“Neptūnas” fell in Kėdainiai, and Panevėžys needed an extension

For more than the first three minutes, Tomas Gaidamavičius’ students were unable to play effectively, at that time Kėdainiai basketball players attacked much more successfully and started the match with a spurt 7: 0. Klaipeda residents have taken the initiative Žygimantas Janavičius, he scored five points in a row and woke up the teammates, but … Read more

Pacers, who played without D. Sabonis, reached the season performance record and victory after the extension

In the National Basketball Association (NBA), the victory after overtime was won without Domanto Sabonio played for the Indiana Pacers (22/26) team, which are out 139:133 (32:33, 35:26, 31:38, 28:29, 13:17) beat the San Antonio Spurs (24/23) basketball players. The Pacers took the lead with 3 points (126: 123) in the final half of the … Read more

Superbonus 110% and home bonus: extension to April 15th

Two more weeks to communicate to the Revenue Agency if you intend to take advantage of the deductions provided for work in houses and condominiums and, if so, if you prefer the discount on the invoice or the transfer of credit. The original deadline for sending the forms was scheduled for March 16, 2021, then … Read more

Foreign miners demonstrated mining with 7 RTX 3060 graphics cards at a time, and lifted the restriction through PCIe extension cable and virtual HDMI

With the release of NVIDIA itself to lift the limit of RTX 3060 ether mining, it really can’t stop it. RTX 3060 has now become one of the main graphics cards for many miners. Recently, a foreign miner used 7 RTX 3060s for mining at a time. The restriction can be lifted through PCIe extension … Read more

Alpha test of the extension started on PC; Outlook on the alpha phases

Frontier Developments has the alpha test of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey started on the PC. Alpha is available to Lifetime Expansion Pass holders and to those who have pre-ordered the Odyssey Deluxe Alpha Expansion Pack. The alpha will run for several weeks and will be gradually expanded as the developers collect all sorts of data and … Read more

Online SIM Extension via Cellphone Valid from April

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Police ensure the extension of the driver’s license (SIM) online will start in April. This new way of managing a SIM that is approaching its expiration date is more efficient because it can be done at home or on a cellphone without the need to go to the Satpas. Head of … Read more

The government is calling for an extension of the state of emergency. Self-employed persons will also be required to test

“The state of emergency is needed because the measures, as they are set, work, are interconnected and it is not possible for us to take some measures and it will continue to work the same way,” Interior Minister Jan Hamáček explained why the government will ask the Chamber of Deputies to extend the state of … Read more

Castelli, next step extension of measures for corporate liquidity – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 21 – Now it will be necessary to “facilitate access to credit, also extending those measures, introduced last year with the” Liquidity “Decree, which were more profitably accepted by the system, both for the loans and for the part in support of recapitalisations “. This was stated by Deputy Minister of … Read more