London hardens. The low-emission zone will cover the entire city

Great Britain continues to implement its plans on the road to carbon neutrality, and its capital, London, is a clear example of this approach. The management of the metropolis decided to move the recently expanded emission zone in the city center to other parts of the city. The only exception is the M25 motorway, which … Read more

House must vote on renewable energy subsidy extension

The Chamber of Deputies can vote on Tuesday (29.Nov.2022) the PL (bill) 2,703 of 2022, which extends by 12 months the period for subsidies to distributed micro and mini-generation projects – when consumers themselves generate energy, mainly from solar panels. read the full (246 KB) of the week’s agenda at Casa. The draft authored by … Read more

There is a more direct way to handle descriptor data in the new version of Vulkan

With the new extension, the API of the Khronos Group approaches the operation of DirectX 12. Khronos Group has announced the latest Vulkan API version 1.3.235, which has added a very important extension. THE VK_EXT_descriptor_buffer is a long-awaited development and introduces a total of 11 new commands for placing descriptors accessible by shader programs directly … Read more

Service Provider Mobility Agreement Extension

State Secretariat for the Economy Bern, 21.11.2022 – Switzerland and the United Kingdom extend the service mobility agreement until 31 December 2025. This agreement allows Swiss companies to easily use British service providers and regulates the access of Swiss service providers to the UK market. The Services Mobility Agreement SMA maintains easier access for service … Read more

The government wants to debate the extension of the retirement age as part of the pension reform — ČT24 — Czech Television

“After 2030, the demographically strong cohorts will begin to retire. I think that in order to maintain solid pensions, we should debate this,” said Stanjura. Current pensioners and people who will retire by 2030 would not be affected by the increase in the retirement age. Stanjur’s plan to extend the retirement age again is also … Read more

Plzeň is being praised for its bold move. I didn’t believe they would do it, admits the former player

For the first time, West Bohemia made a risky move at the end of October against Vítkovice, when Petr Zámorský scored the decisive goal for 4:3, a week later Tomáš Mertl scored in Karlovy Vary for the final 5:4. “Vítkovice were obviously taken aback, they didn’t expect it at all. Vary might have expected it … Read more

Climate summit goes into extension, many outstanding issues | climate

UpdateThe UN climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh is going into extension as expected. The summit was scheduled to conclude on Friday, but there are still too many outstanding issues to make it. Chairman Sameh Shoukry announced on Friday afternoon that the talks will continue on Saturday. Shoukry expressed concern about the work still to be … Read more

Agricultural futures market (November 15, 2022) / Market relies on extension of Ukraine export agreement

Wheat prices continued to fall yesterday. The price followed the established trend of the last few days. The wheat price on the Cbot closed slightly higher. In the current week, minus temperatures are announced. This ensures at least a short price increase. We now assume that the agreement between Russia and Ukraine will be extended. … Read more