “what the Russians can support and what … Read more

Lidia Undiemi: “Too much power for multinationals. How are we going to export democracy if we destroy ours?”

For many distinguished observers, the Russian invasion of Ukraine marks the end of globalization as we have known it. Yet a more gradual slowdown in this process was already underway before the conflict and even before the pandemic. In 2019, the value of global trade had fallen to 57% of world GDP compared to 60% … Read more

Message from the place where they grow the best tea: In the Czech Republic you get only remnants of quality

/ From our special rapporteur / “Collect it properly. Pluck the stem with at least three leaves. You see, the bottom is the coarsest, and we need the smallest, softest ones at the very top. ”I struggle with the basket that the tea pickers hung around my head. The hands should thus remain free for … Read more

5 RI Mining Treasures Exported to Malaysia, No. 1 Makes You Addictive

loading… Indonesia’s mining treasures cannot be separated from the glances of neighboring countries such as Malaysia, whose exports continue to increase every year. Photo/Doc JAKARTA – Treasure Indonesian mining is also inseparable from the glances of neighboring countries such as Malaysia , whose exports continue to increase every year. A number of mining commodity whose … Read more

Palm Oil News – Palm Oil Prices Drop again, After Indonesia Starts Export Activities

InfoSAWIT, KUALA LUMPUR – The price of palm oil on the Malaysia Futures Exchange on Wednesday (15/6/2022) fell to its lowest level in more than two months, while other vegetable oils also experienced a decline in prices, in addition to the anticipation that demand would shift to Indonesia due to the start of increasing export … Read more