The wealth of the “air billionaires” melts in the eyes – some can only dream of being among the richest

Portal according to data, on June 17 the global value of cryptocurrencies was 902 billion US dollars (867 billion euros). It might seem like a lot, but last November it amounted to as much as 3.2 trillion dollars (3 trillion euros). The most popular virtual currency is bitcoin, which occupies about 44 percent. all … Read more

The eyes turned to the clothes of the politicians – the expert assures that this is a clear signal to Putin

He said that clothing, as the language says, has been understood for many centuries. According to E. Skertonas, the clothes of the leaders of the Big Seven were coordinated. “It seems there is nothing new. But if we try to see or guess the messages being sent. This is to first understand that it was … Read more

Eyes On Asteroids, monitor near-Earth asteroids in real time

Every June 30, the world commemorates the Asteroid Daya day enacted by the United Nations to “raise public awareness of asteroid impact risks and inform crisis communication measures to be taken worldwide if there is a credible near-Earth object impact threat.” But did you know that there is a NASA web application with which you … Read more

He went for a walk on the Vistula River. What appeared to his eyes was incredible – o2

One of the employees of the Garwolin Forest District during a walk along river in the Rycki poviat, he noticed an unusual object lying on the sand. The man noticed him on the surface of the Vistula rag in the Stężyca commune. After checking it, the forest inspectorate quickly realized that it was most likely … Read more

Startup Mojo Vision showed functioning contact lenses with augmented reality – they can be inserted directly into the eyes

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Mica Viciconte showed Luca Cubero’s face and shocked everyone with his eyes

Mica Viciconte joins the long list of celebrities who had or have babies as or more photogenic than their parents. READ MORE: Mica Viciconte was shown training with an edited video and Luca Cubero made the final closing The influencer has just become a mother for the first time in her life with her partner, … Read more

Those who see these benefits of cherries cannot believe their eyes! Here are the miraculous benefits of cherries that no one knows about

Cherry, which is among the most consumed fruits of the summer months, has become extremely popular in recent days for its benefits for human health. Experts announced that people who regularly eat cherries will get rid of these ailments. In general, this miraculous fruit, which is loved by everyone, must be consumed for a healthy … Read more

When Diabetes Has Triggered Kidney Disease, These Signs Appear Around The Eyes

Kidney disease due to diabetes generally does not show symptoms in its early stages. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Kadar blood sugar uncontrolled can make sufferers diabetes are at risk for various complications, including kidney disease. When complications Kidney illness As a result of diabetes occurring, there are several symptoms that may appear, including symptoms around the … Read more

“I’m waiting for the moment when I cross the border.” Ola Polakov reveals with tears in his eyes when he returns to Ukraine

“I have started to perceive people differently. When I meet Ukrainians in different countries, I realize that they are not just compatriots, but related souls. I want to embrace everyone. All Ukrainian artists have one wish that it will end sooner. We realized how much we love our country. Yes, we always knew we lived … Read more

The researcher who discovered the eye’s third light receptor

He has studied our circadian rhythm for decades and according to him much of what we think we know about our sleep is wrong. Russell Foster, is Professor of Diurnal Neuroscience and Director of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophtamology at Oxford. Ophthalmology is the study of the eye and its diseases and circadian neuroscience is … Read more