the sad news has come, the animal has unfortunately been found dead

Posted on Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 2:32 p.m. Par M-Cl.G. In Floreffe, the Collin family is devastated: their little dog Scott, who had been missing since April 26, has been found. Unfortunately, the news is not good… Since April 26, Laurent Collin, his wife Annick and their two grown-up boys have been moving heaven … Read more

Boris Becker, the fallen star, who annoys his fellow prisoners and the prison guards

The former world No.1 in tennis Boris Becker was sentenced on April 29 to two and a half years in prison by the British courts for financial offenses related to his personal bankruptcy. Becker, 54, must serve half of his sentence. Following his conviction, he was imprisoned in the prison of Wandsworth in London. This … Read more

Attack on Ukraine. The Russian rocket has fallen on a shopping and entertainment center in Fontanka near Odessa

On Monday evening, the Russians attacked Odessa and the surrounding towns. The rocket hit, among others, the shopping and entertainment center in Fontanka. – An area of ​​one thousand square meters was on fire, three people were injured – reports the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. The invaders also attacked targets in the Mykolaiv and … Read more

Rome, demonstration to remember the fallen of the Russian army. And photos of the fighters in Donbass also pop up

In piazza San Giovanni a Roma the event is staged to celebrate the “Immortal Regiment”. That is, theRed Army. Ribbons of St. George, hammer and sickle, red flags. They are the symbols of yesterday that Russia is using to justify the war on Ukraine today. Protesters with Soviet symbols and flags of the Russia and … Read more

China’s zero-clearing policy has caused supply chain bottlenecks, SCFI has fallen for 16 consecutive years, and continues to explore the low band | Anue Juheng – Taiwan Stock News

The Shanghai Stock Exchange announced today (26) the latest SCFI composite index (Shanghai Export Container Freight Index), showing a 16th consecutive drop to 4163.74 points, down 13.56 points from last week, continuing to test the low point since late July last year. Due to the recent movement of goods to ports other than Shanghai, the … Read more

Has Guardiola fallen victim to Toure’s African “curse”?

Pep Guardiola failed again to win the Champions League title after his sudden exit at the hands of his Spanish host Real Madrid after losing 1-3 after an extension, Wednesday, in the second leg of the semi-final, which brought to mind a famous statement by Dimitri Solek in which he confirmed that the actions of … Read more

The Fed has fallen asleep and must now tighten the screws drastically. Retail investors are waiting to be sober

The US Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate sharply on Thursday and will also reduce its balance sheet, ie reduce the volume of securities it holds. “The Fed made a serious mistake and started to tighten too late,” writes Tomáš Pfeiler, Cyrrus’s portfolio manager. According to him, the Fed has reduced its room for … Read more

CPO Price Reaches Rp. 23,900 per Kg, It’s Ironic that Farmers’ FFB prices have actually fallen

BANGKAPOS.COM, BANGKA – The phenomenon that occurred in the palm oil industry in the last two weeks has become a new world record, namely a record in terms of the increase in world CPO prices and a record also in terms of falling prices for smallholders’ FFB. The Indonesian government is currently facing challenges, both … Read more

Korean media: The pride of the Chinese team has fallen to the bottom in the AFC Champions League, and this game has the worst performance_League_China Hong Kong_Yokohama

Original title: Korean media: The pride of the Chinese team fell to the bottom in the AFC Champions League, the worst performance in this game With the 1-1 draw between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Yokohama Mariners, all the five groups in the AFC East Asia region were completed. Among the top 16, the 8 places in … Read more

The Next Bitcoin Domino Has Fallen » Crypto Insiders

This week was big bitcoin news which actually didn’t get much attention from the readers. The Central African Republic has officially embraced bitcoin as legal tenderand that’s not nothing! The next Bitcoin domino falls We already had El Salvador, of course, the very first country in the world to embrace the cryptocurrency as legal tender. … Read more