The penises you see on TV are fake

The full male nude has begun to be used openly on screens, what no one has commented is that some of the genitalia we see are fake The naked body of women has appeared on our screens hundreds and thousands of times. Curves, butts and breasts have been exposed from the most subtle to the … Read more

Court is convinced: art dealer wanted to sell fake Uecker | Regional

Düsseldorf – The court is convinced: An alleged work by artist Günther Uecker (90) that the art dealer Ernst Jockels (46) wanted to sell is plagiarism! Now Jockels has to reimburse the down payment received, worth 7500 euros. The subject of dispute at the Düsseldorf Regional Court was the work “Sandbild 1986 on handmade paper”, … Read more

The fake smoke of the new Xbox that Microsoft came out to clear up

After the launch of Microsoft’s new video game consoles, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, many users have uploaded videos to social networks in which they claim that these devices burn and smoke. According to some users, the maneuver consists of putting the console to rest, when it keeps the ventilation active for a … Read more

Alert for scam on Facebook with fake Xbox giveaway

This fraudulent campaign promises to raffle off 5,000 units of the Xbox Series X console. Photo: xbox MEXICO CITY. Cybersecurity company Avast has discovered a Facebook scam campaign that uses a fake Xbox Series X console drive draw, on sale from this Tuesday, to deceive users and share their data and those of their contacts. … Read more

The Federation of Radio and Television of Spain shows its concern about the plan against the government’s ‘fake news’

The Federation of Radio and Television Associations of Spain has shown this Tuesday his “deep concern” before the announcement of the Government to launch a action procedure against disinformation. Video of the day Armenia announces an agreement with Russia and Azerbaijan for a fourth ceasefire. In this sense, the Federation of Radio and Television Associations … Read more

Twitter to stop hiding or restricting fake election tweets, including Trump’s

What’s next for Trump and Biden in the presidential transition? 2:24 (CNN) — Twitter will no longer hide false or misleading tweets about the results of the United States elections with warning labels, as it did this week with several of President Donald Trump’s messages on the platform. “Now that the election result has been … Read more

[Opinión] The Government Plan against disinformation is a “fake new” in itself

Manuel Alvarez de Mon Soto | 08/11/2020 6:50 | Updated: 11/07/2020 21:14 The Government justifies this ministerial order taking as a starting point the European Action Plan against Disinformation, of October 5, 2018, and indicates as objectives those of establishing the means of operation. For this, it is urgent to identify the authorities involved and … Read more

CHELSEA: A Fake Immigration Letter Circulates Threatening Residents With Removal From The Country Boston’s Online Hispanic Community

Partial copy of document released by Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes. Photo: Brian Kyes Networks Chelsea Police reported that some city residents recently received a fraudulent letter that allegedly came from the US Department of Homeland Security. Authorities reported that the recipient is notified through writing that he is in the country illegally, therefore, he … Read more

Political storm over the Government’s plan against ‘fake news’

The Government has once again encountered the thorny debate on the regulation of fake news. The fine line that separates this objective from what could be considered information control published by the media has unleashed the storm after the Executive’s plan to combat disinformation was known. The European Commission has announced that it is studying … Read more

or how to put the wolf to take care of the sheep

It was in a lounge of the Hotel Eurostars where Carmen Calvo in 2018 pronounced the following sentence: “Freedom of expression does not resist everything, it does not embrace everything”. He did so before suggesting the need for States to regulate this constitutional right to avoid disinformation, that is, the much vaunted fake news. Just … Read more