Cybercriminals released Facebook ads for fake club app full of malware

image: Josh Adelson / Agence France-Presse (Getty Images) Cybercriminals trick Facebook users into downloading the Clubhouse app for the “personal computer”, which is not there. The application is actually a Trojan horse designed to inject malware into your computer. The popular and supported new chat app is only available on iPhone, but global interest in … Read more

Fake tests and confirmation of vaccination for a few thousand

The right information was obtained from Check Point Software Technologies, which is one of the leading suppliers of cyber solutions. Her research team regularly monitors the trends on the so-called darknet, which is a hidden part of the Internet that is not visible to search engines and requires an anonymous browser to access. Ads and … Read more

Case Pipitone, on Instagram a fake profile: “I’m the real Denise”

The social looting around the Denise Pipitone case, the little girl from Mazara del Vallo who disappeared in September 2004, does not stop. The fake profile “Denise Pipitone Official” appeared on Instagram, followed at the moment by more than 5 thousand people, in the description of which reads: “Guys, I’m the real Denise.” Not only. … Read more

Selling Counterfeit Vaccines, Fake Nurse Threatened 15 Years in Prison

The woman has been accused of “adulterating, tampering with, or modifying products intended for therapeutic or medicinal purposes.” – A fake nurse of Brazil threatened 15 years in prison. The woman is suspected of selling fake Covid-19 vaccines to make a profit of tens of millions of rupiah. According to The Sun, Wednesday (7/4/2021), … Read more

Really bad! This woman disguises herself as a nurse to sell fake vaccines

Jakarta – A woman posing as a nurse in Brazil could face jail a dozen years after allegedly giving it away the COVID-19 vaccine fake to the company and made a profit of up to Rp. 80 million. Quoted from the page The Sun, the nurse named Claudia Monica Pinheiro Torres is accused of posing … Read more

Millions of internet celebrities sell wedding rings!The pawnshop was shocked and revealed that it was “fake”

Mo Caixi took the ring to the pawnshop for appraisal. (Photo/Retrieved from YouTube/Mo Caixi Hailey) A+ A- YouTuber Mo Caixi from the United States speaks fluent Chinese. After coming to Taiwan in 2016, he was attracted by Taiwan’s beautiful scenery and friendly people. He decided to settle in Taiwan. The channel has only been opened … Read more

In order to avoid fake medical masks, here’s how to check circulation permissions – Recently, word got out face mask fake medical is rife in the community. This is certainly worrying, because masks themselves are one of the most effective ways to prevent Covid-19 transmission. So, how do you know if a medical mask is fake? One of the easiest ways is to check the distribution permit … Read more

Beware of fake medical masks, know the risks of using them – The Indonesian Ministry of Health reminds the public to be aware of circulation face mask tree fake on the market. As for the type medical mask are surgical masks and respirator masks. Acting Director General of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (Farmalkes) Ministry of Health, Arianti Anaya said, fake medical mask in question are … Read more

Rampant Circulation, 4 Ways to Recognize Fake Medical Masks

VIVA – In time pandemic COVID-19, one of the efforts to prevent transmission is to use face mask. However, it has been circulating in the public regarding the issue of fake masks which are feared to make someone vulnerable to contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Acting Director General of Farmalkes, drg. Arianti Anaya, MKM, appealed to … Read more

Vaccines: Puglia, between minor ‘crafty doses’ and fake volunteers – Puglia

Chief inspectors, ‘disloyal’ took away the dose of those who later died (ANSA) – BARI, APRIL 03 – Between December and February there was a rush for vaccinations in Puglia. The sprint, however, did not concern over 80, frail or bedridden sick, but minors and people who signed up to voluntary associations and then waved … Read more