Police Apply Manual Tickets to Overcome Drivers Using Fake Plates

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — The police will return to manual ticketing after finding that many people “trick” the usage number plate vehicles so that they are not entangled in ETLE or camera-based fines. The first example is the case of removing the license plate in the midst of a manual ticket removal policy. In addition, there … Read more

Fed up with their game being used in ‘fake news’ about the war in Ukraine, these are the tips from the authors of Arma 3 so you don’t eat any hoaxes – ArmA 3

At the end of February, the world watched in horror as Russia began an invasion of Ukraine, ushering in a time that will be remembered forever. uncertainty, fear and death of thousands of people. This scenario, already bleak in itself, worsened with the viralization of dozens of ‘fake news’ that used images of Arma 3a … Read more

Christmas 2022: Forget kitsch, naturalness, white color and fake tooth of time are in fashion this year

Trends Karin Snýdrová 28. 11. 2022 The first Sunday of Advent is behind us, so it’s high time to start decorating for Christmas. You can achieve a festive atmosphere with the help of various decorations, which simply must not be missing in the interior. This year’s trends are dominated by natural materials, subtle shades and … Read more

Angèle and a host of stars make the Web hilarious in this brilliant fake ad

People and royalty “The Late with Alain Chabat” struck again with the spirit of Dummies resurrected. This week marked Alain Chabat’s eventful return to television, and more specifically to TF1. After “Burger Quiz”, the master of humor returned with a late show inspired by what the Americans do, and the public seems rather won over … Read more

6 Tips to Spot Fake Reviews on the Internet – NBC Miami (51)

As Black Friday approaches, the Federal Trade Commission remind shoppers to beware of fake product reviews when shopping online. But spotting fake reviews isn’t always easy. And they’re all over the place, skewing the rankings of some of the biggest retailers, like Amazon and Walmart. Here are six tips to help you spot fake reviews … Read more

Putin watched Scholz’s fake speech with delight

The President of Russia was shown an artificial intelligence (AI) capable of recognizing fake videos, and as an example, a fake speech by O. Scholz was given, which apparently amused V. Putin. A short video showing the head of the Kremlin watching an alleged performance by a German Social Democrat politician in Moscow was published … Read more

Fake MSI graphics card overclocking tool Afterburner floods websites, hijacks Microsoft Win10/Win11 devices for mining

According to security firm Cyblelatest reportin the past 3 months, there have been at least 50 security incidents in which players mistakenly connected to the fake MSI Afterburner official website, their information was stolen, and their personal devices were used for mining. The appearance of this phishing website is completely copied from the original MSI … Read more

Are There Really Fake and Paid Fans at the Qatar World Cup? Page all

DOHA, KOMPAS.com – With thousands of empty seats during the opening match of the World Cup, and increasing claims of paid “fake” fans to fill the streets of Doha, the presence of crowds in Qatar once again in the spotlight. While investigating fake fan claims in Doha, BBC have found that diehard fans from various … Read more

Contacts, SMS, calls, Signal and Telegram communications… these fake Android VPN apps steal everything!

It seems that the victims of this spyware are selected specifically by the hackers, because once installed, the application hosting the spyware asks for an activation key, which unlocks both the VPN functionality and the spying functionality of the spyware. ‘user. The main aim of the spyware is to extract sensitive data such as contacts, … Read more