Deterioration in export climate continues – Bloomberg HT

Negative signals from Turkey’s main export markets continued in November as well. The index value of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) Turkish Manufacturing Industry Export Climate Index, which measures the operating conditions of the Turkish manufacturing sector in the main export markets, reached 50 in November. under left. All figures measured above the threshold … Read more

US oil export record. And India and China withdraw: the price cap could hurt the EU (by C. Paudice)

The day of truth has arrived. The embargo on Russian oil imported into Europe by sea went into effect on 5 December and, at the same time, the price cap on the Russian barrel of the G7 and other countries came into force. After weeks of negotiations in which an attempt was made to reconcile … Read more

China ‘Harms’ RI, Entrepreneurs: We Can’t Do Anything

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Indonesian Employers’ Association (Apindo) finally opened its voice regarding China’s deteriorating economic conditions which had a significant impact on the business world in the country. General Chairperson of the Indonesian Employers’ Association (Apindo) Hariyadi Sukamdani revealed that China’s condition has had a significant impact on Indonesia because China is Indonesia’s … Read more

This Treasure Makes RI Safe from China’s Economic ‘Danger’

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – China’s economic slowdown due to the Zero-Covid policy implemented by the government has sent a danger signal to the Indonesian economy. This is because the trade relations between the two countries are very close. Indonesia’s export market share to China from January to October reached US$ 51.5 billion and contributed 22.3% … Read more

Russia: We will not export our oil to countries that impose a cap on its price, even if we have to cut production

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak announced that his country will not export oil to countries that impose a price ceiling on Russian oil, even if Moscow is forced to cut production. Novak said, in statements reported by the official Russian news agency RIA Novosti, on Sunday: “I want … Read more

Sherif El-Khouly, partner at Actis, talks about the export industries that should be focused on now and in the future

We recently had breakfast with 20 CEOs, to talk about the importance of exports and foreign direct investment in driving The Egyptian economy during the coming period. Some of the participating CEOs agreed with two questions, after reading them Enterprise report, which included five proposed steps That would increase exports and attract more foreign investment. … Read more

Ukraine Russia Online: Russian oil gets a ceiling, Moscow threatens not to export

US intelligence services expect a reduced pace of fighting in Ukraine over the next few months. At the same time, they see no evidence of a reduced will of Ukrainians to resist the Russian invasion, despite Moscow’s attacks on critical infrastructure. “Already we are seeing some reduction in the pace of the conflict (…) and … Read more

Moeldoko’s Firm Statement After RI Lost Lawsuit on Nickel Export Stop

Jakarta – Indonesia lost the European Union and World Trade Organization (WTO) lawsuits against the suspension nickel export by Indonesia and have to channel the nickel abroad again. Presidential Chief of Staff General (Purn) Moeldoko said Indonesia still had to fight. “Yes, we have to fight. Our national interests must be fought to the fullest,” … Read more

RI Loses Lawsuit to Stop Nickel Exports, Moeldoko: Must Fight It Endlessly

Chief of Presidential Staff Gen. TNI (Ret.) Moeldoko said Indonesia must continue to fight despite previously losing in a lawsuit by the European Union and the World Trade Organization (WTO) against Indonesia’s halting of nickel exports. Jokowi even said that even though he lost, Indonesia could still appeal.

22 years ago the PS2 was released. It was so powerful that Japan did not want to export it for fear that it would be used for military weapons.

In 1994 Sony gave the chime with the original PlayStation. That console managed to shake the foundations of that segment dominated by Sega and Nintendo. Its success was enormous and the Japanese company quickly set to work on its successor. One that turned out to be so powerful that it was even dangerous. It was … Read more