Geneva: The fake parcel scam continues to pollute mobile phones

Geneva The fake parcel scam continues to pollute mobile phones For the past year, the police have registered 13 complaints related to fake DHL SMS messages, but no one has been arrested. Published20 mars 2023, 06:09 The fraudulent SMS seeks to induce the targets to communicate their bank details. Getty Images Here is the fraudulent … Read more

Samsung refutes claims about ‘fake moon photos’

People often like to take pictures of the moon at night. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is ideally suited for this because of its zoom functionalities. Last week, however, it appeared that Samsung’s latest Ultra model adds details to the moon that are not actually visible. Redditor u/ibreakphotos wrote a detailed step-by-step guide to seeing … Read more

The Gucci shoes claimed by KW by the Riau Provincial Secretary are different from those worn by the wife

Monday, March 20 2023 – 20:41 WIB VIVA Trending – After his wife went viral with her hedon style wearing luxury goods, Riau Provincial Secretary (Sekdaprov) SF Haryanto immediately clarified, according to him the Gucci shoes and luxury bag worn by his wife were fake onions or KW. “I also got the information and this … Read more

The AI ​​in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra doesn’t just fake the moon: criticism from the professional photographer

Artificial intelligence makes some recordings worse Apparently, Samsung’s AI in the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the first photo above did not recognize windows but signs of characters, which it “supplemented” accordingly. However, the seemingly Chinese signs do not seem to make any real sense and do not appear at all times of the day and … Read more

Run out of cat food! “Nak Charlie” handsome, hot, money It’s so funny that a kid greets you with a fake message. Because the real thing is dirtier.

Run out of cat food! “Nak Charlie” handsome, hot, money It’s so funny that a kid greets you with a fake message. Because the real thing is dirtier. Previously, fans were stunned by the handsomeness. behind the young actor “Nack Charlie” agree to use the words of handsomeness, agree to cut short hair, stay still, … Read more

Jiuzhaigou Hotel shocked the “fake wine feast” rumors that many people were poisoned, 1 dead and 1 blind – Cross-Strait – China Times News

The Jiuzhaigou tour group in Sichuan broke out that suspected tourists drank fake alcohol, causing many people to be poisoned. So far, one person has died and the other has been blinded. (Schematic diagram / Dazhi video) ★ “China Times News Network” cares about you: Excessive drinking is harmful to health. Do not drink and … Read more

Russian soldier admitted murder of civilian – sentenced for spreading “fake news”

16. mars 2023 21:58 – Updated March 16, 2023 9:58 p.m A Russian soldier admitted to killing a civilian in Ukraine. He ended up being put on trial in Russia, but the crime for which he was convicted was not murder. A Russian soldier has been sentenced in Russia for breaking a law related to … Read more

Fake bomb alert in the Brussels metro this Wednesday: the jokers face a two-year prison sentence

The police were on the alert this Wednesday following the report of a threat of an attack in the Brussels metro. An individual twice sent an email written in Russian to the European Commission announcing that “on March 8, the metro in Brussels will be blown up between Yser and Rogier.” As a precaution, the … Read more

Opportunity? ‘Ray Macdonald’ found a drama in the kissing scene ‘Aum Patchrapa’, a real kiss – outside the script

behind Ray Macdonald Came out to tell about Rayron’s wanderings about behind the scenes of love scenes with Aum Patchrapa in the movie Fake 20 years ago that there was a play outside the script. The movie warehouse page has come out to post about such issues as In the movie dialogue was originally going … Read more