The level of vitamin D in the body determines the risk of developing a colorectal cancer – study

The level of vitamin D in the body determines the risk of developing a colorectal cancer – study People who have a normal or high level of vitamin D in their blood, especially women, have a lower risk of developing colorectal cancer than those who have a low level of this vitamin. This is an … Read more

Listen – Reinis Straume, the finalist of “X Factor”, reveals his solo career with the song “Happy”

At the beginning of the year, “Warner Music Baltics” announced its intention to start a wider activity in the Baltics, including cooperation with local musicians, mentioning Reini Straum, who will be known by the stage name Raum. Today, the musician’s first song “Happy”, which is available on all music streaming platforms, reaches the listeners. Along … Read more

Overweight mothers, a risk factor for colorectal cancer

The children of women who were overweight during pregnancy have an increased risk of developing colon cancer later in adulthood, according to an American study quoted by Overweight mothers are often a cause of their children’s suffering, research shows. Overweight women trying to conceive a child are at increased risk of having a newborn … Read more

PHOTO: Reinis Sējāns has chosen the participants for his “X factor” team

Sējāns had to choose the participants among the soloists in the age category 25+. The three finalists selected by Reinis will continue to fight for the main prize – a contract with the record company “SONY” and 10,000 euros. And Reinis Liepa (also participated in the Chair Challenges of the second season of the show), … Read more

Olivier Giroud was a key factor in Hakim Ziyech’s transfer to AC Milan

Despite playing together only a few times at Chelsea, Olivier Giroud and Hakim Ziyech have a strong connection on the pitch. AC Milan will reportedly use Olivier Giroud to smooth the transfer of Hakim Ziyech to the San Siro in the transfer market this summer. The France star and the Morocco international have gone hand … Read more

Health withdraws 14 sun creams due to an error in the protection factor: check if you have them

If we are going to be exposed to the sun for a long time or in the hottest hours, it is essential to use a protector to prevent some diseases such as skin cancer. But nevertheless, there are creams that could provide less protection than they claim to provide, such as the 14 that the … Read more

Fried foods, an important factor in the occurrence of heart disease and stroke

Consumption of fried foods is associated with an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, suggests a new study in China and quoted by UPI on Wednesday. The likelihood of developing such health problems increases with each additional serving of about 110 grams of fried food per week, the researchers found.For this study, scientists analyzed … Read more

Global Household Pulp Packers Market Industry growth factor, market overview, upcoming demand, and current trends with forecast till 2026

The global Household Pulp Conditioners market report provides development analysis, future trends, and helps to understand market drivers, latest research, industry analysis, and business development. The Household Pulp Packers market report can be a detailed analysis of the breakdown of industry segments including product type, application, and end-user analysis with the growth rate of the … Read more

5 reasons Messi deserves to win the 2021 Ballon d’Or, number 3 is Ronaldo’s sluggish factor

RIO DE JANEIRO, – Lionel Messi become one of the players who deserve to win Ballon d’Or 2021. Because La Pulga brings out his magic this season with the national team and club. There are at least five strong reasons why Messi deserves to win the Ballon d’Or this year. Anything? Here’s the full … Read more

Extra Alert for Adams, Research Reveals Men Are More Likely to Experience Severe Symptoms When Infected With Covid-19, This Is The Main Factor – All Pages Shortness of breath during covid-19 Gridhot.ID – Covid-19 virus infection can infect anyone with different symptoms. However, recently appeared research question Men more likely to experience severe symptoms moment infected corona virus. Apparently it is known that Men are the group that is more likely to suffer from Covid-19 cases with severe symptoms and … Read more