The importance of managing shaking ‘neutral fat’… No cardiovascular benefits?

▲ Image source: Getty Image Bank. [메디칼업저버 박선혜 기자] The position of triglyceride, which received attention following LDL-cholesterol, as a major target for lipid management for the prevention of cardiovascular events is shaking. As a result of the PROMINENT study of pemafibrate, a fibrate-type drug, the triglyceride improvement effect of pemafibrate did not lead to … Read more

Burns and destroys belly fat! With this method, you don’t need to do anything else.

Dr. Bohl explains it this way. The part that most people think of as body fat is the subcutaneous fat directly under your skin. This includes fat that can build up in your legs, hips, and arms. Extra subcutaneous body fat is typically linked to having a “pear-shaped” body shape, Bohl says. However, visceral fat … Read more

Slimmed down Danuta Martyniuk on hateful entries: “They wrote that I was FAT AND UGLY”

Some time ago Danuta Martyniuk made an exceptionally successful return to the salons. During one of the events, she presented herself alongside Zenek Martyniuk in a completely new version, slimmer by as much as 15 kilograms. There was no end to positive comments, and Danuta already told about the secret of the metamorphosis, among others. … Read more

The latest e-bike subscription in Vienna runs on pretty fat tires

Actually, they always worked behind the scenes and supplied delivery services such as Mjam, Lieferando or Flink with e-bikes. After a rebranding from GetHenry to, however, they are also in the process of working on the booming B2C market for electric bicycles. The two Austrian founders started out with their own e-bike subscriptions in … Read more

They say the world’s best airline, why are fat people refused to board?

Beirut – Qatar Airways become the world’s best airline. But these passengers feel discriminated against, being refused boarding because they are fat! Juliana Nehme (38), an influencer and plus size model from Brazil experienced an unexpected incident from Qatar Airways. Reported from, Juliana just came home from vacation with her family. On vacation to … Read more

What happened to the grave of Anna Ardova’s father and brother Alexei Batalov, who starred in his “Three Fat Men”

“Three Fat Men” is the most famous role of the father of sitcom star Anna Ardova. He wasn’t much of an actor at all. Just a half-brother by mother – Alexei Batalov – persuaded him to star in his film. And so Boris worked as a cartoon director. For example, he is the creator of … Read more

Excess fat and sweets increase the risk of neurological disorders

For the first time, a complex team of researchers highlighted the mechanism by which “fatty liver disease” – non-alcoholic hepatic steatosis – can be at the origin of serious neuro-degenerative diseases, such as dementia, reports Futura Sante. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is characterized by the accumulation of fat in the liver, which can cause inflammation … Read more

Fat is the heinous sinner?Nutritionist: 9 major functions of fat, choosing the right fat is more important |

“Nutritionist, my skin is getting drier!”, “Nutritionist, I have eaten a lot of food, but it is still difficult to defecate!” In fact, these seemingly ordinary problems may be inseparable from fat! When the public asks questions, the nutritionist will start to ask back questions to collect information, but during the process of chatting, they … Read more

Reduced Sugar Diet Avoid eating three hours before bedtime to avoid gaining weight | Sugar | Increased body fat | Diabetes

Author: Tomo Maekawa/Translator: Xu Yufang Editor’s note:Why does sugar make people fat? Can I enjoy it with confidence if it is labeled “sugar-free”? Whether modern people need sugar or not actually varies from person to person, and some people don’t need it.Therefore, we should take a good look at our activity level. If it is … Read more